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TiE hyd4innovation Idea Carnival

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TiE hyd4innovation Idea Carnival

  1. 1. Hyderabad4InnovationLetStartup.hyd HYDERABAD IdeaCarnival & the H4I Accelerator Program A joint program of incubators at IIIT, IIT, BITS, ISB and TiE, with mentoring and oversight by LetStartup.hyd group. Starting with startup seeding/discovery event
  2. 2. Summary Program HYDERABAD • Opening session in a lecture hall • Few talks. Program overview • Idea pitches (1 minute each) • Team formation (2 hour open networking over tea) • Then we will have time for teams to work on their start-ups biz/demo prototype • Thru Saturday and sunday • Saturday afternoon- mentoring sessions • This can be in the AC hall itself? So long as there can be some meeting space outside (or possible get access to another lecture hall close by?) • Sunday evening- demos and finale- atrium possible? with speakers and projector? • We will have the hyd4innovation group present. Inspirational talks. And the final demos • Followed by networking event- teams can meet any of the hyd4innovation group and also with angels/incubators/VCs to be invited22-Jan-13 2
  3. 3. HYDERABAD The context for Ideacarnival: Hyd4Innovation program22-Jan-13 3
  4. 4. Objective- help create strong tech-startups HYDERABADSeed and nurture new ideas • Get students/professionals/researchers excited about starting up! • Encourage ideation, and nurturing/refining/Validating tech-startup product ideasAggressive Mentoring • Discover promising early stage startups • Help curate the ideas to a state that team can make informed go-noGo decisionAcceleration • Get seed funding & co-working space • Extensive Guidance & MentoringIncubation • Not-so-early-stage Startups with small teams, can take space & mentorship (no acceleration) • Mentorship mandatory Context: Hyderabad4Innovation is a group of leading IT leaders/VCs, academic institution heads and startup ecosystem 4 players, that have come together to help accelerate the tech-startuip movement in Hyderabad. Seed and grow more tech startups. Create an environment that increases probability of success.
  5. 5. • Leads the collectiveStakeholders program HYDERABAD Hyd4Innovation • Overall oversight and excitement creation • Enable Administrative support • Mentorship & Hyderabad Guidance (for stake) Angels • Downstream fudning (angel/VC) • TiE-Incu, ISB, IIIT-H, IITH & BITS Incubators • Incubation facility • For additional stake in each startup accelerated • Biz ISB guidance/mentoring (not for stake?)22-Jan-13 5
  6. 6. Process HYDERABADDiscoveryThru events AccelerationLike IdeaCarnivalSelection Criteria: First Aggressive mentoring- Incubationprototype/solution in weekly meetingsplace. Basic Product/Market/Business Initial pilots to be scaled Graduatebiz/market/bizplan in planningplace. Founders full-time GTM & Biz Dev Mentoring Pilot GTM enablement Mandatory exiton the venture Enable Biz Scaling Market/biz/funding plan Will continue to be an GTM preparation alumini and receive assistance/Networking Assistance with fund passive Assistance with biz plan mentoring/guidance raising (angel round) preparation and series A/B fund raising 22-Jan-13 Duration? 6
  7. 7. HYDERABAD The ideation &startup seeding program IDEA CARNIVAL First one end-Jan at ISB. Jan 25-28.22-Jan-13 7
  8. 8. HYDERABAD Objective: To create a forum and framework to "seed" tech product entrepreneurship idea among students, faculty and professionals •Once a quarter event at ISB/IIIT/... Where students and faculty interested in products attend along with angels/mentors/VCs. Approach: •Through an inspirational networking and idea sharing event with awards and recognitions for good ideas. Short idea pitches (3-4 mts) and featured talks (8 mts). Inspirational in nature, with secondary objective to forge networks & partnerships. Maybe even founding teams that spans tech & biz.22-Jan-13 8
  9. 9. Outcomes expected from Idea Carnival HYDERABAD "seed" the idea of starting up.. • Among graduating students, faculty and professionals, Thru.. • Inspirational narratives of entrepreneurial success stories First-person Narratives about interesting innovative tech products/startups built • Interactions with leaders and successful entrepreneurs Idea presentations (listening to ideas, triggers new ideas) • Thru resonance/amplification of ideas that happens when discussing with others (possible co-foudenrs or investors or even employees) Multi-way Networking- • students, faculty, engg & biz, professionals, Vcs/Mentors,.. students and alumni across engineering (IIT/IIIT-H/BITS) and biz (ISB), • professionals with students (possible co-foudners or hires), • faculty in specific research areas with professionals (for engineering and productizing the ideas), • engineering research faculty with biz faculty, and.. • all of above with startup investors/mentors "Nudge" new startups- • encourage those with ideas to actually move further and "start up" • Ready Funding commitments for good ideas Support Eco-system awareness- • Create awareness about (and confidence in) the support eco-system available for new tech startups in Hyderabad New acad Incubators • Encourage22-Jan-13 starting of new academic incubation centers (invite leaders/directors of forward-looking 9 engineering colleges to attend)
  10. 10. HighlightsWhat A Very visible and well-attended rapid idea submission exercise- to lead student ideas & ideas from HYDERABAD professionals Format: A multi-faceted event every 3-6 months (hosted in one of the institutes).Who Participants- Tech students from IIT/IIIT-H/BITS, Biz grads from ISBs, aluminii from ISB/IIT/IIIT/BITS Enablers: HydAngels, TiE charter members, faculty/researches & students from IIT/IIIT-H/BITS/ISB and professionalsParticipants Faculty/researchers round table; Students (final year engg/MBA) idea sharing and meet-the-successful-entrepreneur/VC; Professionals- a chance to explore interests in building a product?Hyderabad4Innovation Cash award for winning ideas (no strings attached.. to incentivise )awards Committed funding (to build prototypes) for winning ideasIdeaExchange- Ideation and brainstorming on Research-to-product_business - enable taking research from labs to markets.Academic –Entrepenurial Students/Professionals/Faculty- ideate and form teamsecosystem Integration. 22-Jan-13 10 Active collaboration between engineering and business schools. VCs. Mentors.
  11. 11. IdeaXchange: Three parts of the event HYDERABAD th Jan 5 or 6th Pre-Event- whip up interest in each college IdeaExchange •Weejend Prototyping event •Faculty/research connect •Student/alum inspire andJan 25-27 connectweekend` •TeamForm Post-event- kickstart •TeamMentora startup teams •Shortlisted ideas from IdeaCarnival refined over 2 months •Teams to bond 22-Jan-13 11
  12. 12. HYDERABAD Idea Carnival The “PRE CARNIVAL” To get students excited about startups! Curtain raiser for ideaCarnival22-Jan-13 12
  13. 13. Format of the pre-event- the “Pre Carnival” HYDERABAD • Announce: Director of each college to send mail • 2 week lead-up.. Publicize and encourage idea seeding • Encourage students to think of product ideas • Publicize the IdeaCarnival event. • Announce Exciting prizes for best ideas • This will be required to be considered for the IdeaCarnival main event • The Pre-Event- Program (2 hours) • Intro to event • Idea Pitches- 30 seconds each • Inspirational talks (by successful/inspirational entrepreneurs) • Announce: Hyderabad4Innovation Uber-Incubation Program • Investors speak- on incubation and other support ecosystem for students • Announce IdeaCarnival • Give away prizes for best ideas22-Jan-13 • Open Networking 13 • Networking
  14. 14. What we need.. HYDERABAD • Schedule- all 4 for January 18th/19th (post Sankranti)) • Directors: To give contacts- Incubator and student e-cells • Work with them on the campaign • Prepare announcements • Invite: Each college to own. Reach out to students, alumini and faculty of that college • Leverage: e-clubs, incubation centers, alumini networks • Partner: Need volunteers from above to “own” event • Fix Inspirational speakers for each college session • From among Srini Raju, BVR, Srini K, JA Chowdary • VCs: Sateesh, others? • Host institution Director • Atleast one other Director (IIT/IIIT/BITS/ISB) •22-Jan-13 14
  15. 15. HYDERABAD The ideation &startup seeding program The “IDEA CARNIVAL”22-Jan-13 15
  16. 16. IdeaCarnival- the main event HYDERABAD • One weekend. Three stages • Saturday morning- Ideation/Research (Researcher-VC connect) • Ideation Research. Researchers on their research. Pros/student startup Ideas. • Students/professionals encouraged to explore ideasd • Sat-IdeaCarnival Weekend- the Startup Prototyping event • Pitch startup ideas (for weekend prototyping). Select. Form teams. • Teams formed. Ideas prototyped. Mentors provided. • Sunday: ideacarnival Finale • Inspirational leaders in attendance • Listen to pitch/demos • Pick winning ideas (for 2 week Idea Curation/refinement) • Two dimensions to ideation • Closed-group Faculty/researchers entrepreneurship connect • Round table; Researchers, biz school profs, VCs, mentors; Branstorm on research work and possible products there from • Open Startup Idea pitches22-Jan-13 • Students & Professionals- pitch ideas; (final year engg/MBA) idea sharing and meet-the-successful- 16 entrepreneur/VC;
  17. 17. TBD:Saturday morning: IdeaCarnival research HYDERABADResearch-Entrepeneurial connect- Ideation • Objective: Explore product opportunities in research work • Seed product-market ideas into researchers! • By Invitation event: Researchers • from IIT/IIIT/BITS/ISB and few key labs (CCMB,…) • Connect with Entrepernuerial leaders & eco-system players • Inspirational leaders; Investors & Incubators; Successful entrepreneurs • Format: • Kickoff comments on opportunity to „productize‟ research, Dr.Ajit R. • Challenges productising research- Dr.Rajeev Sangal • Research –to-product Ideation • 1 minute intro of mentors/VCs/successful entrepreneurs/incubators • 3 minute intros of researchers (profs/faculty)- brief on them, and brief on their research areas/work • After each, without discussion- whole group to reflect on possible product usecases for this research work/area. 2 minute • Document all ideas against researcher+his work/area • Brian storm at end on serious opportunities from all ideas that came up22-Jan-13 • Open networking- to reinforce any possible ideas 17
  18. 18. Saturday 9am: IdeaCarnival Weekend: kickoff HYDERABADWeekend Prototyping Event • Students, professionals and researchers to participate • Pitch ideas. Ideas get voted. Teams formed. Then prototype over the weekend; Finale, Sunday evening. Demo to high profile VCs/Mentors/Leaders • Format: StartupWeekend structure (http://startupweekend.org/ ) • Program (7pm, friday) • Inspirational talks • Weekend hackfest. Build on a product idea. Compelling prizes. • Friday: Idea pitch. Top 10 picked. Teams formed. Start 48 hr Prototyping • Saturday: validate biz. Build. Use Mentors/and guides on Saturday • Sunday: Prepare a 5 minute pitch (slides + demo) • High Profile panel to listen • Open networking22-Jan-13 18
  19. 19. IdeaCarnival weekend: How Teams Formed HYDERABAD • At start of Ideacarnival weekend: Ideas pitched by all attendees (60 seconds each) • Share one idea • And a brief intro to self (edu, strengths, et al) • Ideas voted. Top 20 (1/5th of the ideas pitched) to be picked • Form Teams for each of the ideas (30 minutes) • Tech students with other tech; Tech students with Biz • Students with working professionals • Students with tech researchers/Profs • Mentors to be assigned for the weekend • Students with mentors/accomplished entrepreneurs • Students/pros with investors/incubators • Hope: Thru interactions, „startup‟ founding teams may be formed • Teams with Synergies • Teams with ideas resonating22-Jan-13 • Teams with researchers, biz & techies 19
  20. 20. Saturday: IdeaCarnival IdeaXchange HYDERABADMentors • Teams work on their prototype- ieda, biz, markets, technology • Teams encouraged to validate idea. Meet prospective customers. Research the net • Identify competition. And establish USP • Mentors • VC/Investors: to discuss the base idea and market • UI designers: to review the product UI/interactions • Successful entrepreneurs • Senior Technology professionals/architects- validate the design and technology used in solution22-Jan-13 20
  21. 21. Sunday: ideacarnival Finale HYDERABADIdeaExchange- Inspire & GetToKNow Students, professionals, investors, incubators, mentors • ect Networking- establish 10 minute blocks resonance/synergies followed by 10 between minute networking • Aggressive speed-dating • 1 minute intros format • Inspirational talks Main • Meet the last block of • VC/incubator conn pitchers Tech inspire (Directors) event 1 minute idea centered intros • of participants. Brief profile. Share a product • IIIT, IIT, BITS, ISB idea • 10 per block Inspirational talks (5/10 mts) • Accomplished entrepreneurs • Share success stories. Create excitement22-Jan-13 21
  22. 22. HYDERABAD Comments?22-Jan-13 22