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EO seattle presentation_tamccann_seo and social

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Key findings about value of SEO components (basic) and simple tools/approaches for businesses to get better ranking and more social engagement. @rivaliq

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EO seattle presentation_tamccann_seo and social

  1. 1. T.A. McCann @tamccann tam@rivaliq.com
  2. 2. SEO is a baffling, black art
  3. 3. • Good titles, keywords and descriptions • Create good content so people link to you • Start creating and sharing social content, it will be more important over time Simple things go a long way, for most @tamccann
  4. 4. It’s easy to find out where you rank @tamccann
  5. 5. http://moz.com/blog/ranking-factors-2013 Key page factors for good search rankings
  6. 6. Page title - describe yourself as you aspire to be http://econsultancy.com/us/blog/62553-33-examples-of-great-meta-descriptions-for-search
  7. 7. Meta description – make a good first impression http://blog.rivaliq.com/is-your-meta-description-working-as-hard-as-your-tagline/
  8. 8. Keywords – what are they searching for?
  9. 9. Future trends in search ranking http://moz.com/blog/ranking-factors-2013
  10. 10. Facebook is a cocktail party, be social with your description
  11. 11. On Facebook, people like a cause (and photos)…
  12. 12. Tweets with independent content and ones that suggest and action are best
  13. 13. Social success takes time and practice
  14. 14. So where do I get content and ideas…
  15. 15. Make sharing easy and fast
  16. 16. Summary • Do the simple things for search optimization • Know your landscape and competitors (what is working) • Build basic social presences and then extend – Twitter and Facebook for sure – G+ and others with extra time and specific focus • Build a toolset/process to create and share social content – Rival IQ – MOZ – Feedly – Buffer
  17. 17. To win, you need to know who’s leading
  18. 18. http://go.rivaliq.com/eo-seattle/