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Assignment for Jill Hadfield
Motivation Course with iTDi

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  1. 1. Motivation What do my class want this week?
  2. 2. Monday First Lesson: Negotiating content • I made three posters and pinned them around the room. • I started by asking my students what they wanted to study, what they needed to learn and what they didn’t find interesting. • They got up and moved around the room, adding their comments to the three posters.
  3. 3. Imagining Identity • They discussed their future selves. • What would they use the English for? • Who would they be speaking to? • How proficient would they expect to be? • A short written description followed.
  4. 4. Next….. • We looked at the units of the coursebook to see what elements would match their requirements. • We made a note of the units of interest and a plan of action for the next 3 weeks, according to logical progression and importance of content.
  5. 5. Mapping the Journey • We used the information to draw up 3 weekly plans, leaving Friday open in each week. This will allow me to review the week, add new ingredients, or redo anything that might be needed.
  6. 6. Mapping the Journey 2 • So now we have the outline of a plan, with clear weekly, and end of course, goals. • The chart goes on the wall, on the Tuesday, for everyone to see, however it is still flexible and can be adapted.
  7. 7. Keeping the vision alive • We decided to visit the local lavender farm together on Wednesday afternoon. • There is a tour, where visitors are expected to ask questions about the process of turning the plant into oils and perfumes. • We prepared lots of ideas pre-visit and the activity involved lots of their newly- learnt language, thus motivating them to use it naturally, and with confidence.
  8. 8. The First Friday • I prepared an end of week checklist so that students could measure their feelings of progress, and I could determine what, if anything, needed to be revisited. • There will be one for next week too.
  9. 9. Sharing the Vision • I will be in Budapest, at the Besig conference, during the second week. • The class explained our plan to the teacher who will be taking my class next week, which he is more than happy to adhere to. • The students are going on an island tour together on Sunday, so we have been using the end of each lesson to investigate the topics they find interesting and would like to learn more about. This means that they are doing the speaking they asked for, and it is all relevant. • On my return, the students have promised me a project showing what they found out about the island on their tour. • We have started a class blog to showcase their efforts, which I hope will motivate them to keep it up in the future and which should give them an opportunity to practice their English once back at home.
  10. 10. The end This is easily something which can transfer to classes in the future. It isn’t often that I have closed groups such as this, but it happens a few times in the year, and the benefits have already been felt by this group