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Consumer driven contracts

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This presentation explains why we think consumer driven contracts is an interesting approach, by contrasting it with provider and contract driven.

This presentation was used as an introduction of a session that also practically demonstrated how to do this in Pact. This was used on. Agile Tour Brussels 2018, Agile Tour Lille 2018, Socrates Belgium 2018 and several meetups.

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Consumer driven contracts

  1. 1. Consumer driven contracts The evolution of your APIs supported by tests wemanity @nelisboucke @matteo_pierro
  2. 2. A typical situation • Several teams in a company need to integrate an API • New functionality ProviderConsumer Consumer Contract …
  3. 3. How does the cooperation go?
  4. 4. Provider driven • Provider builds API as they see fit • Often just expose all info • Consumer starts when provider is ready Provider Contract Consumer Consumer …
  5. 5. Challenges for in our situation • Often too complex to achieve normal flows https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/d6/STS120LaunchHiRes-edit1.jpg/1024px-STS120LaunchHiRes-edit1.jpg
  6. 6. Challenges for in our situation • Ping-pong to make it work • Never perfect fit for consumers • Lots of waiting, bugs, interrupts to test, …
  7. 7. Challenges for in our situation • Late feedback from end users
  8. 8. Good for • API is (part of) the product • Lots of (unknown) consumers • many opportunities to collect feedback • Budget for multiple iterations on the API
  9. 9. Contract driven • Meeting to agree on the complete API in advance • Build in parallel, use mock or stub • Integrate at the end Provider Contract Consumer Consumer …
  10. 10. Challenges in our situation • Analysis paralysis + Contract negotiation over cooperation!
  11. 11. Challenges in our situation • Most of the time details where not agreed on, so still mismatches
  12. 12. Challenges in our situation
  13. 13. Challenges in our situation • Integration near deadline
  14. 14. Good for • When you know what you need • e.g integration with existing system and datamodel • Working with a (external) party where you want to protect yourself • At least it is clear what to expect
  15. 15. Consumer driven • Short meeting to agree on basic structure of API • Consumer iteratively builds + shares expectations • Provider iteratively builds + verifies with expectations Provider Contract Consumer Consumer …
  16. 16. Why is it good in our situation? • You do not exactly know what you need • Limited and known consumers • You want to integrate fast • Fast feedback • Reduce integration risk
  17. 17. Challenges • Tools needed to make it easier
  18. 18. Challenges • Provider needs to adapt WoW to incorporate consumer changes
  19. 19. Challenges • Consumer needs to work test driven and share expectations
  20. 20. Overview of Pact way of working
  21. 21. Implement location promotion
  22. 22. CI + demo
  23. 23. Topics to discuss? • VS swagger and wire mock? • What if something goes wrong? • Demonstrate how works with CI in this case • Versioning? • Challenges on implementing this in your team(s)? • Way of working a provider side? • Incident?
  24. 24. Who are we? Nelis Boucké Matteo Pierro @nelisboucke @matteo_pierro