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Learn Music Production in Los Angeles with Take Sessions Experts

If you have an interest in a composing song then take a proper guidance about music production, learn how to compose music, how to design a song, learn to arrange chords, harmony, rhythm and also about the software. Take Sessions offers courses for Music Production in Los Angeles where our expert instructors give you best guidance during your musical journey.

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Learn Music Production in Los Angeles with Take Sessions Experts

  1. 1. Learn Music Production, Sound Designing  Learn the entire process of Music Production to create and master your own track with the most complete collection of your advanced courses
  2. 2. Choose your Sessions Style  In – Home (Learn in the comfort of your own home)  In – Studio (Learn in the private studio of an instructor)  Online (Learn online with your instructor ) Book your sessions immediatelyand schedule your class with your instructorof choice. You can go throughthe instructors Profile.
  3. 3. Instructor: Marc Solomon Type : OnsiteCourse Place: Hollywood Price: $50 Instructor: John Capo Type: Onsite Course Price: $50
  4. 4. Composing and Arranging  Keyboardlessons & musictheory  Soundcreation & engineering  Audiomastering  Beat sequencing and drumprogramming  Synthesizer programming  Home recording techniques  Equipment recommendations  Software setup  Vocal Recording  Ear Training  Understandingbitrates  Songwriting structure Course Topics
  5. 5. Contact Us Address: 10880 Wilshire Blvd Suite 1101Los Angeles, California, 90024 Call Us On: (424) 278-4961 Email Us On: info@takesessions.com FollowUs On: Facebook Twitter Instagram GooglePlus You Tube Learn Music Production in Los Angeles