how to become a good it engineer structural geology foundation engineering soil mechanics speakenglishgym spoken english simulator process heat transfer surface production operations computer forensics chemical process control process control instrument engineers’ handbook digital signal processing lab viva questions digital signal processing questions digital signal processing interview microprocessor and microcontroller interview microprocessor and microcontroller questions microprocessor and microcontroller lab viva questi power electronics interview power electronics questions groundwater hydrology pre-stressed concrete dock & tunnel engineering railway track engineering construction equipments infrastructure engineering lab viva questions construction project scheduling & control infrastructure engineering interview questions infrastructure engineering interviews dock & harbour engineering harbour construction planning methods railway engineering environmental engineering lab viva questions environmental engineering environmental engineering questions electrical engineering interviews robotics engineering computer engineering interviews content-based instruction interviewmax espoir technologies boussinesq theory transport processes dimensional analysis in mass transfer transport phenomena fluid mechanics for chemical engineers separation process principles molecular diffusion transport phenomena interview molecular transport numerical heat transfer transport phenomena questions prandtl mixing length numerical mass transfer computational fluid dynamics basin analysis process equipment design process dynamics and control petroleum refinery engineering offshore engineering petroleum formation evaluation interview petroleum formation evaluation questions carbon credit trading biorefinery chemicals from biomass drivers for carbon management carbon credit generation biomass pyrolysis clean development mechanisms biopolymers industrial carbon management technologies in carbon management bio mass gassification energy from biomass non fossilfeedstocks non-fossil resources for energy carbon sequestration biofuels api recommendations embedded real-time systems an embedded software primer embedded microcomputer systems real time interfaci ubiquitous computing network security applied cryptography information & cyber security lab viva questions cyber security cyber crimes information security tools and methods used in cybercrime information & cyber security interview cryptography internet key exchange protocol algorithms for implementing security information & cyber security questions intrusion detection systems principles and practice of automatic process contr instrumentation and control for petroleum field op stochastic processes estimation and control advanced control systems flow measurement and its control process systems analysis and control renewable energy sources interview renewable energy sources questions interfacing and troubleshooting microcontroller & embedded system and applications muhammad ali mazidi programming rolinmckinlay janice gillispiemazidi microprocessor architecture microcontrollers in embedded system applied soil mechanics physical and geotechnical properties of soils geotechnical engineering rocks mechanics arc gis gram++ geology for civil engineers engineering geology lab viva questions engineering geology interviews engineering geology interview questions remote sensing and image interpretation engineering geology geology and engineering foundation engineering lab viva questions theory of structures programmable logic controllers computer aided process control distributed control systems distributed computer control for industrial automa plc instrumentation standard protocols the management of control system safety management systems plc design applications of plc and scada computer based process control process safety air pollution environmental engineering interviews mechatronics questions dynamics of machinery mechanical vibrations noise and vibration control mechanical vibrations questions balancing problems of machines vibration of mechanical system industrial noise control engineering noise control vibration problems in engineering solving vibration problems mechanical vibrations interviews design of clutches design of brakes design of springs mechanical system design design of machine elements design of bearings mechanical engineering design design of drives computer engineering interview questions speak englishgym transport phenomena lab viva questions energy storage and distribution bio-fuels of ocean thermal energy conversion non-conventional energy sources tidal power solar photocatalysis solar energy wind energy wind power solar distillation alternative energy sources geothermal energy renewable energy sources lab viva questions solar drying photovoltaic power generation energy technology handbook renewable energy resources energy conservation handbook environmental engineering interview novel seperation processes questions novel seperation processes interview oil well drilling engineering sedimentology and stratigraphy principles of physical geology palaeontology taphonomy hydrocarbon traps and seals petroleum geology interview geology of petroliferous basins composition of hydrocarbons petroleum geology questions sedimentology and petroleum geology properties of hydrocarbons production geology sub surface geology stratigraphy design of storage tank design of heat exchanger design of reaction vessel design of rotary valve design of oil handling systems and facilities petroleum equipment design questions design of pressure vessel design of power transmission component design of rotary pump petroleum equipment design interview industrial organic chemicals dryden’s outlines of chemical technology bioprocess engineering petrochemical processes unit processes in organic synthesis petroleum processing handbook petrochemical process technology refining technology and economics formation and composition of petroleum process simulation chemical engineering computing process modelling and simulation questions process modelling and simulation interview artificial neural networks simulation and control modelling and simulation formulation optimization of mathematical models supervised learning multilayer perceptron mathematical model of chemical engineering principles of process modeling space representations of chemical engineering syst error back propagation mass transfer interview mass transfer viva questions methods of distillation azeotropic mixtures liquid-liquid extraction distillation gas absorption membrane separation processes ternary diagrams liquid-liquid equilibrium diffusion mass transfer in fluid systems mass transfer questions raoult’s law and deviations from ideality adsorption and ion exchange mass transfer operations leaching operations transport processes and unit operations drilling engineering applied drilling engineering advanced blowout and well control green chemistry questions green chemistry interview process modelling & simulation lab viva questions process modelling & simulation interview process modelling & simulation questions petroleum reservoir simulation reservoir engineering and petrophysics petroleum refining technology questions petroleum refining technology lab viva questions petroleum refining technology interview pvt and phase behavior of petroleum reservoir flui skimmer tank design oil field corrosion well stimulation wireline operations and procedures nodal system analysis gas lift three phase separator design petroleum engineering hand book for practicing eng multilateral and intelligent-well completions petroleum production engineering liquid and gas separation process production logging principles of oil well production three phase separation process mathematical petrophysics log interpretation software core analysis log interpretation reservoir modelling geological well logs geological interpretation of well logs interpretation of depositional environment petroleum formation evaluation lab viva questions basic well log analysis well logging principles petroleum production engineering lab viva question petroleum production engineering interview petroleum production engineering questions emerging and peripheral technologies unconventional gas reservoirs coal and gas conversion to oil gas extraction from gas hydrates properties of coal bed methane non-conventional hydrocarbon resources questions unconventional oil and gas. treating and disposing economics of development non-conventional hydrocarbon resources interview pyrolysis practical heavy oil recovery non-conventional oil producing liquid fuels from coal shale gas/ oil reservoir gas hydrates natural gas hydrates carbon management in petroleum industry questions carbon management in petroleum industry interview processes and operating systems embedded systems lab viva questions embedded real-time systems programming embedded computing platform design embedded systems questions embedded systems interview system design techniques and networks embedded computing and arm processors concurrent and distributed programming lab viva qu concurrent and distributed programming questions concurrent and distributed programming interview interactive design mobile design and development design principles navigation design rules iteration and prototyping human computer interactions mobile interface design mobile human interactions screen design designing web interfaces theory of computation lab viva questions theory of computation questions theory of computation interview database management systems lab viva questions database management systems questions database management systems interview multimedia technologies interview multimedia technologies questions multimedia technologies lab viva questions system programming lab viva questions system programming interview system programming questions the medium access control sublayer introduction to data communication and networking computer network optical networks a practical perspective computer networking a top down approach featuring data and computer communication the data link layer the network layer the application layer the physical layer the transport layer communicating perceiving and acting intelligent systems knowledge reasoning and planning artificial intelligence machine learning and applications uncertain knowledge and decision theory understanding machine learning from theory to algo building smart systems problem solving middleware for pervasive computing human computer interaction pervasive/ubiquitous computing questions mobile and pervasive computing pervasive computing devices pervasive/ubiquitous computing interview outlook of pervasive computing challenges of pervasive computing pervasive computing pervasive/ubiquitous computing lab viva questions security in pervasive computing operating system design questions operating system design interview operating system design lab viva questions dynamic behavior of typical processes process characteristics the feedback loop pid controller tuning for dynamic performance control system parameters modeling and analysis for process control controller principles process control instrumentation technology discontinuous controller modes feedback control stability analysis and controller tuning pid algorithm composite control modes cascade control feedforward control continuous controller modes principles of embedded computing system design industrial relations interview industrial relations questions industrial relations lab viva questions control systems components interview control systems components questions control systems components lab viva questions energy conservation questions energy conservation interview microwave engineering lab viva questions microwave circuits and passive devices microwave engineering microwave devices and circuits microwave engineering questions microwave engineering interview microwave and radar engineering embedded processors questions embedded processors lab viva questions embedded processors interview electronic systems design lab viva questions electronic systems design questions electronic systems design interview discrete fourier transform finite wordlength effects discrete time signal processing digital signal processing applications fir filter design iir filter design critical thinking viva questions critical thinking interview critical thinking questions mechatronics lab viva questions mechatronics interview linear circuits analysis electric circuits and networks network analysis & synthesis network analysis engineering circuit analysis protection and switchgear hvdc transmission power plant instrumentation interview power plant instrumentation control of boilers measurements in power plants instrumentation in process industries process control structures and applications overview of power generation mechanical and industrial measurements power plant instrumentation lab viva questions power plant instrumentation questions steam plant operation control of turbines powerplant engineering thyristors thyristorised controller and converters power electronics lab viva questions power electronics & variable frequency drive cycloconverters ac to ac controllers power electronics applications and design power semiconductor power electronic circuits power electronics dc to ac converters power electronics devices irrigation engineering urban & regional planning lab viva questions urban & regional planning interview questions urban & regional planning interviews mechanical operations lab viva questions computer engineering lab viva questions design of flexural members structural design in steel design of slab ultimate load method and limit state method assumptions of limit state method limit state of durability moment of resistance limit state of collapse working stress method design of steel structures design of steel structure structural steel design design of staircase limit state of serviceability stress variation diagram strain variation diagram limit state design of steel structure campus planning time saver standards for building types architectural graphic standards the essential house book architects data time saver standards for interior design and space site planning human dimension and interior space design process: a primer for architectural and int architectural design interviews architectural design lab viva questions architectural design interview questions campus design in india tropical asian house a comparative analysis of 20th century houses materials of construction civil engineering materials national building code building construction building materials & construction interview questi building materials & construction lab viva questio building materials & construction interviews engineering in rocks for slopes foundations and tu geotechnical earthquake engineering grouting soil rock and structures foundation analysis and design foundation engineering interview questions foundation engineering interviews gis hydrographic surveying bureau gravimetrique international remote sensing geodetic surveying principles of surveying surveying theory and practices surveying and levelling aerial photogrammetry trigonometrical levelling plane and geodetic surveying plane surveying design of pre-stressed concrete structures concrete technology interview questions concrete technology concrete technology lab viva questions reinforced concrete properties of concrete concrete technology questions comprehensive rcc design concrete technology interviews plastic methods of structural analysis analysis of arches structural analysis structural analysis interview questions structural design structural analysis lab viva questions matrix analysis of framed structures structural mechanics rcc design electrical engineering lab viva questions electrical engineering interview questions robot technology kinematics and linkage design low cost automation kinematics and synthesis of linkages industrial robotics technology robotics control sensing image processing kinematics and dynamics of machinery vision and intelligence industrial automation & robotics questions industrial automation & robotics lab viva question water supply engineering rain water harvesting sanitary engineering environment engineering lab viva questions water and waste water treatment optimal design of water distribution networks environmental remote sensing strength of materials engineering mechanics analysis of structures electrical machines lab viva questions design of mechatronics systems automation with programmable logic controllers mechatronics and measurement systems sensors and transducers mechatronics viva questions electro – mechanical engineering programmable controllers theory temperature measurement metrology and measurements questions instrumental error & its analysis mechanical measurement measurement of square-ness metrology and measurements interviews pressure measurement measurement of surface finish measurement of flatness measurement of straightness measurement of parallelism measuring system metrology gear measurements electrical machines questions electrical machines performance and design of a.c. machines electrical machines interviews electrical technology electrical machine drives and power systems mechanical vibrations lab viva questions. cast iron corrosion of metals properties and uses of steel non-destructive testing of metal metallurgy & heat treatment interviews iron carbon diagram non-ferrous alloys powder metallurgy heat treatment of steels metallurgy & heat treatment questions wrought iron functionality and technical configuration production management engineering economics industrial engineering lab viva questions. industrial engineering interviews production planning and control method study work measurements industrial engineering facility design work study industrial engineering questions industrial organisation lean production system productivity design of machine elements questions design of machine elements interviews electrical engineering questions solid works computer aided manufacturing fanuc control cnc programming cad/cam and cim interviews pro/engineer automation modelling computer graphics catia finite element analysis pneumatic circuits hydraulics and pneumatics interviews fluid power applications electro hydraulic circuits hydraulic circuits power hydraulics pneumatic systems electro pneumatic circuits hydraulic systems oil hydraulics heat exchangers jet propulsion gas dynamics fluid mechanics interviews energy auditing made simple energy auditors interview energy managers interview generation and utilization of electrical energy utilization of electrical energy energy management energy conservation power plant engineering questions gas lubrication tribology questions hydrodynamic lubrication laws of friction elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication hydrostatic lubrication friction and wear tribology job interviews theories of wear bearing questions industrial tribology interviews mechanical engineering electronics engineering interview questions electronics engineering interviews electrical engineering viva questions computer engineering job interviews chemical engineering increasing quality in engineering education outcome-based engineering low quality engineering education in india espoirtech engineering interview labs viva-voce lab interview labs language labs a failure language labs for engineering experiential learning speaking and writing best way to learn speaking speaking & reading how to learn speaking scientific english english for technologists english for scientists english & science english for engineers english teaching in india speak english gym franchisee why indians are poor communicators? english education in india how to learn speaking? why indians can't speak good english? the power of oral communication why indians are poor in speaking? why franchise why start-up start-up vs franchise start-up or franchise? start-up for english education theme-based learning franchisee easy english speaking english for the young adult quick english learning english for youngsters english for managers spoken english for executives communication for leaders communication for managers spoken english for managers petrochemical processes questions petrochemical processes interview petrochemical processes lab viva questions membrane separations handbook of separation techniques for chemical eng selection of separation process equilibrium stage separation operations chromatographic separations transport processes and separation process princip advanced separation processes novel seperation processes lab viva questions separation processes surfactant based separation techniques ionic separations separation by adsorption techniques natural gas engineering interview natural gas engineering questions natural gas engineering lab viva questions plant design and process economics lab viva questi plant design and process economics questions plant design and process economics interview hydrocarbon thermodynamics lab viva questions hydrocarbon thermodynamics questions hydrocarbon thermodynamics interview control methods air pollution and control methods standard methods for the examination of water and air pollution sampling and measurements air pollution laws and standards clean development mechanisms (cdm) treatment and reuse wastewater engineering cleaning of gaseous effluents major emissions from global sources sources and classification of air pollutants kyoto protocol role of the environmental engineer air pollution control and engineering environmental pollution control engineering catalysis e-factor green chemistry metrics homogeneous catalysis waste and its minimisation individual reactions analysis accidents with chemicals green solvents 12 principles of green engineering & reaction mass efficiency (rme) atom economy energy efficiency green synthesis green chemistry lab viva questions synthesis plans analysis synthetic efficiency toxicity of chemicals green chemistry petroleum environmental engineering lab viva quest petroleum environmental engineering questions petroleum environmental engineering interview catalyst science technology and fluidization inter catalyst science technology and fluidization viva catalyst science technology and fluidization quest fluidization idealized and bubbleless gas fluidization technology chemical engineering kinetics processing of petroleum and hydrocarbons type of catalysts kinetics of catalytic reaction chemical reactor analysis and design gas-liquid-solid fluidization engineering characterization of catalysts manufacture of catalysts heterogeneous catalysis fluidization engineering petroleum geology lab viva questions fired heaters heat transfer in process engineering petroleum refinery distillation refinery process design lab viva questions refinery process design questions column design coulson and richardson’s chemical engineering refinery process design interview ludwig’s applied process design for chemical and heat exchanger network synthesis aspen plus pumps and compressors multicomponent distillation process modeling process modelling and simulation lab viva question petroleum instrumentation & control lab viva quest petroleum instrumentation & control interview petroleum instrumentation & control questions digital control techniques input–output model scada system designing processes and control systems fordynamic process system analysis and control advanced control techniques design aspects of process control systems modeling and control process dynamics process dynamics & control questions stability of control systems process dynamics & control interview frequency response techniques industrial applications of process control microprocessor based pid controller systems pneumatic servo systems state variables and state equation for chemical pr process dynamics & control lab viva questions petroleum equipment design lab viva questions carbon management interview carbon management lab viva questions carbon management economics questions engineering flow diagrams process development process economics plant design & process economics questions safety in process and plant design process engineering analysis synthesis and design of chemical processe plant design and economics for chemical engineers plant design & process economics interview project management process design diagrams principles and applications of pert and cpm safety aspects process engineering economics statutory regulations plant design & process economics lab viva question engineering marketing interview engineering marketing lab viva questions engineering marketing questions shale gas geology questions shale gas geology interview shale gas geology lab viva questions eor and reservoir simulation questions eor methods modern chemical enhanced oil recovery polymer-improved oil recovery compositional model simulation eor and reservoir simulation interview gas injection eor black oil simulation enhanced oil recovery thermal eor thermal simulation microbial eor fundamentals of enhanced oil recovery chemical flooding eor eor and reservoir simulation viva questions gas reservoir engineering natural gas production engineering gas compression gas flow measurement gas reservoir performance natural gas viva questions gas production engineering gas gathering and transport working guide to petroleum and natural gas enginee natural gas questions natural gas engineering handbook natural gas interview advanced natural gas engineering natural gas processing mollier diagrams properties of natural gas mud rheology test oil base mud testing drilling fluids drilling operations & mud management interview hpht fluid loss test drilling fluid technology drilling operations & mud management viva question drilling fluids processing handbook mud circulation system drilling rig drilling and completion fluids drilling and well completions drilling operations & mud management questions drilling fluids engineering water base mud testing chemistry of drilling fluids and rheology rig selection criteria novel seperation processes viva questions design of drill string design of petroleum machinery viva questions design and analysis of artificial methods of petro design of offshore structures design of petroleum machinery questions oil and gas pipeline fundamentals petroleum exploration hand book wellsite geological techniques for petroleum explo a text book of machine design design of petroleum machinery interview design of bha design of bottom hole assembly petroleum & natural gas engineering petroleum and natural gas engineering transport phenomena viva questions offshore vessel mounted cranes barges and their operations design of concrete gravity structures deep water technology & subsea engineering viva qu deepwater control guidelines deepwater reference book deepwater drilling handbook of offshore engineering floating drilling school dynamic positioning system handbook of offshore oil and gas operations deep water technology & subsea engineering questio marine and offshore structures deepwater drilling operations deep water technology & subsea engineering intervi subsea engineering handbook ergonomics and human factors interview ergonomics and human factors viva questions ergonomics and human factors questions petroleum geology viva questions application of the petroleum resources management petroleum exploration questions petroleum exploration interview determination of oil and gas reserves petroleum exploration viva questions petroleum resources calculations geophysical exploration techniques seismic interpretation integrated reservoir studies geological modelling seismic data analysis techniques seismic stratigraphy seismic methods outline of geophysical prospecting energy conservation viva questions petroleum formation evaluation viva questions petroleum equipment design viva questions petroleum/petrochemical plant design viva question petroleum/petrochemical plant design questions petroleum/petrochemical plant design interview non-conventional hydrocarbon resources viva questi carbon management in petroleum industry viva quest : process modeling process modelling and simulation viva questions well engineering and design questions directional drilling petroleum engineering handbook cement rheology well engineering and design viva questions well engineering and construction rig hydraulics formulas calculations for drilling production and drill string design and calculation drill string design multilateral drilling well planning and design drilling economics well engineering and design interview well control environmental engineering viva questions tags- environmental engineering interview deep water well control well killing method well control problems and solutions society of petroleum engineers advanced well control well control methods viva questions well control technology iwcf manual well control operation well control methods questions well control manual shut in procedure kick indication well control methods interview blow out preventer equipment green chemistry viva questions gas monetization pipeline design piping operations valve types modelling of oil product and gas pipeline transpor transport of oil and gas questions pipeline transportation subsea pipelines and risers pressure drop calculations in piping hydrocarbon properties production and transport of oil and gas piping and instrumentation symbols transport of oil and gas viva questions valve sizing offshore pipeline design working mechanism of different valves oil field processing of petroleum group gathering station transport of oil and gas interview reservoir engineering & management interview reservoir asset management reservoir management reservoir engineering & management viva questions reservoir engineering & management questions reservoir characterization petroleum reservoir management reservoir simulation model reservoir simulation reservoir performance analysis & prediction product design methodology questions product design methodology interview product design methodology lab viva questions petroleum refining technology and economics handbook of petroleum product analysis modern petroleum refining processes fundamentals of petroleum refining petroleum refining technology handbook of petroleum refining processes composition and evaluation of petroleum products nelson complexity factor crude oil distillation and cracking petroleum production operations lab viva questions petroleum production operations questions petroleum production operations interview non-conventional hydrocarbon resources lab viva qu petroleum instrumentation lab viva questions petroleum instrumentation interview petroleum instrumentation questions carbon management in petroleum industry lab viva q user interface design questions user interface design interview user interface design lab viva questions developing web applications web engineering & technology questions web enabled commercial application development html xhtml and css interviews content management systems javascript interviews web applications technologies j2ee the complete reference web engineering & technology lab viva questions web engineering & technology interview web technology and application development web engineering interviews professional wordpress design and development java servlet programming wordpress for web developers mysql interviews j2ee architecture interviews java servlets php interviews problem in turing machines grammar automata theory turing machine designing automata theory languages and computation concurrent grammar automata regular grammar andrsen’s theorem deterministic finite automata theory of computer science push down automata regular expressions post machines moore and mealy machines non deterministic finite automata turing machines software test management software test case design practical software testing software test metrics and measurements software test automation software testing techniques software testing and quality assurance interview foundations of software testing software testing and quality assurance lab viva qu software test automation techniques levels of software testing software testing – principles and practices software testing and quality assurance questions real time systems lab viva questions real time systems interview architecture of arm processor programming of arm processor computers as components real time systems questions embedded computing introduction to real-time systems embedded real time systems programming real time operating system smart system design and applications lab viva ques smart system design and applications questions smart system design and applications interview class modelling applying design patterns standard object modeling language uml design diagrams object oriented modelling & design lab viva questi object oriented modelling & design interview object oriented modelling & design questions state modelling coding and testing design patterns reusable object-oriented software object oriented systems analysis and design using distributed os apis for xml processing security in distributed computing and application distributed shared memory resource and process management network programming synchronization message passing distributed multimedia systems distributed systems concepts and design distributed objects and middleware distributed systems principles and paradigms distributed computing concurrency remote method invocation co-ordination and distributed transactions remote procedure calls authoring tool for animation digital image processing gaming and animation interviews multimedia building blocks compression techniques multimedia architecture components of multimedia multimedia communication systems macro and macro processors compilers interpreters & debuggers assemblers scanning and parsing language processors linkers and loaders system software mobile application architectures mobile computing architecture mobile computing questions gsm data layer gsm services wireless architectures gsm architecture android os architecture architectures of mobile application development mobile computing lab viva questions mobility management mobile computing interview unix and linux system administration handbook structure of processes the structure of process system calls for the file system inter-process communication unix internals process and the kernel internal representation of files advance tools and technologies unix operating systems unix operating system kernel memory management and virtual memory buffer cache software project execution project management for business engineering and te project management a managerial approach software project planning head first pmp principles of management it closure of project software project audit software project tracking it project management lab viva questions it project management questions a guide to project management it project management life cycle of a project it project management interview cloud computing lab viva questions cloud security and privacy cloud security cloud computing interview virtualization technologies enterprise cloud computing cloud computing questions cloud architecture cloud applications secure cloud computing cloud computing bible encoding and modulation data communication interview data communication questions multiplexing analog to digital conversion data and computer communications data communication lab viva questions digital to digital conversion data communication & networking error correction and detection transmission of digital data mechanical operations interview mechanical operations questions network forensics internet cryptography validating forensics data computer forensics and cyber crime computer forensics and investigations computer forensics & investigation cell phone and mobile devices forensics email investigations data hiding techniques transport layer security : network layer security computer forensic and cyber applications interview digital evidence& computer crime forensic tools email firewalls performing remote acquisition evidence collection internet security: cryptographic principles email security application layer interview application layer diagram questions application layer lab viva questions osi model block diagram questions osi model block diagram lab viva questions osi model block diagram interview coding tchniques questions c programming computer architecture & organization programming in ansi c structured computer organization coding techniques interview computer system architecture human-coding techniques lab viva questions programming with c programming in c ansi standard human-computer interaction design questions human-computer interaction design lab viva questio human-computer interaction design interview software engineering lab viva questions software engineering interview software engineering questions artificial intelligence & machine learning lab viv artificial intelligence & machine learning questio artificial intelligence & machine learning intervi computer networks interview computer networks lab viva questions computer networks questions smart systems design & applications interview smart systems design & applications lab viva quest smart systems design & applications questions image processing computing questions image processing interview image processing lab viva questions multiloop& nonlinear systems multivariable control process control design electronic instrumentation questions electronic instrumentation lab viva questions electronic instrumentation interview industrial automation & robotics interview metrology & measurements questions metrology & measurements interview metrology & measurements lab viva questions robust control systems design of state variable feedback systems control system design stable adaptive control systems control systems design lab viva questions design of feedback control systems modern control systems adaptive control and optimisation techniques control systems design questions control systems design interview nonlinear systems analysis feedback control of dynamic systems digital control systems adaptive control systems discrete time control systems stepper motor control parameter sensitive switches process parameter transmitter induction motor control servo motor control control valve selection switch gear protection applied instrumentation in the process industries dc motor control control valve sizing power systems relay and contactors pressure relieving devices control valves petroleum instrumentation and control lab viva que petroleum instrumentation and control questions petroleum instrumentation and control interview analog circuit design sensors & interfaces interview analog integrated circuits operational amplifiers data acquisition and signal processing for smart s sensors & interfaces lab viva questions understanding smart sensors measurement and instrumentation sensors & interfaces questions smart sensors advanced human interface control systems architecture questions human interface subsystem scada systems hardware software and protocols hardware structure of controller control systems architecture interview special-purpose controllers automation system structure basic dcs controller configuration common configurations software structure of controller instrumentation subsystem structure control subsystem structure distributed control system (dcs) configuration distributed control system reporting types of automation systems programming of controller automation strategies alarm system management control systems architecture lab viva questions clinical ophthalmology special senses gas analyzers classification of muscles biomedical digital signal processing cardiovascular system bio‐transducers biomedical equipment technology central nervous system bio‐potential measurement biomedical instrumentation and measurements respiratory instrumentation biomedical instrumentation interview cardiovascular measurements biomedical instrumentation lab viva questions biomedical instrumentation questions process instrumentation and control questions process instrumentation and control lab viva quest process instrumentation and control interview ergonomics & human factors interview ergonomics & human factors lab viva questions ergonomics & human factors questions plc & scada applications lab viva questions plc & scada applications interview plc & scada applications questions speed control of step motors dc motors in incremental motion systems sensors and encoders drive circuitry for step motors step motors position control system motion control questions closed loop control by current sensing pulse-width modulated amplifier for dc servo syste motion control lab viva questions incremental motion control motion control velocity control systems closed loop control of step motors step motor selection optimal design of incremental motion servo systems phase-locked servo systems linear dc servo amplifiers torsional resonance in high- performance increment motion control interview reliability engineering questions reliability engineering lab viva questions reliability engineering interview microcontroller & interfacing interview controlling dc motor using pwm rtc interfacing and programming interfacing led and lcd displays motor control relay pwm dc and stepper motors microcontroller & interfacing questions microcontroller & interfacing lab viva questions 8051 microcontroller and embedded systems interfacing matrix keyboard assembly language programming for the 8051 microco 8051 interfacing to external memory interfacing stepper motor interfacing adc and dac electrical drives & controls interview electrical drives & controls lab viva questions electrical drives & controls questions instrument air systems instrumentation systems designlab viva questions selection of measurement methods encyclopedia of instrumentation and control engineering graphical symbols instrumentation systems design questions instrumentation systems design interview instrumentation systems construction &startup pplied instrumentation in the process industries instrument project control control centers and panels instrumentation system engineering design criteria process control principles and applications mobile communication interview mobile communicationlab viva questions mobile communication questions filter technology and design lab viva questions filter technology and design questions filter technology and design interview information theory and coding techniques lab viva information theory and coding techniques interview information theory and coding techniques questions embedded system architecture embedded systems design lab viva questions computer as components arm system on chip architecture embedded systems design questions embedded system design embedded system programming embedded systems design interview privacy and security in gsm gsm logical channels gsm messages management of gsm network speech coding in gsm design of gsm network gsm architecture and interfaces gsm technology questions radio link in gsm gsm technology lab viva questions gsm technology interview antenna & wave propagation antenna and wave propagation lab viva questions elements of electromagnetics antenna theory antenna and wave propagation interview antennas for all applications antenna and wave propagation questions wireless communications and netwoking analysis and design of antenna electronic devices & circuits interview electronic devices & circuits lab viva questions electronic devices & circuits interview questions digital communications digital communication systems in the presence of n baseband transmission : sampling & quantization digital carrier demodulation techniques digital modulation scheme waveform coding modern digital and analog communication systems error control coding spread spectrum communications digital modulation techniques audio metering tools television & video engineering questions television & video engineering interview television and video engineering audio video systems acoustic chambers video demystified digital video studio acoustics & reverberation direction pattern of microphones television & video engineering lab viva questions audio engineering voltage and waveform analysis p.a. system for auditorium audio guide to compression vlsi design questions vlsi design lab viva questions vlsi design interview sensors and interface lab viva questions sensors and interface questions sensors and interface interview analysis of continuous time signals signals & systems - continuous and discrete analysis of discrete time signals properties of signals & systems signals and systems interview linear time invariant discrete time systems principles of linear systems and signals linear time invariant continuous time systems signals and systems questions signals & systems analysis using transform methods signals and systems lab viva questions network synthesis lab viva questions network synthesis interview network synthesis questions optical fibre communication lab viva questions optical fibre communication questions optical fibre communication interview optical transmission systems photodetector noise power launching and coupling optical sources optical fiber communications overview of optical components optical receiver operation figure of merits of detectors photodiode materials fiber optical measurements advances in optical fiber systems optical amplifiers international standards for optical transmission f detector response time photodetectors power electronics lab viva questi electrical circuit analysis interview electrical circuit analysis lab viva questions electrical circuit analysis questions active network synthesis and design network analysis & synthesis lab viva questions network analysis & synthesis interview analog filter design network analysis & synthesis questions modern network synthesis network analysis and synthesis passive and active filters theory energy conservation lab viva questions applications of digital filters algorithm implementation discrete- time signal processing adaptive filtering algorithms principles of filter design algorithms and applications design of digital filters digital filters: analysis of digital filters analog and digital signal processing explanatory analysis bch and rs codes embedded information theory & coding techniques qu convolutional codes coding and modulation error correction coding information theory & coding techniques lab viva qu information theory & coding techniques interview error-control coding cyclic codes information capacity and channel coding data compression information theory coding and cryptography antenna & wave propagation questions antenna & wave propagation interview antenna & wave propagation lab viva questions power system protection & switchgear protection and switchgear lab viva questions computer relaying for power system fundamentals of power system protection switchgear protection & power systems protection and switchgear questions the art and science of protective relaying digital protection of power system protective relaying: principles and applications protection and switchgear interview alternator protection interview alternator protection lab viva questions alternator protection questions substation design electrical transmission & distribution questions electrical power system design design of power station power factor improvement electrical transmission & distribution interview power system analysis and design transmission line design neutral earthing basic insulation level (bil) electrical power stations power system earthing – power station and sub st insulation coordination and location of lightning ac and dc low tension distribution design electrical transmission & distribution lab viva qu electrical power transmission and distribution office and factory management interview office and factory management lab viva questions office and factory management questions feedback control systems questions feedback control systems lab viva questions feedback control systems interview electrical material science lab viva questions electrical material science interview electrical material science questions electrical machines processing questions electrical machines interview installation maintenance and testing questions installation maintenance and testing interview installation maintenance and testingviva questions renewable energy sources viva questions kyoto protocol questions kyoto protocol interview kyoto protocollab viva questions power semiconductor controlled drives interview power semiconductor controlled drives lab viva que power semiconductor controlled drives questions electrical circuits analysis questions electrical circuits analysis lab viva questions electrical circuits analysis interview nodal analysis lab viva questions nodal analysis questions nodal analysis interview special purpose power electronics lab viva questio vhdl digital system design using vhdl principles of cmos vlsi design mosfet cmos digital integrated circuits digital design principles and practices mos transistor switches cmos logic linear electric machines drives and maglevs special purpose electrical machines questions stepper motors special purpose electrical machines lab viva ques fundamentals applications and design of stepper mo linear electrical actuators and generators brushless permanent magnet and reluctance motor dr special electrical machines permanent magnet synchronous and brushless d.c. mo special purpose electrical machines interview power system stability and control power systems operations and control questions switchgear and protection power generation operation and control operation & control in power system power systems operations and control interview understanding facts modern power system analysis power system protection and switchgear power system analysis operation and control power system protection thyristor based facts controller electrical power system handbook power systems operations and control lab viva ques protective relaying electrical energy system theory power system operation & control solar energy interviews non-conventional energy sources and utilization renewable energy sources power plant engineering power plant engineering interview wind and solar power plants interviews energy technology power system engineering power plant engineering lab viva questions a course in power plant engineering industrial automation and robotics questions industrial automation and robotics interview industrial automation and robotics lab viva questi high voltage engineering theory and practice high voltage engineering high voltage engineering lab viva questions high voltage engineering interview high voltage insulation engineering high voltage engineering applications questions plc and scada applications lab viva questions plc and scada applications questions plc and scada applications interview design of structures: concrete & masonry lab viva design of structures: concrete & masonry interview structural safety of buildings prestressed concrete structures reinforced concrete design plain and reinforced concrete design of structures: concrete & masonry questions code of practice reinforced concrete:limit state design design of reinforced concrete structures designing footings and columns fundamentals of reinforced concrete geotechnical engineering and soil mechanics lab vi geotechnical engineering and soil mechanics interv foundation engineering interview foundation engineering interview sanitary & waste services in buildings building services: piping/water/waste disposal int waste water engineering sewerage and sewerage treatment building services: piping/water/waste disposal lab water supply and sanitary engineering waste water treatment for pollution control manual of water supply and treatment water and waste water engineering environment engineering interview fire and acoustics lab viva questions building services: hvac fire safety: national building code air conditioning and energy conservation fire and acoustics interview questionsbuilding ser building services hvac design for fire safety architectural acoustics fire and acoustics interview building physics surveying and levelling lab viva questions surveying and levelling interview surveying and levelling interview questions elements of landscape scope of landscape architecture landscape design interview landscape design interview questions t s s for landscape architecture landscape of man tropical garden plants planting design handbook of urban landscape from concept to form in landscape design landscape architecture landscape design lab viva questions structural analysis interview inca-interior design register interior design illustrated invitation to design landmarks of twentieth century design interior design interior design lab viva questions interior design interview questions interior design interview time saver’s standards for interior design human dimensions and interior space specifications writing interviews specifications writing lab viva questions specifications writing interview questions computer engineering for architects interviews computer engineering for architects lab viva ques computer engineering for architects interview que 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