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Floods in france and italy

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Floods in france and italy

  1. 1. Floods in France and Italy
  2. 2. Parts of southern France have been hit by bad weather, in particular heavy rains in recent days which have led to flooding.
  3. 3. Three flood-related deaths have been reported - two in the Var region and one in Herault- and several hundreds of people have been evacuated.
  4. 4. Some roads had to be closed as a result of the flooding
  5. 5. Some roads had to be closed as a result of the flooding
  6. 6. More than 700 people have been evacuated from Alpes-Maritime since Saturday.
  7. 7. Twelve regions were still on alert on Sunday, AFP reported
  8. 8. Parts of neighbouring Italy have also been hit by heavy rains. Several people died as flash flooding wreaked havoc in the north-western port city of Genoa on Friday.
  9. 9. One man died near Naples on Sunday when a tree fell on a car following torrential rains, bringing the weeks country-wide death toll to at least seven.