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  1. 1. TanningTowelettes<br />The Most Efficient Way To Safely Sun!!<br />
  2. 2. Face it, we all need protection from the Sun’s UV rays, not just during the summer months, but year around. Prevention is better than cure. By regularly and correctly using sun protection whenever outdoors, you can: <br />minimize freckling, wrinkling and ageing of the skin <br />avoid sunburn; sunburn at any age, whether serious or mild, can cause permanent and irreversible skin damage and increase the risk of skin cancer<br />reduce your lifetime ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure; reducing lifetime exposure to UV by 20% is estimated to result in about one third fewer cases of skin cancer<br />ultimately reduce your skin cancer risk.<br />
  3. 3. When Do I Need Sun Protection?<br />Working outdoors; where a lifetime spent working outside, year after year, can put you at high risk of skin cancer <br />In the car; if in the car for a long time, you can get sunburnt. Consider using sunscreen and find out about window tinting<br />Playing or watching sports; many summer sports are played during times when there is a UV Alert<br />Around Water; research tells us that most people burn when around water or doing water related activities <br />Attending outdoor summer events or festivals; many summer events are held at times when UV levels are strong enough to damage the skin and the eyes <br />With snow or at the mountains; UV levels are stronger at higher altitudes and snow is a highly reflective surface catching visitors unprepared.<br />
  4. 4. Knowing This Information, Why Are People Still Avoiding Protection From The Sun?<br />The Cost: On the average, a typical bottle of tanning oil will cost about $10-$12. Which is fine if you are alone. To take a<br />family of four to the beach, you<br />can multiply that amount by 5*<br />*0 spf, for yourself, 10 spf, for spouse, water- proof sunblock,<br />for the children, after-sun moisturizer, and a 20+ spf, for the <br />remainder of the day.<br />
  5. 5. Knowing This Information, Why Are People Still Avoiding Protection From The Sun?<br />The Mess (Recreational): After spending a small fortune on tanning oils to protect you and your family, you are now ready to apply these different oils to your skin. The sprays are fine but you still have to spread it evenly over your body, leaving excess oil on your hands. Bottles, tend to apply more evenly, but spills often occur, resulting in a waste of the “expensive” product.<br />The Mess (Occupational): Working outdoors, you need protection, but it is not convenient to pour, or spray an oily product on yourself 4 – 5 times a day.<br />
  6. 6. The Solution!!TanningTowelettes<br />Pre-moistened wipes offer the most versatile and efficient method for the delivery of liquids to surfaces whether for personal hygiene, cleansing, disinfection or treatment. By combining the optimum applicator material and dispensing package with the appropriate formulation, a more effective result is obtained than using sprays or liquids alone.<br /><ul><li>Cost Efficient: Tanning Towelette’s may be purchased as a single pack ($0.75), multi-pack ($10 - $12) or assorted “family” multi-pack with a blend of 5 different products ($10 - $12)
  7. 7. Easy to Apply: Simply wipe the towelette over any exposed area of your body and toss the sheet used sheet in the thrash.
  8. 8. No Spills or Oily Residue!!!</li>