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  1. Resumen de Productos Septiembre de 2006 1
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  3. P4Q P4Q ELECTRONICS, Diseño y Prototipaje AIC AUTOMOTIVE INTELLIGENCE CENTER PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT In our development facilities, our human capital holds an extensive experience in designing both hardware and software products, as well as electronic systems. (DFM/ DFT/ DFA). P4Q Incorporate the development of mechanicals in relation with the electronic device to fulfil the expectations of our customers (Concept/ Function/ Production). We coordinate interaction of electronic device with other elements (Aluminium or technical polyamides components). 3
  4. P4Q P4Q ELECTRONICS, Diseño y Prototipaje AIC AUTOMOTIVE INTELLIGENCE CENTER PROTOTYPES/ CONCEPTUAL DESIGN INDUSTRIAL PHASE FUNCTIONAL TEST • Schemes/ HW’s design • Pre series • Physical • DFM • Industrial test’s construction of • Components selection definition of specs. prototypes with criteria's. • Quality control plan automatic machines. • Functionality/ product’s registers and data • Burning test & validation bases & traceability. functional specs & • Cost structure • Industrial validation climatic chamber. test vs. products (DFT) • Thermal analysis Projects managed according • Full guaranteed • Integration with to CMMI normative. production. associated mechanicals (DFA) & systems. 4
  5. P4Q P4Q ELECTRONICS, Diseño y Prototipaje AIC AUTOMOTIVE INTELLIGENCE CENTER ELECTRONIC DEVELOPMENT PHASES Our development department provides its know-how to support all the different phases of design, such as product specifications, Hardware and Software design, prototyping, validation and approval, as well as product life analysis. Functionalities & hardware ‘s design Routing of PCB according to space and conditions of work and EMC Requirements.. Embedded software development and checking. Electrical & software & Functional test systems. 5
  6. P4Q P4Q ELECTRONICS, Departamento i+D+i AIC AUTOMOTIVE INTELLIGENCE CENTER EXPRESS PROTOTYPING We have means for express prototyping that integrates all the latest production equipment needed to manufacture highly complex references (Fine pitch 0,3mm, QFN, Micro-BGAs, 0201). The possible size range for prototypes goes from 50x50x0,5 to 1400x450x4 millimetres. The prototype service is focused to achieve the demanding deadlines required in the design and validation phases of a new product. With the manufacturing of the prototypes, we also offer complementary services, both for validation (3D X-ray, climatic chamber) and analysis of the design for manufacturing (DFM), and design for Testing (DFT). 6
  7. P4Q ELECTRONIC MANUFACTURING Our great response and operational capabilities result in an outstanding quality service always ready to offer a wide range of solutions. This combination has made P4Q become a very important point of reference for electronic production. P4Q has the latest available equipment in the market, which allows us to manufacture the most complex products with the best guarantees. Traceability of each component and PCB guaranteed by Mentor Graphics (Valor) In our facilities, we run SMD lines with a capacity of components from 0201 to Micro-BGA, in-line inspection machines (AOI), Solder wave lines, X-ray capabilities, as well as final assembly and test lines. Production facilities fitted to short productions. 7
  8. P4Q TEST TECHNOLOGY In a constant effort to ensure the quality of the product, P4Q has developed test solutions for its customers for more than a decade. P4Q provides solutions according to the different requirements for the verification of the product, from optical test (AOI) and electric (ICT) to high-level test (Boundary Scan, JTAG), or X- rays, as well as hybrid and functional testing. The testing strategies of each product are set in collaboration with the customer. As result, a DFT (Design for Testing) is developed to ensure the optimization of the test investment as well as the lead-time of the manufacturing process. • X Ray 3D – Flying probes • Quality certification TS 16949 • Remote access to test results, traceability by PCB & assembly & components 8
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