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Knowing What YOU Want and being able to Get it

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  1. 1. Everybody has the right to self-determination — everyone is included. When we listen deeply, we enable individuals with the most significant disabilities to express their desires. Strong relationships help facilitate self- determination, which is why support networks are so important.
  2. 2. Knowing What YOU Want and being able to Get it Self-determination may be rooted in desire and may be expressed by many of the success/ motivational movements. Based on the concepts of goal setting, planning, and acquiring skills/ knowledge.
  3. 3. Determination is a positive personal character trait. A person with determination is someone who is earnest or unwavering in his or her purpose. If there is something this person wants to do, he or she will not give up easily or get distracted by something else. Some people give up too easily. If you are determined to achieve a worthwhile goal, you will reap the rewards.
  4. 4. A Definition of Self-Determination The ability to define and achieve goals based on a foundation of knowing and valuing oneself. Examples: o learning self-confidence o defending your position o problem-solving o making tough decisions o being a causal agent in one’s life
  5. 5. Self-Determination
  6. 6. Component Elements of Self-Determination Behavior o Decision-Making Skills o Problem-Solving Skills o Goal-Setting and Attainment Skills o Independence, Risk- Taking and Safety Skills o Self-Observation and Self-Evaluation Skills o Self-Reinforcement Skills o Self-Instruction Skills o Self-Advocacy and Leadership Skills o Self-Awareness o Self-Knowledge o Decision-Making Skills Wehmeyer, M.L. (1999). A functional model of self-determination: Describing developmental and implementation instruction. Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities, 14, 53-61.
  7. 7. PROCESS Teach Component Elements of Self- Determined Behavior OUTCOMES Essential Characteristics of Self- Determined Behavior
  8. 8. Relatedness Involvement Emotional support Genuine interest Empathy Competence Behaviour-outcome relations understood Structure Clear and realistic expectations Positive feedback Increasing Self-Determination Amotivation External Introjected Identified Integrated Intrinsic Regulation Regulation Regulation Regulation Regulation Autonomy Support Autonomy Provision of choice Pressure minimised Encouragement to initiate actions Autonomy Support
  9. 9. Why Practice Self-Determination Successful, self-determined persons: o understand and accept their limitations o are proactive and reduce stress o are persistent and focused on goals o use support systems o capitalize on strengths o find creative ways to compensate and problem solve
  10. 10. Applying Self-Determination to Get What You Want At school  goal setting  using school resources/persons  planning graduation (academic advisor)  planning for a career/post-graduate work  identifying and developing desired skills  At work/In life  goal setting  life-long education  career planning  financial planning  using community/ human resources  planning for family, home, retirement  planning for travel, quality time, etc.
  11. 11. Self-Determination Skills  Self knowledge  Choice making  Problem solving  Decision making  Self-advocacy or leadership  Goal setting and attainment  Independence  Risk-taking and safety  Self-regulation  Reflection (self- observation & evaluation)  Negotiation and interpersonal communication
  12. 12. A F r a m e w o r k f o r S e lf - D e t e r m in a t io n E x p e r ie n c e a n d L e a r n A c t P la n K n o w & V a lu e Y o u r s e lf Model of Self-Determination
  13. 13. Barriers to Self-Determination Barriers can be categorized into three basic types: ╬ Attitudes ╬ Limited Choices, and ╬ Lack of Experience
  14. 14. The Combination of Visualization, Determination and Resilience The combination of visualization, determination and resilience is a powerful alliance to attain results such as new products, new ventures, new organizations new processes, new inventions, new concepts and more. Together they ensure the attainment of worthwhile goals in our personal lives, in an organization, in a country and in the world as whole.
  15. 15. The Combination of Visualization, Determination and Resilience A sure way to attain your goals is to enlist three powerful forces, namely, visualization, determination and resilience.   Visualization entails the ability to cast the end result of the goal into vivid images of final reality. The accomplished goal can be seen in great detail. The results flowing from the accomplished goal become visible. The visual picture becomes the guiding light at the end of the road to the goal.   Determination starts with the decision to go for the goal, to make the commitment to attain the goal. Determination is also the continuous driving force to overcome the obstacles on the way to the destination. It focuses the mind on the end result. It strengthens the will to carry on to arrive at the destination. It fuels the fire in the belly.
  16. 16. The Combination of Visualization, Determination and Resilience Resilience is essential to dismantle or to get around the barriers in the road to goal attainment. Resilience is the ability to be creative, to deal with impediments, to make a plan, to solve a difficult situation and to cope with adversity. It also entails the ability to be flexible and adaptable to handle changing circumstances and still keep the goal in mind. A resilient person has an inner buoyancy to bounce back after a setback. 
  17. 17. People of mediocre ability sometimes achieve outstanding success because they do not know when to quit. Most men succeed because they are determined to.
  18. 18. The capabilities needed to become self- determined are most effectively learned through real-world experience, which inherently involves taking risks, making mistakes, and reflecting on outcomes. These experiences help a young person test his or her strengths and limitations and identify appropriate short- and long-term goals. How Is Self-Determination Learned?
  19. 19. Drive and determination are powerful allies in helping people to work hard and achieve cherished ambitions. You can rev up your inner drive by thinking positively, setting goals and reading inspiring biographies. Taking action, even if it is only completing one small daily task in pursuit of your dreams, is effective, because it increases energy and motivation.
  20. 20. Determination provides you with a strong force which helps you to conquer your fears. Many talents fail in this world because they do not have the strong determination required for success. It is very difficult to succeed if you do not have determination.
  21. 21. Your level of determination is a key factor in your success.  You were born to success!