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Google Trend in Indonesia

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This slideshare is about Google Trend and search term in Indonesia, I only search about 5 topics, there are about fashion, gadget, online banking, culinary, and insurance.
This slideshare still less to answer about trends in Indonesia, but may be can help to start about trend research in Indonesia

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Google Trend in Indonesia

  1. 1. Google Trends in Indonesia Fashion Fashion is still dominate topic that people search between April 2013 until now, and cullinary is not a topic that people search
  2. 2. Related Searches Korean Drama Fashion King is Popular search for Indonesian People Because of these, may be Korean Fashion also popular search term for Indonesian People Indonesian People also search about Fashion 2014 and Trend Fashion 2014 at Google
  3. 3. Related Searches Indonesian People search about Windows Gadget and Gadget Price in Google and become popular search term. Indonesian People also search about Gadget 2014 and Gadget Terbaru 2013 at Google
  4. 4. Related Searches Jakarta and Braga Culinary are the popular search term at Google. Event Braga Culinary Night at Bandung is also popular search term for Indonesia People.
  5. 5. Related Searches Internet Banking is popular search term in Indonesia, may be because in this time, people want to have a easiest life and they preper working and do everything on mobile, so Internet Banking is popular among Indonesia People.
  6. 6. Related Searches Life Insurance is popular search term for Indonesia People but the rising for Insurance Company is not high enough if we compare with the rising about Fashion and Gadget
  7. 7. Thank You For Your Time Reading this Slideshare