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Re-Capturing the American Dream: How Brands Can Change the Future

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What does the American Dream entail? If it's still here, how do people envision it? Has it changed over the years? Brands are a means to help people realize the American Dream and what it stands for. In this presentation with Eric Park of Ziba Design and Marc Mathieu of BeDo, they look at how sustainability can be rightfully married with the ideals of opportunity and freedom, IF we choose to frame the discussion as such. Beyond the age of material wealth and abundance. In order to design and market more sustainable lifestyles, values, ideals, Eric and Marc point out how American culture should be the beginning and end points.

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Re-Capturing the American Dream: How Brands Can Change the Future

  1. 1. How can brands recapture The American Dream? Eric Park, Creative Director, Ziba Design Marc Mathieu, Founder, BeDo
  2. 2. How can brands recapture The American Dream?
  3. 3. Brands and the AMERICAN DREAM Speaker Marc Mathieu
  4. 4. The Power of Brands.
  5. 5. Create market forces that shape marketplaces
  6. 6. Build behavior and identity
  7. 7. Create culture
  8. 8. Help us deal with our fears, build our hopes…
  9. 9. The American Dream The Power of an Idea CHAPTER ONE
  10. 10. Liberty Enlightening the World.
  11. 11. The Dream of the Self-Made Man
  12. 12. Thomas Edison Progress
  13. 13. John Pemberton Happiness
  14. 14. Henry Ford Liberty
  15. 15. Brands embodied the dream.
  16. 16. Henry Ford Liberty
  17. 17. Materializing the Dream Products over Ideas CHAPTER TWO
  18. 18. The Pursuit of Capitalism
  19. 19. The Dream of the White Picket Fence
  20. 20. General Electric Possibility… in a Bulb
  21. 21. Coca-Cola Happiness… in a Bottle
  22. 22. Ford Motor Company Freedom… on Four Wheels
  23. 23. Brands became the dream.
  24. 24. Revival of the Dream Return of the Idea CHAPTER THREE
  25. 25. Profit as if the people and the planet mattered
  26. 26. A Sustainable Dream
  27. 27. New Enlightened Brands Honest Tea
  28. 28. New Enlightened Brands Method Cleaning Products
  29. 29. Established Brands IBM Smarter Planet
  30. 30. Established Brands GE Ecomagination
  31. 31. Established Brands Pepsi Refresh
  32. 32. Established Brands Coca-Cola Live Positively
  33. 33. Brands in service of the dream.
  34. 34. Beyond Sustainability, in pursuit of happiness
  35. 35. For today and for generations.
  36. 36. How can brands recapture The American Dream?