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corporate gifting and promotions with respect to wriitng instruments

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corporate gifting and promotions with respect to wriitng instruments

  2. 2. GGRREEAATTEERR NNOOIIDDAA ((UUPP)) –– 220011330066Executive SummaryIn the present era of businesses constantly competing with one another there has to be some waythe corporate have to stand out of the crowed from others so in this scenario corporate giftingand promotions is one of the way out. These gifting and promotions play a crucial role inreminding consumers of their presence and also help in the brand recall which is an importantaspect for any corporate to exist. Corporate gifting and promotions has become quite ppooppuullaarr iinntthhee rreecceenntt ttiimmeess ssiinnccee ccoommppaanniieess aallwwaayyss llooookk ffoorr wwaayyss ttoo oobblliiggee tthheeiirr ccoonnssuummeerrss.. TThheessee ppllaayy aaccrruucciiaall rroollee iinn bbrriiddggiinngg bboouunnddaarriieess aanndd eennaabbllee bbrraannddss ttoo ccoommmmuunniiccaattee wwhhaatt tthheeyy wwaanntt ttoo,, ttoo oonneeaannootthheerr..TThhee pprreesseenntt rreeppoorrtt tthhrroowwss ssoommee lliigghhtt oonn wwhhaatt aarree tthhee ccuurrrreenntt ttrreennddss iinn tthhee ggiiffttiinngg sseeggmmeennttss aannddaallssoo oonn tthhee ccoorrppoorraattee pprroommoottiioonnss.. IItt aallssoo mmeennttiioonnss tthhee mmeetthhooddoollooggyy aaddoopptteedd iinn oorrddeerr ttoo ccoonndduucctttthhiiss rreesseeaarrcchh.. IInn tthhee bbeeggiinnnniinngg iitt ttaallkkss aabboouutt tthhee vvaarriioouuss ooppttiioonnss aavvaaiillaabbllee iinn tthhee ggiiffttiinngg sseeggmmeenntt..IItt tthheenn tthhrroowwss ssoommee lliigghhtt oonn tthhee eevvoolluuttiioonn ooff wwrriittiinngg iinnssttrruummeennttss.. AAllssoo iitt ddeessccrriibbeess tthhee ffoouunnttaaiinnppeennss aanndd bbaallll ppeennss aavvaaiillaabbllee nnooww.. TThheenn iitt aallssoo ttaallkkss aabboouutt tthhee ccoommppeettiittoorrss iinn tteerrmmss ooff wwrriittiinnggiinnssttrruummeennttss aavvaaiillaabbllee iinn tthhee mmaarrkkeett.. IItt aallssoo ttaallkkss aabboouutt tthhee ttrreennddss iinn tthhee ccoorrppoorraattee pprroommoottiioonnss aannddtthhee mmaajjoorr sseeaassoonnss wwhheenn tthheessee pprroommoottiioonnss ttaakkee ppllaaccee aalloonngg wwiitthh ssoommee ssaalleess ffiigguurreess aannaallyyssiiss.. IIttllooookkss iinnttoo tthhee vvaarriioouuss ooppttiioonnss wwhhiicchh aarree aavvaaiillaabbllee iinn tthhee ggiiffttiinngg sseeggmmeenntt ii..ee.. LLuuxxoorr EExxpprreessssiioonnssaanndd PPaarrkkeerr CCeelleebbrraannttiioonnss,, aallssoo iitt sshhoowwss ooffff ooff tthhee bbooxxeess aanndd vvaarriioouuss ccoommbbiinnaattiioonnss ooff ggiiffttiinnggssoolluuttiioonnss aavvaaiillaabbllee bbyy LLuuxxoorr aanndd PPaarrkkeerr ggrroouupp.. TThhee rreeppoorrtt sshhoowwss tthhee vvaarriioouuss ccrreeaattiivvee‟‟ss wwhhiicchhhhaavvee bbeeeenn eeiitthheerr aapppprroovveedd oorr ssuuggggeesstteedd ttoo vvaarriioouuss bbrraanndd wwhhiicchh aarree tthhee cclliieennttss ooff LLuuxxoorr wwrriittiinnggiinnssttrruummeennttss..TThheerree iiss aannaallyyssiiss ddoonnee aatt tthhee eenndd ooff tthhee pprroojjeecctt wwiitthh ssoommee bbaarr ggrraapphhss aanndd ssoommee ssaalleess ffiigguurreess..TThhee iissssuueess tthhaatt ccaammee aalloonngg wwhhiillee ccoonndduuccttiinngg tthhiiss rreeppoorrtt hhaavvee aallssoo bbeeeenn ddiissccuusssseedd.. TThhee vvaarriioouussiissssuueess ffoorr tthhee bbrraanndd hhaass aallssoo bbeeeenn ddiissccuusssseedd.. TThhee llaasstt ppaarrtt ddeeaallss wwiitthh ssuuggggeessttiioonnss aannddrreeccoommmmeennddaattiioonnss tthhaatt II ccoouulldd ccoommee uupp wwiitthh dduurriinngg tthhee tteerrmm ooff mmyy rreeppoorrtt..
  3. 3. Table of ContentTOPIC Page No.CHAPTER – 1ObjectiveLimitationsCHAPTER – 2Research Methodology2.1 Research Process2.2 ScopeCHAPTER – 3Introduction3.1 Product line for Gifting3.2 Evolution of Writing Instruments3.3 Brief History Of LUXORChapter – 44.1 Competitors Of Luxor4.2 Gifting Segments of Luxor1.Luxor Expressions4.3 Parker Celebrations4.4 Corporate Promotions by ClientsChapter – 5Findings And Analysis5.1 Sales Analysis5.2 Conclusion and recommendation5.3 Bibilography
  4. 4. Sample- Certificate of Training(on the letter head of the company duly signed by the authorities)TO WHOMSOEVER IT MAY CONCERNThis is to certify that Ms. Swati Sharma of MBA 08 batch from Army Institute of Management& Technology, Greater Noida has undergone Summer Internship Project in our organization. Herproject title was „Corporate Gifting and Promotions with respect to wrting instruments‟,supervised under Mr. Vikas Maan (Industry Mentor/ Guide) from 4thJune 2012 to 18thJuly2012. His/ her conduct and effort during the Internship is highly appreciable.Name- Mr. Vikas MaanSignatureDesignationSupervisor Certificate
  5. 5. This is to certify that Swati Shama student of Master of Business Administration, Batch –MBA08, Army Institute Management & Technology, Greater Noida, has successfullycompleted his project under my supervision.During this period, he worked on the project titled “Corporate Gifting and Promotionswith respect to writing instruments” in partial fulfillment for the award of the degree ofMaster of Business Administration of GGSIP University, Delhi.To the best of my knowledge the project work done by the candidate has not beensubmitted to any university for award of any degree. His performance and conduct hasbeen good.(Signature)Prof Anand RaiAIMT-Gr. NoidaDate: 20th July 2012Certificate of OriginalityI, Ms. Swati Sharma, Roll No.______________ of MBA 08 batch of Army Institute ofManagement & Technology has undergone a Summer Internship in Luxor Pvt. Ltd. for a
  6. 6. duration of Six weeks on a project title “Corporate Gifting and Promotions with Respect towriting instruments”, hereby declare that this project is my original piece of work.Signature of the student:Student Name: Swati SharmaDate:20thJuly 2012
  7. 7. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTNo task however small can be completed can be completed without proper encouragement. In this Iam greatly indebted to Mr.Ankur Sharma and Prof. Anand Rai for being of immense help to me andguiding me on the right track and giving constructive suggestions during my entire internship. Merewords will not be sufficient to thank them who not only stimulated the idea of undertaking thisproject, but also interacted with me frequently giving me valuable advice at various stages of work.My heartiest thanks goes out to all the people whom I contacted, for their cooperation andresponsiveness; namely Mr. Krishna Baral, Mr. Umesh Kumar and many other people. I would alsolike to take this opportunity for thanking Mr.Vikas Maan for giving me this opportunity to beassociated with Luxor writing instruments.Finally I would like to be grateful to all those who directly or indirectly have been of great help andobliged me with their support and have helped me in converting this well thought out plan into afinely polished Project.
  8. 8. PREFACEThis Report will help to study the corporate gifting market as well as promotions with respect towriting instruments with respect to LUXOR writing instruments. In this report we will study aboutthe various corporate gifting options which are available in the market and also have an in-depthanalysis of their demand over the past four to five years. This would eventually help the company towork more closely on their gifting segments and get a closer view on how their products are doingfor the promotional purposes in the market.This report includes history, options, combinations of gifting items for their two gifting segments ofLuxor Expressions and Parker Celebration. The report also gives an analysis along with graphs forthe two gifting segments of Luxor and Parker and also for the promotions the analysis has been givenout elaboratively. The report also gives out pictures of the various creative work presented by Luxorto many of its clients for their Promotions and also the option for Luxor expressions and Parkercelebration.
  9. 9. CHAPTER – 1ObjectiveThe study will throw light on how people are moving from the traditional forms of gifting to a moremodern outlook and also how companies take into promotional gifting in order to increase their sale.It also talks about the positioning of Luxor writing instruments where Luxor as a brand stands in thecurrent market scenario, the current trends in the gifting industry and the way ahead. The objectivesinclude:To determine consumer preference with respect to pen brands.To understand buying behavior of consumer.To determine the main reason for people preferring the brandLiterature ReviewCorporate gifting and promotions are an important tool in marketing communication. Inthe corporate world, gift giving can be a double-edge sword (Pachter, 1995). If usedproperly, they provide company with valuable means of strengthening the relationshipswith its key customers and employees, creating goodwill, fostering new relationships andpromoting the company‟s business. A properly timed and appropriate gifts is one of thebest ways of conveying the important messages that relationship matters (Davis, 1996).Gift giving is a complicated business and can itself be a form of art as shown bynumerous rules, tips, and guidelines offered in the literature (for Example, Pachter; 1995,Davis, 1996; Campbell, 1997; Feder , 1998; Gines, 1998; Speer, 2000; Taylor 2003).Although gifts and incentives are generally perceived as Sales promotion and ConsumerPromotion tools they should be used as an integral part of marketing communication mixto synergise and support promotional activities. Verbal communication is forgotten butGifts with company‟s logo on them form a reminder of your company, which may tipbusiness decisions in your favour (Axtell, 1990). As companies become increasinglyaware of the importance of developing and maintaining long term relationship with theircustomers, corporate gifts can help motivate those who sell and build relationships withimportant customers. The corporate gift can be anything ranging from stationary to an allinclusive holiday for two. The type of gifts used is limited only by imagination. A giftgiven as a corporate gesture in recognition of business conducted or as a part of businessto business promotions while incentives are products or schemes perceived to berelatively high value and typically used to reward staff or long standing businesscustomers.
  10. 10. 1.1 LIMITATIONSThe analytical study emphasizes on the promotion and gifting industry of the corporate with respectto writing instruments. Data released by the pen industry on production and consumption etc. of pensis not very reliable because of the inhabitant characteristics of maintaining secrecy by the industry sothat they may not be exposed to the Government and General Public. Also, since Luxor was thecompany that I was interning in the major part of the report is based on the information gatheredfrom Luxor. Application of sophisticated methods is not possible because of the lack of resourcesand limitation of time. Since, the conclusion drawn are based on limited data, they remain subject tomodifications and corrections.CHAPTER- 2Research MethodologyResearch methodology is to teach and save knowledge from fossilization; such a step helpsnot only in growth but also facilitating solutions to the burning issues. As an independentdiscipline, it helps provide solutions to the existing problems. It is however necessary toevolve and shape methodical tools, designs and techniques to improve quality. If themarketing strategies are good and effective it will help to sell the product in an effectivemanner to reach each and every part of the country, especially penetrating into areas where itis a problem reaching out to.In order to carry out the research I have studied primary data and used some secondarysources as well:1. Primary Data
  11. 11.  Personal Interview2. Secondary Data Internet Office presentations Magazines Brouchers and Catalogues2.1 Research ProcessThe present research study is descriptive cum analytical type of a study. The major purpose ofthis research is to find description of the state of affairs as it exists at present in the contextgifting and promotions with respect to writing instruments in India. The facts and information‟salready available has also been used.A brief overview on the research process of the present study is as follows:
  12. 12. 1) Research Problem- The present research is about the corporate gifting and promotionsindustry with respect to writing instruments. An understanding about the topic could bedeveloped while researching on the topic. Also, along the numerous discussions held withcolleagues, officials and industry experts. I was acquainted with the problem through thereview of conceptual and empirical literature available at the company.2) Hypothesis – N/A3) Research Design – The present study concentrates on the gifting and promotions withrespect to writing instruments so in order to study that the design that suits therequirement of the present study. The design consisted of the various writing instrumentsluxury corporate gifting items.4) Research Instrument – For the collection of information I studied various articles onlineabout the gifting market in India. Also, I spoke to few of the industry experts, employeesand colleagues who made me understand about the subject and about the importance ofsubject in the corporate industry.5) Sample Design – The study was carried out in Delhi. It has covered several brands inorder to understand their gifting segments. The main emphasis being laid on Luxorwriting instruments situated in South Delhi since this was the company that I interned in.6) Sampling Procedure – The sampling procedure used is random, keeping in mind that allbrands in consideration are given due importance.7) Collection of Data – For the study both Primary as well as Secondary data was collected.Primary data was collected through Interviewing. Secondary Data was collected throughonline portals, online forums, magazine and websites, etc.8) Analysis of Data – The data collected has been codified and tabulated. Relevantrelationship has been established and analyzed. The analysis of data helped in studyingthe trends in the markets. Besides that various problems which came in way of marketingwere identified. The data had been interpreted to arrive to certain conclusions. Theproblems identified and the suggested solutions have also been evolved on the basis ofdata, various statistical methods and techniques applied for interpretation of the data.Finally an attempt was made to give a shape to the study in the form of report.
  13. 13. 2.2 ScopeThe study will help to identify the large unexplored Gifting market in the pen industry. It will help togive an insight about the kinds of products available in the market for the gifting solutions. It willalso put light on the marketing of this industry as in the past this industry has not been paid so muchstress to in terms of the marketing. A multidimensional approach is proposed to put in application toanalyze the respective area. The study aims at making efforts to suggest the upcoming options interms of the gifting category of writing instruments. It also provide insights into the specific time ofthe year when gifting is popular and the seasons when people prefer buying the gifting items.
  14. 14. CHAPTER - 3INTRODUCTIONTodays corporate world strives on relationships and networking. In order to stand out and makeyour presence felt, gifts are among the easiest and most accessible options. Most corporate giftsare embellished with the name, tagline and logo of their company, helping them increase theirbrand value. The gifting industry in India is of about 12000 crores and it is growing at a 20-25percent annually. According to market experts now people are keeping the profile of therecipient in mind while choosing from the variety of options. The gifts given should have a„wow‟ factor attached so that it could be discussed at home or office of the recipient.Only then will it stand out of the clutter and will there be a Brand recall. Financial sector andPharma companies lead when it comes to gifting. Financial firms and Pharma companies arevery generous when it comes to gifting budgets. Also, multinationals fast moving consumergoods (FMCG) companies are very generous with their gifting budgets.Gone are the days when formal gifts were limited to flower bouquets. Every year, the size ofIndias corporate gift market grows. Companies are going out of the way to lure both, theiremployees and business associates. To capitalize on this lucrative business opportunity, giftmanufacturers introduce innovative gifts in the market. With increasing demand, comes the needfor innovative designs. Whilst designing gifts, the Indian culture must be kept in mind.""Apart from building the corporate identity of a company, corporate gifting is a great way toexpress appreciation and gratitude." Corporate gifting helps enhance goodwill. However, wedont measure the level of our relation with the client after corporate gifting. It is an expressionof our appreciation for the work done. And after all, who doesnt enjoy receiving gifts! One hasto make sure that the gifts are chosen carefully. Typically, small silver Ganesha idols or similarauspicious items". Much thought and time has to go into corporate gifting and all the companiesseem to be hitting the search button to gift it right.My project covers the various forms of obliging the existing customers to a company or even thepotential ones. Through this project I would like to throw some light on the trends in thecorporate gifting markets as well as the buying pattern (particularly writing instruments) ofvarious companies for promotional purposes. The idea is to show how companies go aboutregistering themselves in the mind of consumers, how they are reaching out to their customersand striving to be different, how they are competing against each other and yet standing out inthe crowed. It aims to show how big the industry is and in what all segments does it deal withrespect to corporate gifting and promotion of writing instruments.
  15. 15. In India we believe in gifting on almost every occasion for the simple reason that we have afestival for almost every region and religion. The gifting industry takes sole advantage of this bycreating specialized gift items for most of the occasions and hence, attracting the customers.According to reports there is an increase of about 30 to 40 percent in the spending for the giftingitems during the Diwali season. Talking about the year 2011, this year India Inc. is very upbeatas far as gifting is concerned. Although the trend varies from one sector to another, on anaverage corporate have hiked their gifting budget by 30-40 per cent," said a senior marketingperson from myntra.com , a corporate gifting site.Promotions is another way of reaching out to the customers. Its is a marketing term used todescribe all marketing communications activities and includes personal selling, sales promotion,public relations, direct marketing, trade fairs and exhibitions, advertising and sponsorship. It isan element of marketing mix which is entirely responsible for communicating the marketingproposition. Like Mc Donald‟s is about community, food and enjoyment. Audi is about thedriver experience and technology. Promotions are generally carried out to boost the sales ofproduct or service. Under this project I will be covering about Trade Promotion and ConsumerPromotion which are used by companies to attract their customers.Trade Promotion is a marketing technique aimed at increasing the demand for products in retailstores based on special pricing, display fixtures, demonstrations; value added bonuses, noobligation gifts and more. Companies utilize trade promotions to increase product visibility
  16. 16. 3.1 Product line in giftingThough the concept of corporate and promotional gifting is on an all-time high, the product lineis constantly changing. "For decades now, the most common material used to make corporategifts has been leather there have been a few changes in the recent times though. Folders, visitingcard holders, planners, diaries, bags, traditional gold and silver plated coins are generally indemand during diwali time, idols of god n goddesses are ranked amongst one of the most solditems. Innovative gifts with utility value are also in high demand. We see the trends of giving:Personalized Photo Coffee Mugs- Print Photos, Pictures, Images, Graphics or anydesign on the coffee mugs. Magic Mugs, Night glow Mugs, Two tone mugs, AnimalHandle mugs, etc.T-shirts Embroidered or Printed- Polo‟s, Collar, Round Neck, Sports, Fleece (SweatShirts)Jackets Customized with Embroidery/Printing- Wind Cheaters, Formals, Reversible‟s,Telson, and Microfiber.Promotional Caps- Cotton, Denim, Corduroy, Baseball, Sports, Hats, Visors & OtherHeadwear.Bags & Backpacks Embroidered/Printed with Logo- Laptop Bag, Computer Bag,Backpack, Strolley, Trolley, Gym Bags, Executive, and Travel.Custom Pens- Branded Pens, Metal Pens, Wooden Pens, Plastic Pens, Eco- FriendlyPens.Customized Watches- Branded Watches or Unbranded Watches at Low Cost.Tea/ Coffee Mugs Printed or Engraved- Ceramic, Bone China, Steel & Flasks.Imported Gifts- Decorative & UtilityMomentos, Cups and Trophies- Wooden Plaques, Piano finish Rubber woodmementos, Brass Trophies, Acrylic Trophies.The current trend of gifting has also veered from the traditional giftsWriting instrumentscustom gift hampers
  17. 17. photo framescandle standschocolatescakestable topsperfumeswatchescandle standsHigh-end corporate firm‟s gift:mobile phoneslaptopsI-podsBut what I came to know during the internship was that technology rather gets obsolete becauseof which people avoid giving gifts with high end technologies attached with it.Process Of Marking these Gifts:1. Printing2. Engraving/ Embossing3. Embroidery
  18. 18. 3.2 Evolution Of Writing InstrumentsThe history of writing instruments by which humans have recorded and conveyed thoughts,feelings and grocery lists, is the history of civilization itself. This is how we know the story ofus, by the drawings, signs and words we have recorded.The cave mans first inventions were the hunting club (not the auto security device) and thehandy sharpened-stone, the all-purpose skinning and killing tool. The latter was adapted into thefirst writing instrument. The cave man scratched pictures with the sharpened-stone tool onto thewalls of his cave dwelling. The cave drawings represented events in daily life such as theplanting of crops or hunting victories.With time, the record-keepers developed systematized symbols from their drawings. Thesesymbols represented words and sentences, but were easier and faster to draw and universallyrecognized for meaning. The discovery of clay made portable records possible (you cant carry acave wall around with you). Early merchants used clay tokens with pictographs to record thequantities of materials traded or shipped. These tokens date back to about 8,500 B.C. With thehigh volume of and the repetition inherent in record keeping, pictographs evolved and slowlylost their picture detail. They became abstract-figures representing sounds in spokencommunication. The alphabet replaced pictographs between 1700 and 1500 B.C. in the Sinaiticworld. The current Hebrew alphabet and writing became popular around 600 B.C. About 400B.C. the Greek alphabet was developed. Greek was the first script written from left to right.From Greek followed the Byzantine and the Roman (later Latin) writings. In the beginning, allwriting systems had only uppercase letters, when the writing instruments were refined enoughfor detailed faces, lowercase was used as well (around 600 A.D.)The earliest means of writing that approached pen and paper as we know them today wasdeveloped by the Greeks. They employed a writing stylus, made of metal, bone or ivory, to placemarks upon wax-coated tablets. The tablets made in hinged pairs, closed to protect the scribesnotes. The first examples of handwriting (purely text messages made by hand) originated inGreece. The Grecian scholar, Cadmus invented the written letter - text messages on paper sentfrom one individual to another.Writing was advancing beyond chiseling pictures into stone or wedging pictographs into wet clay.The Chinese invented and perfected Indian Ink. Originally designed for blacking the surfaces ofraised stone-carved hieroglyphics, the ink was a mixture of soot from pine smoke and lamp oilmixed with the gelatin of donkey skin and musk. The ink invented by the Chinese philosopher,Tien-Lcheu (2697 B.C.), became common by the year 1200 B.C. Other cultures developed inksusing the natural dyes and colors derived from berries, plants and minerals. In early writings,different colored inks had ritual meaning attached to each color.
  19. 19. The invention of inks paralleled the introduction of paper. The earlyEgyptians, Romans, Greeks and Hebrews, used papyrus andparchment papers. One of the oldest pieces of writing on papyrusknown to us today is the Egyptian "Prisse Papyrus" which dates backto 2000 B.C. The Romans created a reed-pen perfect for parchmentand ink, from the hollow tubular-stems of marsh grasses, especiallyfrom the jointed bamboo plant. They converted bamboo stems into aprimitive form of fountain pen. They cut one end into the form of apen nib or point. A writing fluid or ink filled the stem, squeezing thereed forced fluid to the nib. By 400 A.D. a stable form of inkdeveloped, a composite of iron-salts, nutgalls and gum, the basicformula, which was to remain in use for centuries. Its color whenfirst applied to paper was a bluish-black, rapidly turning into a darkerblack and then over the years fading to the familiar dull brown colorcommonly seen in old documents. Wood-fiber paper was invented in China in 105 A.D. but it onlybecame known about (due to Chinese secrecy) in Japan around 700 A.D. and brought to Spain by theArabs in 711 A.D. Paper was not widely used throughout Europe until paper mills were built in thelate 14th century.The writing instrument that dominated for the longest period in history (over one-thousand years) was the quill pen. Introduced around 700 A.D., the quill is a pen made from a birdfeather. The strongest quills were those taken from living birds in the spring from the five outer leftwing feathers. The left wing was favored because the feathers curved outward and away when usedby a right-handed writer. Goose feathers were most common; swan feathers were of a premium gradebeing scarcer and more expensive. For making fine lines, crow feathers were the best, and then camethe feathers of the eagle, owl, hawk and turkey.Quill pens lasted for only a week before it wasnecessary to replace them. There were other disadvantages associated with their use, including alengthy preparation time. The early European writing parchments made from animal skins, requiredmuch scraping and cleaning. A lead and a ruler made margins. To sharpen the quill, the writer neededa special knife (origins of the term "pen-knife".) Beneath the writers high-top desk was a coal stove,used to dry the ink as fast as possible.
  20. 20. 3.3Brief History of LUXORAbout Owner of Luxor:Founded in 1963 by Mr. D.K Jain, the Luxor Group has emerged as an undisputed market leaderin the writing instruments industry- both in India and abroad. During the journey spanning nearlydecades, the group has relentlessly pursued an upward growth path and a long term goal ofbuilding globally acclaimed, well diversified conglomerate is turning into reality.History of LuxorWhat started as a small venture in the crowded lanes of old Delhi, has evolved into India‟s No. 1manufacturer and exporter of writing instruments- operating 10 state-of- the art facilities inNCR- Delhi and Mumbai and producing more than one million pens a day. Today, Luxorproducts enjoy unrivalled patronage not only in India but in more than 75 countries across theworld. In a survey conducted in 2004, Luxor has been declared an Indian Super brand, the onlycompany in the writing instruments industry to be bestowed this honor. In the five decades sinceits inception, the Luxor Group has been continuously raising the bar in technological competenceand gaining recognition as a leader and innovator.Under Mr. D.K Jain‟s able guidance, the company started producing home-grown Indian pensusing backward integration and leveraging the most advanced technologies. The Group currentlymanufactures the wide array of writing instruments, stationery and accessories- catering to anextensive range of customers with the diverse preferences. The Luxor brand is registeredtrademark in more than 120 countries and belongs to an exclusive club of top 101 brands hailingfrom various industry segments in India.The Luxor Group pioneered fiber-tip and roller ball pens in India way back in 1975- creativeinnovations which instantly caught users fancy for their superior performance, great convenienceand distinct style. In 1982, the company joined hands with Pilot Corporation of Japan and boughtthe Pilot „hi-tec‟ needle point pens in India. Another major breakthrough came in 1986 as Luxorintroduced permanent markers, dry safe ink markers and fluorescent highlighters to address thediverse requirements of it global clientele. The company offers a dazzling array of products tomeet the sketching, drawing and coloring needs of Junior citizens.
  21. 21. Luxor AchievementsOver the years, the Luxor group has been bestowed numerous awards and certifications forQuality, innovation and product design. The group lays great Research and Development tobring the best writing solutions to its vast customer base while leveraging cutting-edgetechnologies and best industry practice to enhance product, quality and performance. Luxorunfailing commitment to quality has been further endorsed by a series of ISO certificationswhich ensure flawless compliance with international standards. The company also takes greatestpossible care to ensure the safety, health and welfare of staff and the communities living aroundthe facilities. Luxor‟s fundamental purpose is to cherish the vision of growth in established andnew domains and foster sustainable and integrated growth. With an impressive past and powerfulpresent to guide forward, the Luxor Group is all set to build upon its achievements in the yearsahead.Brands under Luxor UmbrellaLuxorParkerPilotWatermanLuxor NanoDufold
  22. 22. 4.1 Luxor Competitors1. ReynoldsG.M pens International Pvt. Ltd. Is the exclusive licensee of Reynolds, France, in Indiaand SAARC countries headquartered in Chennai . G.M. Pens has pioneered the writinginstrument revolution in the Indian Market. Commencing operations in 1986, G.M.introduced in India international Quality writing instruments, and marketed them underthe brand name of Reynolds. It is also the first company to build a brand in a categorythat behaved more like a commodity till then. Over the last 20 years G.M. Pens hasinvested substantially in building a large manufacturing base with facilities in Chennaiand Pondicherry. A state of R&D facility, one of the most sophisticated in Reynoldsfamily worldwide, has ensured that the latest in writing technology is available to theIndian consumers.G.M. pens offer a wide range of writing instruments and accessories in Indian market. Avariety of writing instruments including ball pens, gel pens, fountain pens, mechanicalpencils, markers, are marketed under the brand name Reynolds. A substantial investmenthas been made in establishing the Reynolds brand name through the mass media,especially through television and press ads, in an effort to convert the category from acommodity to a brand dominated one.It is one of the major competitors of Luxor when it come of customizing pens. Here theirrotary pens which are commonly used for gifting purpose start from Rs 4250/- which istheir expensive range of pens.2. SchefieldsTheir mission is to be “The Write choice, the World over” Incorporated in 1994,Schefields Exports is today one India‟s leading manufacturers and exporters of gel pensand ballpoint pens. Schefields has grown from a modest turnover of USD 250,000 in1994 to USD 3 million in 2002. This growth has been possible through an almostfanatical focus on quality and customer service, which has won them customers aroundthe world in global writing instruments markets. Their products have been widelyaccepted because of excellence in quality and current exports cover a number of countriesaround the globe, with major markets being in USA, UK and Africa. Their specialties liein OEM which is Original Equipment Manufacturing for the world‟s top brands.
  23. 23. Their products are carefully designed to suit the requirements of customers, from valueadded features such as rubberized comfort grips for western customer to economicaldesigns for the African markets. Products are also custom designed for markets wherespecific modifications are needed to adhere to the laws such as the need for a ventilatedcaps and absence of back plugs in the United Kingdom.3. Mont BlancMont Blanc has several model of pens with Meisterstuck (fountain pens) representing thecornerstone model. Each model is slightly different, however models created after 1990have a serial number located on the ring at the top of the clip. Under the clip is theusually the words “Made in Germany” and often “Pix”. Moreover, the barrel of the penwill reveal a reddish hue under strong lighting. If the pen in question does not have theseattributes then it is quite possibly a fake.In 2009 there was a controversy which surfaced on the launch of Mahatma Gandhiimages by Swiss luxury giant Mont Blanc for a Rs 14lakn pen because the father of thenation was always known for his simplicity throughout his life. These pens are readilyavailable online for sale and give a tough competition to Waterman which is one of theluxury pens under Luxor.Mont Blanc International is a German manufacturer of writing instruments, watches andaccessories, often identified by their white star logo. The company was acquired byDunhill in 1977, following which lower price pens were dropped and brand was used ona wide range of luxury goods other then pens. Today Mont Blanc brand is on other goodsbesides pens including watches, fragrances, jewellery, leather goods and eyewear.4. Cartier PenCartier pens were launched in 2009 and they re an extended range of Pasha, Trinity andRoadster. The Maison Cartier has been creating precious objects for 150 years. Eachobject is designed respecting the three traditional values of the Maison: Creativity,authenticity and originality. From there to the present day, Cartier collections havecrossed the centuries. Each of their creation is a bears the Hallmark of Cartier along withan individually engraved number to ensure the instruments origin and authenticity. Theirwriting instruments offers incredible diversity in style, substance, and form. These pensalso compete in the luxury pens category of Parker and Waterman.
  24. 24. 5. A.T. Cross CompanyThe A.T. Cross Company is a major international manufacturer of fine writinginstruments, timepieces, and personal accessories. Cross products are sold to consumergift market through fine stores worldwide. Writing instruments. Timepieces and personalaccessories are sold to the business gift market via a network of companies specializingin recognition programs.For more than 165 years, Cross has re- invented writing instruments, combining designingenuity with jewellery quality writing instruments, and that means that they have beenmaking pens people use, depend on and enjoy for a long time.The company began with Richard Cross, who founded the company the same year boththe Smithsonian and the sewing machine were born, just as Samuel Morse‟s magnetictelegraph pushed Westward and American Braced for a war with Mexico.Their pens range starts form approx. Rs 1500 and ranges upto several lakhs in India.4. CELLOCello is a leading exporter, supplier and manufacturer of Ball pens, Gel pens and refills.The company took its first step 35 years ago as a low profile enterprise that slowly andsteadily grew to be indisputable leader in plastic industry of India. IN 1995-96, Cellocame into its own by entering a diversified and highly competitive field of writinginstruments. Cello writing instruments and containers Limited (CWICL) was born andnotable growth was achieved immediately. From a turnover of Rs 2.7 crores in 1995-96to a turnover of Rs 240 crores in 2001-02, CWICL has remained committed towardsproviding a wide range of versatile, top notch quality, state of the art components andforeign technology. From modest production of 20 lac pens per month, CWICL todayproduces 500lac pens per month.
  25. 25. 6. Rotomac pensRotomac Pvt. Limited, belonging to multi – million dollar turnover VIKRAM KOTHARIENTERPRISES was incorporated in the year 1992. The promoter and manufacturers hadconceived this project with an objective to provide good quality and economically pricedball pens in the market. Rotomac today is the leading manufacturer of writing instrumentsin lower price range and has now increased a product portfolio under its umbrella.Rotomac is committed to manufacture and supply products of consistently high andreliable quality to meet or exceed the customers‟ expectations and special needs whichconfirm to accepted international standard of quality, safety and reliability.Its products reach out to 35 countries in the world covering almost all the continents.Fountain pens, ball pens, ink pens, gel pens are the broad categories, under which onecould have several models ranging in colors, designs and packaging. All categories havea choice of blue, black, red, green ink colors.As per the current market trend the company foresees a growth of 8-10% on an annualbasis in the next 5years, coupled with introduction of new models, upgraded technology,competitive framework, planned distribution and promotions.7. Linc pensLinc is one of India‟s leading manufacturers and exporter of ball pens, gel pens, and allother stationery suppliers. Linc believes that writing instruments form an integral part ofeducation and being responsible corporate citizens, they make humble contribution to thesociety where literacy seems to be a major issue. This prompted Linc to go for corporateslogan of encouraging literacy, a very apt platform for company dealing in writinginstruments. Linc has also put forward commitments of contributing 1% of its profits forpromoting literacy drives.Their mission is to deliver innovative, user friendly and better quality products at bestvalue to the customers, keeping in mind the prosperity of the company and itsstakeholders. Their vision is to establish Linc as a global brand, known for its value,assertiveness, and acumen to adapt to the ever changing environment.
  26. 26. 4.2 GIFTINGS SEGMENTS OF LUXOR GROUP1. Luxor Expressions
  27. 27. 2. Parker Celebrations4.2.1 Luxor ExpressionsOptions for Expressions BoxesThese are the Gift boxes which have been created for the packaging of the Diwali giftingline as well as for New Year‟s or as we call the Festive season is business language byLuxor.These are transparent boxes used for the packaging of the gifting options which areshortlisted by the marketing team of Luxor group under the close guidance of the Vicepresident Miss Pooja Jain.There is an Exclusive Catalogue being prepared to market these gifting options whichmay be available at the B2B office of Luxor of at various other Exclusive outlets ofLuxor.These gifting options are few of the hot selling items from the Luxor Group.These boxes are not produced in India they are outsourced from outside India.4.2.2 Luxor Expression boxes along with Gift Combination
  28. 28. Symphony BP CT: classy metal body pen with chrome trim. A pen which combines style andelegance in a futuristic design.A stylized all metal multi utility Swiss Knife, for a perfect personal accessory. Packed in aunique metal gift box (glossy black) with a transparent moulded lid top printed in specialgold color.This is how the options look with the gifts in them. The gifts chosen are so that they have amass appeal and have more of a corporate appeal to them as they are made keeping that inmind.Mr. Vishal Sharma- General Manager Parker coated “not much of technology items areclubbed with the gifting options as technology becomes obsolete”.4.2.3 Some of the options created with High end pens
  29. 29. Star line RB CT: Practically with a dash of attitude. Special checkered pattern black body,with a chrome finish embedded clip.Some of the stylized gift options created by Luxor expression team with a unique silverfinish and an elegant gift watch with a leather strap in a modern dial. Unique metal gift box(glossy black) with transparent moulded lid top printed in special gold Color.4.2.4 Luxor pens with Gold Clip
  30. 30. As mentioned in the pen above Louis Charron is one of the exporter which supplies pens,watches and various other things to Luxor from China.These options are then created and sold in the exclusive outlets of Luxor or also throughthe corporate pitch made through the Sales officers of Luxor.The pens chosen for making these gifting categories are the ones which are fast movingand are highly demanded in the market.Since the golden color finishing is the most preferable along Indians these are also few ofthe options created as well.4.2.5 Gift combination Options for Luxor Expressions
  31. 31. Generally the above options are the ones that are used for making the Luxor Expressiongift combination along with the Luxor Pens.If we notice the above gifts are mainly the ones which are generally found on the officework desk. So it is closely studied which are the options used in an office andaccordingly the gifts are shortlisted.These are the gifts that make maximum sense when we think of making some corporategift options.Also if we notice there is a gold coin with Lord Lakshmi picture image engraved on it,these gifting combinations are majorly used during the Diwali or Pooja Season as theyare considered to be auspicious in the Indian mentality.There is also a calendar card which is displayed which is majorly used during the NewYear as it makes maximum sense to gift the calendar during the start of the New Year.Key chains is something which is an all time gift, these are either gold plated or silvercoated which are ordered according to the customers need and requirement.
  32. 32. Parker(information collected during an interview with Mr. Vishal Sharma, General Manager- Parker)Parker was founded in 1888. Their positioning is to provide ownership & provide. Their targettarget group age is generally 20years to 40 years. Their Positioning statement is “what the worldcalls upon”. Their pens are divided into two big categories Parker Premium and ParkerFunctional.Parker Premium- price range is between 750 and above.Parker Functional – price range is between 100 to 800.
  33. 33. The parker pens have an identity which is “Aero clip” – clip on the cap of the pen. The parkerpens have a strong gifting range segment. They have a consumer durable standard. The parkerpens are more identified more by people who have a masculine attitude. Parker pens understatedvalue is shown by their subtle colors and packaging.4.3 Parker Celebration Options
  34. 34. Verve and LifestyleVerve & Lifestyle are standard Parker gift box in champagne gold colour lid and BlackChiselled Bottom with suede Finish Inside. Parker Vector Stainless steel Point RollerBall Pen with Gold Trim. Versatile, Durable and Strong.Leather wallet- a Genuine leather Wallet in fine Grain Black Finish. A perfect Men‟sAccessory.Price Parker Verve - 975/-Parker Dimonite Ball Pen- Fresh, Sophisticated look with a Subtle, Futuristic Design.Makes a statement of Personal Style for young, Design-Conscious Consumer.Business Card Holder- A smart Card Holder made of Genuine Leather with MetalFittings. A must have business accessory.Price Parker Lifestyle- 1150/-4.3.1 Parker Silverline and Elantra
  35. 35. Parker Siverline and Elantra are Standard Parker gift Boxes in Champagne Gold ColourLid and Black Chiselled Bottom with suede Finish Inside.Parker Ambient Roller Ball Pen with its smart choice of high quality finish, a designthat‟s focussed on comfort, high performance functionality exquisite metal body withSilver and Gold Finish.Calculator, Note book holder & Mobile Holder an ideal companion of Modern Lifestyle.A practical combinations of Mobile Phone holder, Calculator and a notebook holder.Price Parker Elantra- 1700/-Parker Frontier Spl. Edition Roller Ball Pen- Stands on the border between FunctionalUtility and Creative Innovation. It is both conservative and forward thinking. WithStainless Steel Etched body and Ergonomic Front Section.Wrist watch- Elegant steel finish dual time wrist watch with textured Leather strap.Price Parker Silverline- 1350/-4.3.2 Parker Timeline and Mystic
  36. 36. Parker Timeline & Mystic are Special Parker gift boxes in Champagne Gold Colour to mark thespirit of festivity.Parker Beta Roller Ball pen a special world time chronograph design, writing instrument.Elegant and classy.Swiss Knife with key holder a multipurpose metallic swiss knife with key holder. Aperfect travel accessory.Price of Parker Timeline - 375/-Parker Vectoe metallix Ball pen a combination of moulded ABS barrel with contrastingchrome plated clip section. A timeless writing instrument.Diamond shape key chain Elegant Chrome and Silver Finish key holder.Price Parker Mystic- 350/-4.4 Corporate Promotions by clients
  37. 37. the above figures 4.4 we can see the creative‟s of some customized blister cards along withcustomized pens being made for 94.3 My FM and SeagramsThese options are created as per a specified brief given by the clients. And various optionsare suggested which are further sent for approval by the client. After the approval of samples,the order is received and further processed and sent to the client.Over a period of time I noticed that there was a significant number of liquor brand thatindulge into these promotions for their brands with their orders ranging upto several lakhs.
  38. 38. the above figure 4.4.3 there is a black packaging known as an executive boxwhich has been created for 100 pipers to match with the logo of the brand.In order to go with the logo there is a golden Parker Beta pen being put whichagain matches the brands logo.Such gimmicks are created only to give a boost to the brands sales. Theseactivities are performed by brands time to time in order to increase the brandrecall and also in case something new by the brand is launched into the market.The packaging is mostly created as close to the logo of the brand as much it ispossible.
  39. 39. 4.4.5 Some Other Customized pens and Blisters CardsA specialized blister card created along with the logo print on the barrel of the ParkerBeta during the merger of Star news with ABP.These creative‟s were created at them Star news was going through a revamp to ABP.Such strategy could be adopted in order to make the brands existence clearer in the mindof the consumersThis was necessary for Star news because a lot of viewers could have stopped watchingthe channel at the time its renaming process thing that the channel no more existed but bycarrying on such promotions the brands can reassure their viewers about their existence.It was indeed a strategically placed move by Star News now ABP news.Some more customized pens and Blister cards
  40. 40. 4.4.6A special edition pens created for ACC cements designed like bricks laid out to go with acustomized sleeve packing in the figure 4.4.6If we notice there are bricks which are printed on on the pens barrel as well as the cap tosignify that it‟s a cement brand and would make strong walls, along with the clinets nameprinted on the pens barrel. Also the sleeve in which the pen would be kept has the logo ofACC cement printed on the top which would be called the branding of the brand on thesleeve.The above sample is approved by the client for which order was received since the conceptwas liked by the client.These are a part of trade and consumer promotions. The companies buy these customizedpens from Luxor Parker group and provide them further to their traders, promoters andcustomers in order to accelerate their sales of goods.
  41. 41. Campus School Kit4.4.7The above figure 4.4.7 depicts the combination which was created for Campus as a partof a school activity in order to attract more children towards the brand. This is the reasona combination of pencil, scale, sharpener and eraser was created on a blister card alongwith the branding of Campus placed on the top.A special children‟s pack created for Campus shoes to cater to the school going children.If we see at the back of the blister it also mentions the content in the School pack...
  42. 42. 4.4.8 A special edition blister created for IPL matches for Aircel to add on aspark of cricket and cater to the cricket crazy fans.This was a part of the IPL matches which were played in 2012 as a part of consumerpromotion Aircel was suggested a Parker Beta pen on a customized blister card. On this
  43. 43. blister card the entire schedule of the match of mentioned at the back of the blister card.This was a part of the many other advertising strategies which were adopted by Aircel inorder to reach out to their desired customers and create a brand recall. As well as awardtheir existing loyal customers.4.4.9 Customized Executive Pack created for AircelThis was a Executive Pack created for Aircel in their logo color in order to make it look moreimpactful. This was done during the ICC World Cup 2011. The pack consisted of a number
  44. 44. of pens from Luxor. It was created to give away at some of their internal meet. There may beseasonal offers which certain companies place where in they distribute freebies along withtheir main product. This is done as a part of a particular company‟s trade and consumerpromotion.
  45. 45. CHAPTER- 5Findings & Analysis:Data presentation:1. Which type of promotional activity do you do?Type of promotional activity No. of peopleTrade Promotion 50Consumer Promotion 40Corporate Gifting 90Events 10This Graph shows that Companies mainly use corporate gifting. Corporate gifting is a veryeffective marketing communication mix. This graph shows 45% or majority of the companies0102030405060708090100Type of ActivitiesNo.OfPeopleTrade PromotionConsumer PromotionCorporate giftingEvents
  46. 46. use corporate gifting. 25% use trade promotion, 20% use consumer promotion and only 5% gofor events & seminars.2. What is the frequency of doing such activities?Frequency Of Gifting No. of peopleQuarterly 24Half Yearly 36Yearly 40During festive seasons 100This Graph represents the frequency of gifting. In this graph we can see 50% of the companiesuse to gift in festive seasons. 12% use to gift quarterly, 18% use corporate gifting half yearly,and 20% do corporate gifting yearly. We can see that majority does corporate gifting in festiveseasons. So during festive seasons LWIPL should be more active and try and contact companies.020406080100120Frequency Of GiftingNo.OfPeopleQuarterlyHalf YearlyYearlyDuring Festive seasons only
  47. 47. 3. What are the budgets taken into consideration while selecting a gift option?Price Range No. of people10-1000 501000-2500 802500-5000 505000 & above 20This graph represents the price range of the gifts (per piece). In this graph we can see thatmajority i.e. 40% of the companies have their price range in 1000-2500. 25% each in the rangeof 0-1000 and 2500-5000, and 10% goes for the gifts costs 5000 and above. It means thatmajority of the consumers prefer to buy gifts between.0-10001000-25002500-50005000&above01020304050607080BudgetNo.ofPeopleThis graph shows the budgets company prefer.0-10001000-25002500-50005000&above
  48. 48. 4. What is the reason for the purchase of Pens?Reason for purchase No. of peoplePersonal Use 28Gifting 172This study observes that companies buy pens for the personal use as well as gifting. The majorityof the people that is 86% buy pens for the purpose of gifting and 14% people buy premium pensfor personal use i.e. to use in the office. So marketer should notice on the attractive packaging ofpens that will helpful in to increase the sales for gifting purpose.Pesonal UseGifting020406080100120140Reason Of PurchaseNo.ofPeoplePesonal UseGifting
  49. 49. 5. What are the factors that influence you in making the purchase?Factors influence to buy pens No. of RespondentsAdvertisements 28Past Experiences 74Discounts 46others 52This graph represents the factors influence to buy premium pens. From this graph we can see that37% of the companies are influenced by their past experience. Only 14% are influenced by theadvertisements, 23% are influenced by discounts offered by the companies and 26% areinfluenced by other factors such as viral marketing. So a company should focus on the quality inthe product as well as services.01020304050607080Factors influence to buy premium pensNo.OfPeopleAdvertisementPast experienceDiscountothers
  50. 50. 6. What is more important to you at the time of making the purchase ?Features of pens No. of RespondentsQuality 74Visual Effects 126This graph represents the effect of features of the pens on the clients. In this Pie chart we can seemajority i.e. 63% of the companies is attracted by the visual effects and 37% are attracted by thequality. As the main purpose if the premium pens is gifting so it is necessary that the pen shouldlook beautiful and attractive.Features of the pen.QualityVisual Effects
  51. 51. 8. What is you perception towards Parker and Luxor pens?Perception to possess premium pens No. of RespondentsStatus 72Aspiration 58Personality 46Advanced Quality 24This graph shows the perception of the people towards gifting or buying the p arker andLuxor pens. 36% of the companies think that the Parker and Luxor pens symbolize thestatus. And 29% buy it because of aspiration, 23% think it enhances the personality and12% are quality sensitive.01020304050607080Perception to gifting premium pensNo.OfPeopleGraph showing the perception of peolpe towards gifting Premium pens.StatusAspirationPersonalityAdvanced Quality
  52. 52. 9. What type of Pens do you prefer?Type of premium pens No. of RespondentsBall Pens 53Fountain Pens 69Roller Ball 78The above chart shows that in the type of pens companies prefer to buy i.e. ball pens, fountainpens and roller pens. 26.5% of the companies go for ball pens, 34.5% go for fountain pens and39% go for roller ball.Types of Premium PensBall PenFountain PenRoller Ball
  53. 53. 10. Which brand of pen do you prefer to buy for gifting?Most preferred Brand No. of RespondentsWaterman 47Parker 39Cross 32Schefields 30Mont blanc 52This study shows that in all the categories Mont blanc is most preferable brand for gifting andthen Parker and Waterman followed by Cross and Schefields. In the gifting category 26% peoplelike Mont Blanc and 40% people like Waterman and Parker premium that are marketed by LuxorWriting Instruments Pvt. Ltd. in India.0102030405060Most Preferred BrandNo.ofPeopleDiagram showing which is the most preferred brand.WatermanParker premiumCrossSheafferMont blanc
  54. 54. SALES ANALYSIS FOR PARKER CELEBRATIONS FOR PAST 4 YEARSParker CelebrationsYear/MonthsQty.ofboxes Year/MonthQty. ofBoxes2008-09 2009-10April- June 8754 April- June 4156July- Sept. 5242 July- Sept. 1733Oct. - Dec 2971 Oct. - Dec 3556Jan. - March 701Jan. -March 766Grand Total 17668 Grand Total 10211Year/MonthQty. ofBoxes Year/MonthQty. ofBoxes2010-11 2011-12April- June 2295 April- June 7000July- Sept. 2098 July- Sept. 538Oct. - Dec 2603 Oct. - Dec 1166Jan. -March 1110Jan. -March 0Grand Total 8106 Grand Total 8704In the above sales figures for Parker Celebrations it can be seen maximum sales took place inthe year 2008-2009. While analyzing the data for the year 2008-2009 quarterly it can be seenthat the first quarter which was from April 2009 to June 2010 maximum sales took place.In the year 2009-2010 the maximum sales took place in April- June which is also the firstQuarter and at the second place is the third quarter which is Oct. - Dec. this is the peakseason for the sales of gift items because of the Pooja as well as Diwali.In the year 2010-2011 the maximum sales again happened in the first quarter from April2010 – June 2010 and the second highest being the third quarter from Oct. 2010 – Dec. 2010again this being because of the Diwali season as well as the New Year‟s.In the third year the maximum sales again happened in the first quarter from April 2011 -June 2010 and the second highest being third quarter from Oct. 2011 – Dec. 2011 which isthe festive season again.
  55. 55. SCATTER DIAGRAM FOR PARKER CELEBRATION SALES for year2008-09 & 2009-10020004000600080001000012000140001600018000200002008-09 April-JuneJuly-Sept.Oct. -DecJan. -MarchGrandTotalParker Celebrations Qty.Parker Celebrations Qty.0200040006000800010000120002009-10 April- June July- Sept. Oct. - Dec Jan. - MarchGrand TotalAxisTitleQty.Qty.
  56. 56. SCATTER DIAGRAM FOR PARKER CELEBRATION SALES for year2010-11 & 2011-1201000200030004000500060007000800090002010-11 April- June July- Sept. Oct. - Dec Jan. - March Grand TotalQty.Qty.020004000600080001000012000140002011-12 April- June July- Sept. Oct.- Dec Jan.- March Grand TotalQty.Qty.
  57. 57. SALES ANALYSIS FOR LUXOR EXPRESSION FOR 4 YEARSLuxorExpressionsYear/ MonthQty. ofBoxes Year/MonthQty. ofBoxes2008-09 2009-10April- June 0 April- June 2330July- Sept. 68 July- Sept. 3100Oct. - Dec 13046 Oct. - Dec 10982Jan. - March 1610Jan. -March 1147Grand Total 14724 Grand Total 17559Year/MonthQty. ofBoxes Year/MonthQty. ofBoxes2010-11 2011-12April- June 1000 April- June 0July- Sept. 125 July- Sept. 515Oct.- Dec 2895 Oct.- Dec 9838Jan.- March 995 Jan.- March 2161Grand Total 5015 Grand Total 12514It can be seen for the year 2008-2009 the maximum sales took place in the third quarter fromOct. 2008 – Dec 2008 which is the festive season of the year because of Diwali and PoojaSeason and the second highest sales took place in the fourth quarter from Jan 2009 – March2009 which is after the new year.In the year 2009 – 2010 which is year of maximum sales for Luxor Expression the maximumsales took place in the third quarter which is from October 2009 to December 2009 asdiscovered earlier this is the festive season which the reason why the sales accelerates duringthis season and the second highest sales took place in the first quarter which is from April2009 – June 2009.In the year 2010 – 2011 the maximum sales took place in the third quarter which is from Oct.2010 – Dec. 2010 and the second highest sales took place in the first quarter which is fromApril 2009 – June 2009.In the year 2011 – 2012 the maximum sales took place in third quarter again which is theDiwali and Pooja season which is from Oct. 2011 – Dec. 2011 and the second highest salestook place in the fourth quarter from Jan. 2012 to March 2012 which is slightly differentfrom the previous years.
  58. 58. SCATTER DIAGRAM FOR LUXOR EXPRESSION SALESFor year 2008-09 & 2009-201002000400060008000100001200014000160002008-09 April-JuneJuly-Sept.Oct. -DecJan. -MarchGrandTotalLuxor Expressions Qty.Luxor Expressions Qty.020004000600080001000012000140001600018000200002009-10 April- June July- Sept. Oct. - Dec Jan. - March Grand TotalQty.Qty.
  59. 59. SCATTER DIAGRAM FOR LUXOR EXPRESSION SALESfor year 2010-11 &2011-1201000200030004000500060002010-11 April-JuneJuly- Sept. Oct.- Dec Jan.-MarchGrandTotalQty.Qty.020004000600080001000012000140002011-12 April-JuneJuly- Sept. Oct.- Dec Jan.-MarchGrandTotalQty.Qty.
  60. 60. ANALYSIS OF SALES FOR PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES BY LUXOR-last 5 yearsPromotional Selling of pens by LuxorYear/Months Qty. Year/Months Qty.2007-08 2008-09Apr.- June. 2080773 Apr.- June. 1388406July- Sept. 2780464 July- Sept. 2754745Oct.-Dec 2164832 Oct.-Dec 1655770Jan.-March 2519676 Jan.-March 778531Grand Total 9545745 Grand Total 6577452In the above sales figures it can be seen that in the year 2007-08 maximum sales occurred inthe second quarter which is from July 2007 to Sept. 2007 and the second highest salesoccurred in the fourth quarter which was from Jan. 2008 to March 2008.In the second year in the above figures it can be seen that maximum sales again happened inthe second quarter which was from July 2008 to Sept. 2008 and the second highest salesoccurred in the third quarter which is also the festive quarter of the year from Oct. 2008 toDec. 2008.Year/Months Qty. Year/Months Qty.2009-10 2010-11Apr.- June. 1388406 Apr.- June. 3417791July- Sept. 2754745 July- Sept. 1546674Oct.-Dec 1655770 Oct.-Dec 4236929Jan.-March 778531 Jan.-March 4866794Grand Total 6577452 Grand Total 14068188In the above tabulated data it can be seen that the maximum sales occurred in the secondquarter again which is from July 2009 to Sept. 2009 and the second highest sales occurred inthe third quarter which is again the festive season of the year from Oct. 2009 to Dec. 2009.In the second table it can be seen that the maximum sales occurred in the fourth quarterwhich is from Jan. 2011 to March 2011 and the second highest sales happened in the thirdquarter from Oct. 2010 to Dec. 2010 which is also the festive season of the year.
  61. 61. In the last year of the analysis which is from 2011 to 2012 the maximum sales occurred in thefirst quarter from Apr. 2011 to June 2011 and the second highest sales occurred in the secondquarter which is from July 2011 to Sept. 2011. It can be noticed that the sales in this periodhas been quite different from the previous years in comparison. In totality it can be concluded that the maximum sales in the previous 5yearsoccurred in the second quarter because this is the time for schools and collegere-open and children and adults indulge into a lot of activities for writing andneed for pens comes to a rising point.Year/Months Qty.2011-12Apr.- June. 3377002July- Sept. 1296497Oct.-Dec 353308Jan.-March 298423Grand Total 5325230
  62. 62. SCATTER DIAGRAM SHOWING SALES FOR CORPORATEPROMOTION for year 2007-08 & 2008-09020000004000000600000080000001000000012000000Promotional Selling of pens by LuxorQty.Promotional Selling ofpens by Luxor Qty.01000000200000030000004000000500000060000007000000Qty.Qty.
  63. 63. SCATTER DIAGRAM SHOWING SALES FOR CORPORATEPROMOTION for year 2009-10 & 2010-1101000000200000030000004000000500000060000007000000Qty.Qty.0200000040000006000000800000010000000120000001400000016000000Qty.Qty.
  64. 64. SCATTER DIAGRAM SHOWING SALES FOR CORPORATEPROMOTION0100000020000003000000400000050000006000000Qty.Qty.
  65. 65. Conclusion and RecommendationLWIPL does have a market presence of being known as one of the best writinginstruments provider though in terms of gifting it does lag a little behind from itsfellow competitors which cater to the same market.Luxor does specialize in terms of customization there is no player in the marketthat can leave Luxor behind continuing on these lines Luxor should try and make astronger hold on the market by advertising and marketing more aggressively.This can be done by rolling out special offers in the festive season for which LuxorExpressions and Parker celebrations is created. Even though these gifting optionsare available in the market, the general consumer does not know much about it. Soin order for the sales to pick up there should be special provisions made to madethese gifting options readily available in the market.The awareness about LE and PC can be increased by online advertising as well asabove the line advertising, also Out of Home ads in the leading malls which is beenalready followed by Luxor should be followed more aggressively. All this will leadto further generation of revenue and expansion of the business.Also, just the way Luxor launches LE and PC every festive season there should besome promotional activity done during the summer times like some consumerinvolvement activities during the summer vacation because this is the time childrenare at home and have a lot of time. This will help in brand recall of all the productswhich are available for kids.Even in schools and college Luxor can have tie ups and sponsorships in order tohave more brand visibility which in turn pays of later on.
  66. 66. BIBILOGRAPHY1. www.google.com2. www.luxorpen.com3. www.Timesofindia.com4. Luxor Expression and Parker Celebration CataloguesBudgetsEvery company perceives corporate gifting differently. With a variety of products available, theproduct rates scale a vast range. Corporate gifting largely depends on the companys budget."Corporate gifts are usually customised according to the companys needs. Products can range fromas low Rs 15 to Rs 1000, depending on the product. A few companies gift electronic items as well,for which the prices are obviously high. The demand for wooden products is also gaining demand,"informs Sawardekar. Most corporate gift manufacturers opine that, larger the number of giftsordered, the more a company can save up on. A number of corporate banks give out bulk orderswhich are customized as per their needs. "Most companies have vast budgets, especially when givingNew Year gifts. Assorted chocolate hampers and roasted almond chocolates top the chart. A half-kilobox of assorted chocolates costs approximately Rs 480," says Pereira.