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Tutorial STARTup Live Pitch

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This is a tutorial for startup live participants and elevator pitch beginners. This guide is designed to convey the essentials of what you need to know, quickly, simply, and in a visual format.
Further information about startup live and other events could be found at http://www.starteurope.at

For the Russian Version follow this link: http://www.slideshare.net/vitakimov/elevator-pitch-2476053

This slides are available under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0:

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Tutorial STARTup Live Pitch

  1. THE ARTof theElevator PitchA tutorial for STARTup LivebyAndreas Roettlandreas@starteurope.athttp://www.starteurope.at<br />
  2. question<br />can you do an elevator pitch?<br />
  3. Aaaaaahhhhhh<br />
  4. HOW<br />
  5. TO DO<br />
  6. A SUCCESSFUL <br />
  7. ELEVATOR PITCH <br />
  8. at<br />
  9. INTERESTED?<br />
  10. YES<br />
  11. What‘s an elevator pitch?<br />
  12. youridea…<br />
  13. a stage…<br />
  14. and an audience… <br />
  15. tobeinspired…<br />
  16. 3<br />RULES<br />
  17. 90 seconds<br />
  18. media<br />no<br />
  19. 3 keywordsandyourname<br />to<br />describe<br />youridea<br />
  20. example…<br />
  21. IMPOSSIBLE?<br />
  22. NO<br />
  23. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjQHnn7avbM&feature=PlayList&p=37AF16E3D666A1A9&index=3<br />
  24. 7<br />useful<br />HINTs<br />
  25. STRUCTURE YOUR PITCH<br />introduction<br />problem<br />vision<br />idea<br />soltuion<br />requirements<br />solution<br />keywords<br />background<br />
  26. in one sentence each…<br />
  27. introduceyourself<br />and...<br />
  28. …your background<br />
  29. title your idea<br />
  30. INTEREST<br />NAND<br />IO<br />thenGAIN ATTENT<br />therefore you have to know: who’s <br />your audienceand what specific <br />interests and concerns do they have?<br />
  31. start with something catchy <br />a rhetorical question, <br />a picture, a story, an <br />example or any exciting<br />information.<br />
  32. picture your idea<br />an effective elevator <br />pitch is illustrative and tangible.<br />
  33. use picture language, comparisons and <br />examples to activate positive connections with <br />your audience.<br />
  34. describe the problem <br />you want to solve<br />
  35. describe your vision<br />an effective elevator <br />pitch describes <br />the solution <br />by pointing out <br />the benefits for <br />the customers.<br />
  36. be different<br />what makes your solution unique?<br />
  37. ACTION<br />what will the solution require to get started:<br />what people are you looking for?<br />which skills should they have?<br />which technology you want to use?<br />
  38. motivate yourpotential team partners:<br />make clear that this is a unique chance to take <br />a share in an awesome idea.<br />
  39. remember:<br />every startup needs at least a<br />developer,<br />
  40. remember:<br />every startup needs at least a<br />developer,<br />artist,<br />
  41. remember:<br />every startup needs at least a<br />developer,<br />artist,<br />marketer,<br />
  42. remember:<br />every startup needs at least a<br />developer,<br />artist,<br />marketer,<br />system admin and<br />
  43. remember:<br />every startup needs at least a<br />developer,<br />artist,<br />marketer,<br />systemadminand<br />legal advisor!<br />
  44. WHAT‘s MORE…<br />
  45. MANAGE YOUR TIMEyou have 90sec<br />
  46. we recommend…<br />
  47. introduction 15sec<br />
  48. introduction 15sec<br />problem30sec<br />
  49. introduction 15sec<br />problem30sec<br />vision30sec<br />
  50. introduction 15sec<br />problem30sec<br />vision30sec<br />requirments 15sec<br />
  52. „there is no point in trying to close the deal if the audience doesn’t understand what you are talking about and why they should care.”<br />Chris O’Leary<br />
  53. be concise<br />An effective elevator pitch contains<br />as few words as possible and does not go into <br />too much unnecessary detail.<br />
  54. „while you no doubt love, are fascinated by, and are passionate about what you are doing and could spend hours talking about it, most people aren’t like you. ”<br />Chris O’Leary<br />
  55. your pitch should be clearrather than being filled with …<br />MBA-speak<br />acronyms<br />ten-dollar words<br />
  56. an effective elevator pitch <br />can be understood by<br />your grandparents too.<br />
  57. be consistent<br />one message, one story.<br />
  58. APPEARANCE<br />dress as usualand <br />feel yourself comfortable<br />
  59. be confident<br />have fun<br />show passion<br />show integrity<br />YOUR ATTITUDE<br />
  60. EXAMPLE<br />
  61. watch a few example elevator pitches <br />hereisone.<br />
  62. testyourpitch<br />readmypitch?<br />
  63. keep your eyes shut while <br />someone reads your text out loud<br />
  64. how did you feel? <br />what did you imagine?<br />did you stumble? <br />I like<br />
  65. question<br />canyou do an elevatorpitch?<br />
  66. email me: andreas@starteurope.at<br />Questions?<br />
  67. Check out ourother Products<br />http://www.starteurope.at<br />