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T Bey Associates Newsletter April 2010

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T Bey Associates Newsletter April 2010

  1. 1. April 2010 TBey & Associates Staffing Firm Newsletter Edition 1 In The Issue -Welcome: Who is TBey? Welcome to our first edition of the TBey & Associates -The Fundamental Value Newsletter Provided by Staffing TBey & Associates is a certified woman-owned Human Resources Firms Consulting and Staffing Company located in the Dallas Metroplex. -Favorite iPhone Apps for the Construction TBey & Associates connects the best professional talent to the best Industry career opportunities, everytime. Our recruiting team will make your staffing -Candidate Spotlight needs our highest priority, TBey & Associates delivers Human Resources -Where is TBey? consulting along with contract, contract to hire, direct hire, and payroll staffing services to industry leading clients nationwide. We offer a unique approach to staffing which blends people, process and experience to ensure the right resource is matched to the right project every time. Whether a candidate or a client, we provide the same level of First Class Customer Service each and everytime. TBey & Associates recruit top talent through our Four Divisions; which are:  Construction Staffing: Skilled trades, laborers, Superintendents, Project Managers, Project Engineers, Surveyors, Estimators Candidate  General Staffing: Light Industrial, Call Center Personnel, Spotligh Administrative (i.e. Receptionist, Clerk, Secretary, Data Entry, In every issue we Business Writing, etc...) will take a moment to  Professional Staffing: IT, Engineering, Scientific, Human showcase one of our Resources, Accounting/Finance, Sales/Marketing, Executive roles great candidates.  Medical or Health Care Staffing: Medical Coders, Nurses, Doctors, Lab Technicians, etc... This week is Mr. Lensey Owens, P.E. He is a resourceful Read More > Civil Engineer with 20 plus years experience in the The Fundamental Value Provided by Staffing Firms Like
  2. 2. design and project TBey & Associates management of public HR professional, and others who make organizational staffing decisions, and private benefit from the flexibility that staffing firms provide. This flexibility infrastructure manifests itself in many ways. development projects. For routine needs, staffing firms can deliver workers for daily, seasonal, or cyclical assignments in a timely manner. This approach to staffing is inherently more efficient than the traditional approach-advertising a Where is TBey? position, wading through stacks of resumes, running background checks (if necessary), and then having to wait two weeks or more for new hires to This month Texas start. Not only can staffing firms help HR professionals fill positions with Workforce Solutions will be qualified candidates fast, HR professionals don't have to worry about the spotlighting TBey & cumbersome process of setting up payroll and benefits for new workers and Associates Staffing Firm at assignments can be terminated at anytime. a Construction Job Fair! Date: In fact, without the services of staffing firms, it would be nearly April 28, 2010 impossible for many organizations to staff up for short-term projects or find Location: temporary replacements for employees who are sick or on vacation. The red 7330 S. Westmoreland Rd. tape alone would make it extremely difficult, and access to a ready pool of #200 workers would be a continual challenge. Dallas, TX 75237 Our very own Tawanna Lofton,CEO of TBey & Associates will be a panel Favorite iPhone Apps for the Construction Industry guest at the Who doesn't love their iPhone? With the recent release of the much Latina Empowerment anticipated iPad, there is no better time to share these apps! Series: "What are they really looking for?" -AEC Info iPhone App provides architectural, engineer and construction Recruiters and Your content through an easy-to-use reader. You can find content separated in Success Luncheon categories for News, Green, Marketing and Law. You can view articles presented by the Greater through the application or through Safari. You can also share articles via Dallas Hispanic Chamber of email or Twitter with a simple click. There are numerous content providers Commerce including: Best Practices, Construction Law, Engineering News Record, and Date: AGC Smartbrief. April 28, 2010 Location: -gUnit by Axonic Labs is a must-have conversion tool for those that may Adair Office Furniture have skipped Engineering School.gUnit helps convert the following unit 2025A Midway Rd categories: Area, Energy, Temperature, Time, Length, Weight, Speed, Carrollton, TX 75006 Pressure, Power, and Volume. -Carpenter's Helper comes highly recommended if you need a construction calculator that can perform normal, unit and roof calculators. The Professional version contains a memory bank and conversion features not available on the lite version. And finally, take a look at the LEED Green Associates Practice Exam & Flash Cards. This newer version gets rave reviews!
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