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Let's Program The Cloud

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The Internet becomes programmable as a single compute unit. This presentation describe how this is becoming possible, and what is needed to achieve this goal.

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Let's Program The Cloud

  1. 1. Let’s Program the Cloud Stephane Woillez Technical Sales Lead South Europe Docker Inc.
  2. 2. Back to the 1950s
  3. 3. And Today’s Technology
  4. 4. Let’s state one vision about the short term future… A programmable Internet would be the ultimate tool of mass innovation Tomorrow we will program the Cloud as one single unit
  5. 5. What do we need to achieve this goal ? API Access Application Description App Components Catalog Execution Trust
  6. 6. The application logic is executed in containers We must link heterogeneous components • PaaS services from Cloud providers • Different technologies • Various data models • Multiple programming technics Containers are the solution • Containers are ubiquitous • they are agile, meta-morphic • You can execute whatever you want in them • They are the glue that allows Cloud Programming API API API
  7. 7. A Universal Application Description • The container is a Universal compute element • Cloud Apps need to be described • This description needs to support Build and Use Introducing CNAB (Cloud Native Application Bundle) • Designed by Docker & Microsoft • Cloud Agnostic • Deliverable Apps • Signed & Secure https://cnab.io/
  8. 8. The need of a global application components directory • How to be aware about existing components ? • Should we link at Build and/or at RunTime ? • What about security and billing ? Is the Docker Hub able to implement this ? • The Docker Hub delivers images • It will evolve to something bigger • It needs to support service APIs Docker Hub ? GSD
  9. 9. Trust in execution is key to enable Cloud Programming • Trust is about 2 subjects: 1) I need to trust you to execute your code 2) Does my App do what is expected ? • Local security / Global behavior analysis • Digital identity to ensure Trust • WW Wallet / Invoicing / Charge Back • Global independent cloud monitoring • Service based performance analysis • In Code Logging/Monitoring to trace business logic
  10. 10. Putting it all together 1. API Access 2. Business Logic in Containers 3. Universal Application Description 4. Global Services Directory 5. Execution Trust & Monitoring 6. Deviancy Protection CNAB API API GSD Dev. API API
  11. 11. How to Start Programing the Cloud • Understand CNAB at: https://cnab.io/ • Start experimenting CNAB for containers with Docker Apps: https://github.com/docker/app • Deploy your first hybrid app with Duffle: https://github.com/deislabs/duffle • Experiment the CNAB integration with developer environments using Docker Desktop Enterprise at: https://goto.docker.com/Docker-Desktop- Enterprise.html CNAB DUFFLE
  12. 12. Let’s Program the Cloud Thank You !