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Using peel rb12

Not made by me, but freely available on the OCR B Geography NING by a very good teacher and just put on here so i can link to it from http://missnashgeography.blogspot.co.uk/

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Using peel rb12

  1. 1. A Writing Strategy… Point Evidence Explanation Link Is there a point of view What information do you What effect does this What does this point and that needs sharing? have to support your evidence have? evidence have to do with Is there an important point? How important is the the question? piece of the puzzle that Are there quotes that you evidence that you have you can share? can use to illustrate the shared? Do you need to define a point that you are term? making? Are there examples that you can include that show what you mean?To begin with… For example… As a result of… In conclusion…Moving on to… This is shown in… This means that… This tells us that…As well as… Such as… This caused… This helps answer the question because… …Now try being creative
  2. 2. Point Evidence Explanation LinkUse Resource 3 to explain why there is a housing crisis in Britain. Resource 3 states that This is shown by the This increase means These new homes will the population in fact the population that more new homes need to be built Britain is rising has risen by 2 million will be needed for this somewhere and (Independent in the last 10 years increasing population. recent announcements newspaper) (Daily Mail from the government November 2012) have said they will need to be built on greenfield land and will be large settlements The thing I want to talk The bit that proves my Showing that I know I know what all this about point what the evidence means writing has to do with my question