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CRM Case Study : Fuji Xerox Thailand

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กรณีศึกษาในการนำระบบ CRM มาใช้กับงานขาย (Sales Force Automation) และ การตลาด (Marketing Automation) ของ บริษัท ฟูจิซีร็อกซ์ ประเทศไทย จำกัด (Fujixerox Thailand Co., Ltd.) ด้วย โซลูชัน Sage CRM โดย บริษัท ซันเด โซลูชันส์​ จำกัด

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CRM Case Study : Fuji Xerox Thailand

  1. 1. Sage CRM Customer Success Story Challenge Solution Results CUSTOMER: Fuji Xerox, Thailand Keeping track of customer Sage CRM provided one Implementing Sage CRM has engagements with Microsoft centralised solution. From lead sharpened the sales cycle INDUSTRY: Excel and paper-based generation all the way through contributing to more revenue Business Printing processes was inefficient, to forecasting, it is a fully and improved customer and Document Management creating silos of inaccurate and integrated sales, marketing and satisfaction ratings, building out-of-date information that customer service package that a stronger customer base. It LOCATION: was little use to the business can be implemented in phases is enabling the company to Bangkok, Thailand in an increasingly competitive and customised to meet launch more effective marketing market. specific business needs. campaigns and make longer-term business forecasts. SOLUTION: Sage CRMSage CRM Transforms Fuji Xerox Thailand Sales ProcessFuji Xerox is a world-leading provider of business and document services and solutions. As well as manufacturing hardware that rangesfrom multifunction devices to standalone printers, copiers and scanners, it also offers organisations the option of managed print services. Anextensive range of back office supplies includes paper and peripherals as well as software and workflow tools that are driving a new wave ofdigital printing.The company has been in Thailand since 1967 where it has built a thriving business, serving the needs of enterprise and public sectorcustomers as well as small-to-medium sized companies. Today, it employs over 900 people in 23 sites across the country from theirheadquarters in Bangkok.The Business ChallengeA period of sustained growth saw the business employ more people and increase its depth and range of services. At the same time, themultinational business wanted its regional divisions to provide better forecasts, a strategy that would depend on their ability to collect andcollate customer information. The headquarters in each territory was encouraged to invest in a CRM (Customer Relationship Management)system.Fuji Xerox Thailand had been using Excel sheets and paper-based processes to keep track of customer engagements. Data inaccuracy wasa problem, not just because people made mistakes keying in customer details, but because business divisions kept their own records thatdidn’t always match up.“We had different Excel systems capturing data in different places by different departments. Sales had its own, marketing had its own, andsometimes the information wouldn’t be the same,” said Chakri Wicharn, Information Manager, Fuji Xerox, Thailand.Day-to-day business suffered and sales were lost because it took too long to approve a quote or agree a discount. For the management ofthe company, the separate silos of information were an obstacle to analysing trends or making long-term forecasts.
  2. 2. Customer Success Story | Fuji XeroxThe SolutionFuji Xerox Thailand chose Sage CRM because it offered thebest fit for the business. The cost was right and it offered awinning combination of features and functionality with contact/customer management and sales force automation at the top ofthe list. It would make the business more customer-centric in anincreasingly competitive market, but other factors also made it “The system has played a significantthe right choice. part in growing sales. To compete in“Sage CRM matched two of our main requirements: we wanted the market you want to have accuratea system that was easy to use and easy to integrate with ourlegacy systems,” said Chakri Wicharn. information so you can make quickAt the backend, the company runs its business on an Oracle decisions and that is something we haveERP system but rejected Oracle’s CRM solution because it was achieved with Sage CRM.”too complicated. Sage CRM integrated easily with Oracle andoffered the user-friendly experience that Fuji Xerox consideredbusiness critical. At the frontend, the company runs MicrosoftOffice on the desktop, so Sage CRM compatibility with the Chakri Wicharn,calendar and email in Outlook only strengthened its appeal. Information Manager,Chakri Wicharn was also impressed by the way that Sage Fuji Xerox, Thailand.CRM can be tailored to individual business needs. “If someonewants to modify a report, they can do it easily without havingprogramming skills. It is much easier to customise than othersoftware we looked at,” he said.The software was installed on-premise in the Bangkokheadquarters by Sundae Solutions, a Sage channel partnerand leading CRM specialist in the region. “It was fully integratedand up-and-running within four months,” said Navik Numsiang,Managing Director.The company’s servers were virtualised and network bandwidth improved to optimise the experience of using the software in the 23 branchoffices. Many of the 250 users access it remotely with laptops over the company’s VPN (Virtual Private Network).ResultsA centralised Sage CRM system has transformed the way the Fuji Xerox sales teams go about their business in Thailand. The software cantake some credit for an 8 per cent improvement in customer satisfaction ratings as well as revenue growth.“The system has played a significant part in growing sales,” said Chakri Wicharn. “To compete in the market you want to have accurateinformation so you can make quick decisions and that is something we have achieved with Sage CRM.”The first phase of implementation was all about empowering the sales team with information. Now the company is starting to sharpen thesales cycle. “We have been helping them use it for sales management, to do quotations and speed up the approvals process,” said NavikNumsiang.Previously, a sales representative had to go back to the office and submit a request to their manager for approval of a quote or discount. Itcould take a couple of days, by which time the sale could have been lost to a competitor.Now, the rep can simulate, cost, profit and discounts in Sage CRM and use the information to quickly prepare a quotation for a customer,confident that the margin makes sense for the business. They can also analyse the customer’s utilisation volume to better understand theirneeds and propose an appropriate solution.“We have sharpened our sales cycle with improved workflow so that we can respond to the customer much quicker,” said Chakri Wicharn.
  3. 3. Customer Success Story | Fuji XeroxThe FutureFuji Xerox is exploring other projects with Sage CRM. A trial ofthe mobile module is underway using iPhone and Blackberrydevices, and the marketing team has started to look at how thedata in the system can help campaign management.In a CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) project, information isimmediately pulled from the database when a call comes in to “We have been helping them use it forthe service desk, giving agents instant access to a customer’shistory. sales management, to do quotationsGoogle Maps™ is also being integrated into the system and and speed up the approvals process. Thesynchronised with Sage CRM, enabling service engineers tofind the precise location and respond to callouts more quickly. system (Sage CRM) was fully integratedSome customers have multiple sites so it can save time and and up-and-running within four months.”confusion when it comes to preparing the route. “We are expanding our utilisation of the functionality in SageCRM all the time, and will use it in as many ways as we can Navik Numsiang,to influence how the business goes forward,” said Chakri Managing Director,Wicharn. Sundae Solutions Co. Ltd.About Sage CRMSage CRM is used by over 12,000 organisations in 70 countries worldwide to manage their critical sales, marketing and customer service activities every day.Sage CRM is optimised specifically for small and medium businesses. Easy to use and quick to deploy in the cloud or on-premise, it delivers a rapid return on investment soyou see a positive impact on your business straight away. Plus, it can be easily adapted by you to make it fit how you work, saving you time and money, both now and in thefuture. In this way, we help you get the most from your CRM investment and accelerate your business growth.Visit the Sage CRM Ecosystem at www.sagecrm.com to join the conversation on our user and partner communities and to access the Sage CRM Marketplace.The Sage Difference• The leading supplier of CRM solutions to SMB organisations worldwide • Over 30,000 Sage-certified partners specialising in business applications• Over 6.3 million customers • Direct presence in 24 countries• Over 3.1 million Sage CRM Solution users worldwide • Relationships with over 40,000 accountancy practices• Over 13,400 employees • 30 years experience ©2012 Sage Group Plc.