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Watching dvd movies on htc flyer tablet

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Watching dvd movies on htc flyer tablet

  1. 1. Watch DVDs on HTC Flyer Tablet
  2. 2. • source:http://dvdrippingsoftwares.org/dvdtips/dvd-to-htc-flyer.h s HTC Flyer, one of the first Gingerbread-based tablet, Due to the heavily discounted price (price of the Flyer changed from $499.99 to $199.99) and Gingerbread to Honeycomb update, attracts more and more Android enthusiasts to buy it.
  3. 3. • Let’s say you are a HTC Flyer owner and thinking of make a long hour journey, you can put, transfer some good DVD movies to your HTC Flyer to fill the blank hours in the journey. Because the Flyer is a stunning mobile movie player which features a 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon, 7 inch 1024x600 Touchscreen dispaly and an expandable memory slot. Furthermore, its built-in battery capacity 4000 mAh can ensure you to surf Internet for 9 hours and watch movies for 5 hours.
  4. 4. • Ripping DVD to HTC Flyer is not an easy thing, especial if you intend to copy some commercial DVDs encrypted by CSS to HTC Flyer. A third DVD decrypting, ripping and converting software is a must. Here I recommend Leawo DVD Ripper for you to accomplish for the DVD to Flyer conversion task. This application has the capability to rip video data off any type of DVDs, and convert them to a wide range of video format with high quality output
  5. 5. • Step1, Free download Leawo DVD Ripper, install and run the software on your computer.• Step2, Add files. After you have inserted the DVD into your disc drive, click the “ ” button to load the DVD movies.
  6. 6. • Step3, Set up the output & edit. Click “ ” to set up the output video format as MP4 that friendly to Acer Iconia Tab A500. In addition, you can click the “ ” shortcut button to trim/crop movies, and the “Settings” button to adjust the output parameters including video bit rate, video resolution, frame rate, aspect ratio etc
  7. 7. • Step4, Conversion and transfer. You can hit the “ ” button to start the conversion. After a few minutes or hours, you will get your target MP4 movies converted from DVD. Connect your HTC Flyer Tablet with your computer and transfer. Now you can play DVD movies on HTC Flyer Tablet!