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Workforce virtual conference_jobvite_2013_finalkk

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Workforce virtual conference_jobvite_2013_finalkk

  1. 1. Leading the Charge, Driving the Change:Why Innovators Will Win the War for TalentDan FinniganCEO, Jobvite
  2. 2. Geography of JobsSource: http://tipstrategies.com/geography-of-jobs/#Jobvite
  3. 3. Unemployment Getting Better – But SlowingUnemployment rate,Seasonally adjustedNonfarm payroll employment change,Seasonally adjusted-800-600-400-2000200400600Jan-08Jun-08Nov-08Apr-09Sep-09Feb-10Jul-10Dec-10May-11Oct-11Mar-12Aug-12Jan-13Source: BLS.gov
  4. 4. Anyone Remember This?
  5. 5. Today Does Not Feel Much Better#Jobvite
  6. 6. Tomorrow You Will Lead the Tribe!Only With Courage, A New Approach, Hard Work – and the Right Weapons!
  7. 7. Growing Awareness: Talent Matters MostSource: Boston Consulting Group, “Realizing the Value of People Management; From Capability to Profitability”, August 2, 2012“People” Companies Outperform the Market Average#Jobvite
  8. 8. Recruiting Delivers 40% More Profit GrowthThan Next Best HR FunctionSource: Boston Consulting Group, “Realizing the Value of People Management; From Capability to Profitability”, August 2, 2012#Jobvite
  9. 9. Recruiting will be one of the hot careers inthe next decade• 14% Y/Y increase• Most commonly advertised job title: RecruitingSource: Wanted Technologies#Jobvite
  10. 10. Why?1.Business Need Skilled Talent More Than Ever2.Talent Is Becoming Increasingly Scarce Worldwide3.Talent Is Choosy, Savvy Consumer of OpportunitiesThe recruiters who transform themselves intomarketers become as important—if not more—than any function.#Jobvite
  11. 11. Jobs In Future Require EducationSource: Bureau of Labor Statistics20%22%17%18%18%12%14%Doctoral / professional degreeMaster degreeBachelor degreeAssociate degreeSome collegeHigh schoolLess than high school% Change Employment 2010- 2020Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics#Jobvite
  12. 12. Most Advertised Openings in U.S. Today:All But Two Require College1. Computer Occupations2. Health Diagnosing and Treating Practitioners3. Other Management Occupations (inc. HR)4. Financial Specialists5. Business Operations Specialists6. Sales Representatives, Services7. Engineers8. Information and Record Clerks *9. Advertising, Marketing, Promotions, PR, and Sales Managers10. Supervisors of Sales Workers *#JobviteSource: Brookings Institution
  13. 13. U.S. App Economy Jobsbefore theiPhone0 current day477kSource: TechNet, The App EconomyMobile Applications EngineeriPhone Application DeveloperSocial Media ManagerUser Experience AnalystAndroid DeveloperVirtualization ArchitectMobile Marketing StrategistiPad Game DeveloperAPI Platform Manager
  14. 14. SHRM: Companies Anticipate Needing MoreCollege GraduatesHigh school dimploma or equivalent onlySpecific post-secondary certificate/credential(s)Associate’s degreeBachelor’s degreeAdvanced degree (e.g., master’s, MBA, Ph.D, M.D.)9%63%27%28%61%11%18%69%13%56%42%2%56%1%44%IncreaseStay the sameDecreasePercentages may not total 100% due to rounding.SHRM/Achieve Survey: Changing Employee Skills and Education Requirements—Changes in the Workforce ©SHRM#Jobvite
  15. 15. Working Age Population Shrinking WorldwideSource: Deloitte Research, UN Population Division (http://esa.un.org/unpp/)#Jobvite
  16. 16. Creating A Serious ShortageSource: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survery#Jobvite
  17. 17. Growing college completiongap betweenSource: New York Times, Stanford University0%20%40%60%born 1979-82born 1961-64richpoorrich and poor:#Jobvite13
  18. 18. Battle of the Brains(US-based schools listed in blue)Source: PR Newswire#Jobvite
  19. 19. Battle of the Brains(US-based schools listed in blue)Source: PR Newswire#Jobvite
  20. 20. STEM Growth Is Too Slow11.510. scienceSTEMEducationHumanities/artsHealthOtherMillions of grads by specialization CAGR, 2010-20Source: McKinsey Global Institute1.
  21. 21. Severe Shortage Of STEM Graduates In US92Parks, recreationand fitness’98-’08%Source: SunSentinel, 2012STEM Jobs STEM Degrees50,000 Shortage inFlorida Alone64,00014,855#Jobvite
  22. 22. engineering66%doctorates 50%plan tostaytech45%science+doctoral35%degreesSource: CNN MoneyImmigration Debate In DC• 764,321 foreign students enrolled inU.S., up 5.7% in 2011• U.S. world share dropped 25% to 18% -now up to 21%• H1B Visa capped at 85K (20K for thosewith Advanced Degrees)• Proposed Bill: Increase to 115K – 300K• New Study: No shortage of STEM?!?#Jobvite
  23. 23. Only 29% of Applies Come From CollegeGraduates; Only 13% STEM GraduatesBachelor of Arts10%Bachelor of Science10%MBA5%Master of Science3%Master of Arts1%No Degree71%#Jobvite
  24. 24. 10X Programmer Talent AgencySource: HBO
  25. 25. Gen Y Dominates Workforce in 5 Years02550751001251501752002251990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 2020 2025 2030Pre-BoomersBaby BoomersGenerationGeneration Y and beyondSOURCE: U.S. Bureau of the Census, projections based on 2000 Censuspopulationage18-64(millions)2011: The Baby Boomersreached retirement age2030: Gen X reachesretirement age2018: Gen Y makesup half of the workingage populationDan’sTurn
  26. 26. Talent as a ConsumerOne Size Does Not Fit AllEach generation approaches work differently, shaped by the economic,social and political forces of their time.Source: Manpower#Jobvite13
  27. 27. Talent as a Consumer: Layoffs Have Permanently ChangedThe “Deal” Between Employers and Employee1973 - 1975 1981 - 1982 1990 - 1991 2001 2007 - 2009EmploymentProductivity-0.65 -0.53 -0.45 -0.27 -0.70Source: US Bureau of Economic Analysis; McKinsey Global InstituteBreakdown of GDP decline during last five recessions
  28. 28. Fewer gold watchesSource: BLS, Fast Company51‘05‘803935 64 10in their job for>% %men yrsto#Jobvite
  29. 29. Source: BLS, UCSF21%U.S.California39%Fewer gold watches10in their job for> yrs‘05 ‘05#Jobvite
  30. 30. Gen Y And Californians Changing Jobs Every3 Years: That is 15-20 Jobs A CareerSource: www.fastcompany.com/magazine/162/average-time-spent-at-job-4-yearsmedian tenure in current job:U.S.4.4yrsCalifornians...and Millennials3.0yrs
  31. 31. of all new college grads believe thatself-employment is more secure than a full-timejob.Source: Wall Street Journal, Gallup
  32. 32. Recruiting IsMarketing“The aim of marketing is toknow and understand thecustomer so well that theproduct or service fits himand sells itself.”Peter Drucker, management consultant,educator, and author#Jobvite
  33. 33. Recruiting Is Marketing:The New Five P’s of MarketingProduct: Define Broadly Around Customer ExperiencePrice: Provide Competitive ValuePromotion: ROI-tracked Marketing Mix of Media, Content,Message & Growing BrandPlacement: Many, Convenient and Inspiring Ways to BuyProcess: All Efforts Working As One Optimizing Funnel#Jobvite
  34. 34. Recruiting Is MarketingProductPricePromotionPlacementProcessOld SchoolFeature-Focused Definition(Conjoint Analysis)Suggested Price Lists• Retail chains• Sales channels• Catalogs• PartnersBrand, Advertising (Radio, TV,Print), Mail, CatalogsQuarterly reports, post-mortem, new version launchesToday: OptimizationCustomer-Experience FocusedDefinitionFreemium, performance-based, loyalty programsCustomer experience within:• Retail store• E-commerce• Free-trials• Customer serviceBrand, SEO, Search EngineMarketing, Content, Socialmedia, CRMReal-time, data-driven optimizationof “product-to-sale” funnelRecruitingEmployee-experienceFocused Definition of roleRequirements, perks,flexibility, benefits,compensationCandidate experience within:• Job Boards• Career Sites• Apply Process• Interview ProcessRecruitment brand, culture,on-line marketing mix for jobs& careersite(s)Real-time, data-drivenoptimization of the“opening-to-hire” funnel
  35. 35. Marketing Starts by Understanding Your TargetLike A Marketer Would: 80 Million Gen YExercised vigorously in last 24 hours46%Saw email usage drop in 201127%Have a tattoo39%Started a business on the side35%Think helping the poor most important issue21%#Jobvite
  36. 36. #1 and #2 Product & Pricing: Design Rolesfor Their Future, Not Just Yours1. Explain Company Vision2. Prioritize Community Service3. Develop “In-Between” Steps And Titles4. Give Encouragement & Regular Feedback5. Offer More Flexibility6. Provide Education and ProfessionalDevelopment7. Give Them Time for Personal Projects7 Ways Beyond Compensation ToImprove Job Attraction• Gen Y are “Job Shoppers;” 88% arelooking to make a change• Salaries guidepost for value andstaying on track, but NOTdifferentiation• 51% of new employees hired in2012 have “buyers remorse”Source: HBR: Blog Network: What Job Candidates Really Want: Meaningful Work#Jobvite
  37. 37. #3 Promotion: Big Brands, Especially StrongConsumer Brands, Have Big AdvantagesTop 5 of “50 Top Employers for College Grads”#Jobvite
  38. 38. #3 Promotion: Gen Y Wants AuthenticBrand Experiences “Make Your Culture Your Brand” – Culture Is Emotional Marketing Learning That Decisions Made By Lymbic (Lizard)Brain…Focus Messaging & Promotion On Emotional Connection Engagement Survey of Top Performers and Develop Value Statements Mold All Marketing Messaging Around Effort—Employee stories and testimonials Successful If Portrayed Culture So That Best Candidates “Select In”and Mismatched “Select Out”Source: ERE Recruiting Conference 2013 by Randall Birkwood#Jobvite
  39. 39. Have A Company Mission That Matters…And, ItHelps To Authentically Provide Social Good#Jobvite
  40. 40. HubSpot Mission
  41. 41. Brand: Join the Flock And Help Find Meaning#Jobvite
  42. 42. Step Inside Kixeye…If You Have What It Takes!
  43. 43. Imagine Being In Jobvite’s Family!
  44. 44. #3 Promotion: Advertising & Distribution Track All Advertising & Distribution SEO: Jobs (and Content) Pages Careersite Distribution & Promotion Social and Employee Referral#Jobvite
  45. 45. Applications by Source Type 2013Job Board42.4%Career Site38.2%Agency2.2%EmployeeReferral8.5%Notifications /Talent Pool1.2%Transfers1.2%Other6.2%• Career Site up by 6%• Emp Referral up by 1.3%• Transfers are significant#Jobvite
  46. 46. Hires by Source Type 2013Job Board17.1%Career Site21.0%Agency4.7%EmployeeReferral40.4%Notifications /Talent Pool0.4%Transfers7.1%Other9.3%#Jobvite
  47. 47. Faster hiring through employee referral 2013Source: Jobvite294539Emp Referral CareerSite Job boardsEmployees hired through employee referral arehired 55% faster than those who came through career site.46% 45%47%33%35%39%22%20%14%Over 1 year Over 2 years Over 3 yearsHired Faster Better Quality#Jobvite
  48. 48. Half of Career site Visitors Do Not ReturnOne Time Visitors49%Return Visitors51%#Jobvite
  49. 49. Remarketing Is The Way Marketers HandleAbandonmentBrand SiteAd on another siteCustomer #Jobvite
  50. 50. #4 Product Placement: Many, Convenient,And Inspiring Ways to Buy1. Starts with Careersite: Easy to find, follow, and engagingProspect and Candidate Experience = Shopping Experience(think Nike and Apple!)#Jobvite
  51. 51. High Bandwidth Careersite Experience#Jobvite
  52. 52. #4 Product Placement: Many, Convenient,And Inspiring Ways to Buy1. Starts with Careersite: Easy to find, follow, and engaging2. Apply Process: Simple, clear, anywhereProspect and Candidate Experience = Shopping Experience(think Nike and Apple!)#Jobvite
  53. 53. Easy To Buy – Easy To Apply
  54. 54. More On This Later Today…#Jobvite
  55. 55. #4 Product Placement: Many, Convenient,And Inspiring Ways to Buy1. Starts with Careersite: Easy to find, follow, and engaging2. Apply Process: Simple, clear, anywhere3. Interview Process: Collaborative (2-way)Prospect and Candidate Experience = Shopping Experience(think Nike and Apple!)#Jobvite
  56. 56. #4 Product Placement: 2-Way Collaboration
  57. 57. #4 Product Placement: Many, Convenient,And Inspiring Ways to Buy1. Starts with Careersite: Easy to find, follow, and engaging2. Apply Process: Simple, clear, anywhere3. Interview Process: Collaborative (2-way)4. Feedback: No “black hole”Prospect and Candidate Experience = Shopping Experience(think Nike and Apple!)#Jobvite
  58. 58. Easy-to-See Application Status
  59. 59. 1.Funnel / Lead Generation / Marketing Automation#5 Process: All Efforts Work As OneOptimizing Funnel1. Multi-Channel Multi-Media Campaigns2. Provide Target Personalized DirectMail & Landing Pages3. Lead ScoreHot, Warm, Cold4. Marketing AutomationNext Automatic Event-Send personalized email-Send personalized product interest info-Send e-newsletter-Send personalized direct mailer-Send personalized press release-Send blog link5. Measure, Adjust, Redo
  60. 60. 36%23%20%12%8%4%0%30%60%Sourcing Hiring Assessment EmployerBrandingOnboarding ScreeningSource: Aberdeen Group, Strategic Sourcing EARLY FINDINGS, February 2012#5 Process: Sourcing At Top Of Funnel A Top Priority
  61. 61. #5 Process: Track and Measure SourcingFunnelEmployee ReferralsCampaignsOverallTalent Pool
  62. 62. #5 Process: Can’t Afford To Advertise Overand Over…Must Build and Nurture ADatabase of Prospects#Jobvite
  63. 63. The Marketing-Skilled Recruiters Who Target &Catch Their “Game” – Will Become The NewLeaders of Future!
  64. 64. • 8 of the 11 Top Tech IPO’s use Jobvite topower their hiring• 3 of the 5 Top Performing IPO’s useJobvite to power their hiring• 13 out of 17 expected Tech IPO’s in 2013use Jobvite to power their hiringJobvite Powers Sourcing & Hiring ForThe Fastest Growing Companies#Jobvite
  65. 65. Thank youdan@jobvite.com