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Twitter 102 Account Settings

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Once you sign up for Twitter, you will need to review your account settings and complete your profile. Here are some ideas on how to do it.

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Twitter 102 Account Settings

  1. 1. Twitter 102 Account Settings A Tutorial for Oncologists Matthew Katz, MD May 2014
  2. 2. Now that you have set up your account, look at your settings
  3. 3. Set to correct time zone
  4. 4. Scroll Down I chose no tags Protected gives more privacy, less easy to connect
  5. 5. Maximizes privacy Do you want friends colleagues to find you? I turned off I turned off
  6. 6. Depends upon how responsive you want to be (arrows = suggested)
  7. 7. Helpful starting, may choose to unselect later Worth keeping to find similar people
  8. 8. Background phot 500 x 1500 pixel optimal • LinkedIn profile • Hospital profile • Your website Important to humanize you. Goal is professional but approachable. List professional location Don’t link except to professional page
  9. 9. In Design, you can change background, text color Can add other images
  10. 10. Questions?  Contact me  Twitter @subatomicdoc  Website http://www.subatomicdoc.com/social-media.html