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Google Product Manager Interview Questions Answers
1) How many buses does the local transportation corporation own?
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Google product manager interview questions answers

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Google product manager interview questions answers

  1. 1. Google Product Manager Interview Questions Answers 1) How many buses does the local transportation corporation own? My Answer: Estimate what the local population is (say 100,000), and percentage who would use local transportation (say 75%). From there estimate how many major routes you have (routes to say from city A to city B/downtown/mall/universities). How many buses will be traveling those routes (taking into account when the busiest times are should have the most buses out and remember that some of these buses go both ways e.g travel from city A to city B and back to city A.) Take into account how many you can fit into a bus, you can estimate how many buses a local transportation corp could potentially own. 2)How would you handle someone who is just not doing the work, doesn’t get along with anyone, and is generally not working out? My Answer: Response to this question reflects on the individuals management and leadership style. But the candidate being interviewed should also keep in mind what company or team policy is when addressing the above issue. 3)How many bottles of shampoo are produced in the world a year? My Answer: approximate 30 million = population of Canada approximate 6 billion = World Population 23% of the world’s population is 3rd world population 2% of the world’s population don’t use shampoo b/c they are bald or use soap 25% total 25% of 30 million don’t use shampoo, use soap, are bald, or cannot afford to purchase shampoo (third world) (-7.5 million) =22.5million One bottle of Shampoo lasts approximately 2 months, giving us 6 bottles a year per person. 22.5million *6 = 133.1 million bottles in Canada 6 billion – 25% = 4.5 billion 4.5 billion *6 = 27.0 billion bottle per year  Project Manager Interview on Management Ability  Project Manager Interview on Project Management and Workplace politics  Project Manager Interview on Software Development Life Cycles  Project Manager Interview on Planning  Project Manager Interview on Workplace Politics  Project Manager Interview on Roles and Responsibilities