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Ad booster touch - introduction

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This is a product presentation on how "Touch" system works. "Touch" is a non-intrusive in app advertisements that engages users to participate in an advertisement in unique ways and then receive random rewards from app producers. "Touch" benefit app producers by increasing revenue from ads and monetization of 95% of it's non paying users.

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Ad booster touch - introduction

  1. 1. Introduc)on  to     Branding,  Mone)za)on  &  Rewards   The  2nd  Opportunity  in   Game  Mone)za)on   besides  real  money  www.adbooster.asia   Powered  by:  
  2. 2. What  is    “Touch” is the South East Asia’s branded version ofKorea’s first and largest Network AdvertisementSolutions for PC based Social Game and MobileApplications. They  are  the  first  and  only  company  that  is   specialized  in  I.G.A.  (In-­‐game  Adver)sing)  in   Korea.  For  five  years,  they  implemented  the   media  value  of  games.  They  built  the  largest   IGA  cases  in  Asia.  IGAWorks  will  con)nue  to   build  the  Ad  Networks  for  Web,  SNS  and   Mobile  plaOorms  in  SEA.  
  3. 3. Track  Record   In  Korea,  the  product  is  known  as                                                    for  ‘Social/Mobile’  Games     •  Launched  the  service  in  March  2011   •  The  first  social/mobile  ad  plaOorm  of  incen)vized  ads   •  Rewards:  Virtual  Goods  /  Virtual  Currency   •  Dominated  Cyworld  &  Naver  Social  game  plaOorm   •  150  Social  Games  &  Mobile  Apps  (include  top  )ers  in   Korea)   •  Download  Performance:   •  100  thousand  downloads  per  week  for  each   Android  &  iOS     •  DAU  of  1.5  ~  2.0  Million   •  MAU  of  5.0  Million  (as  of  July,  2012)   •  Accumula)ve  of  10  Million  Users   •  Android  and  iOS  ra)o  of  8  :  2   has proven records and performance as advertising solutions in Korea. is SEA version. Hence, it’s performance and system stability is proven.
  4. 4. Market  Trend  #1  :  Micro  transac)on    Game  Revenue  shi;ed  drama<cally  from    ‘Pre-­‐mium’  to  ‘Free-­‐mium’   •  All  of  the  top  20  )tles  in  the   App  Store  top  grossing  were   Free-­‐mium  games.       •  Most  browser  based  social  &   casual  games  have  already   implemented  micro-­‐   transac)on  as  their  main   revenue  model.  
  5. 5. Market  Trend  #2  :  non-­‐paying  user%  Out  of  all  the  Free-­‐mium  game  users,  Paying  Users  are  under  5%   Paying Users ±5% How  can  we   mone<ze   Non-­‐paying   Users?!   Non-Paying Users ±95%
  6. 6. Overview By giving rewards, participation of ads are more effective than traditional CPC / CPM AD Client AD ClientAD Client Ad  Booster’s   Motivates 95% of non paying users because it’s rewarding Media Media Media Additional Revenue andpotentially change 95% of non-paying users into paying users at some point
  7. 7. “Touch”  is..  Micro  Incen)vized  Ad  PlaOorm  for  PUBLISHERS  /  DEVELOPERS  
  8. 8. VS Generic Mobile AD Network Generic Mobile AD Network System Touch AD Network System Generic Mobile ADs are based on CPC and CPM The behavior of gamers is different in Free-mium Apps•  Typical (CTR) 0.1%~0.3% : no participation It needs suitable advertising model for each game.•  Typically intrusive and hamper user experience •  Non-intrusive•  More than 10% of mobile screen hides •  Only certain part of the games will be used for Ads advertisement causes users feel bad to the Apps.Companies that develops the game thinks.. Results: Advertising can be customized for proper contents and with this system, the amount of clicksWith each click, average results draws profit of does not matter but it is the participation from users(USD 0.03) , and it needs exposures of 300~1000, towards the ads that rewards them. Hence, this alsojust for 1Click. increases users’ activeness to the ADs.
  9. 9. VS Generic SNS Advertising In Game Ads (IGA) does not intrude or obstruct user experience. It blends into the game interfaces seamlessly. Each Apps can provide customized advertisements and rewards and this system conducts advertising on many app with same standard format. General SNS ads. “Touch” In Game Ads Developers / Publishers do not get revenue Seamlessly blends into the game shares from the Ads operated by SNS This area is managed by developers Average CTR: 0.051% High CTR: 20~30%!
  10. 10. can  be  integrated  on  Mobile  or  PC  plaQorms  
  11. 11. flow  on  Mobile  
  12. 12. flow  on  PC  
  13. 13. Whether  it  is  for  Mobile  or  PC  users,  there  are  various  ways  to  brand,  mone<ze  or  reward  users       CPL   CPF   CPI   CPA   CPV   CPM  
  14. 14. Ad Type #1 : CPI (Cost Per Install)1) Promote App + Guarantee Download & Execution (Billing Condition: the first execution after downloading)2) Users may receive more rewards based on engagement levels (Activity Tracing API provided)3) Video can be played at banner space to promote apps effectively4) Note some game medias do not allow other game app advertisements. 2. Expose 4. Run App and 1. Expose Ads.Icon 3. Download App Event Details Reward Install + Execution Billing Point To click Ads. Icon & Check the Event Details Go to Store/Market Install & Run Apps then participate & download AD performance measured By UDID
  15. 15. Ad Type #2 : PC to Mobile (CPI) 1)  Goal: To make PC game user to download mobile apps 2)  No SMS, no authentication code, no phone number is required (Patent pending) 3)  Simple SDK (5lines of code, copy & Paste) ① After clicking ads and Apps download (by QR Code or typing URL) ② After run Apps, go to setting page ③ Get redeem code - 1 time for the device ④ Type redeem code - Redeem code is only effective in 30 (Mission Complete and <Mobile View> <PC View> minutes after generated. Reward)
  16. 16. Ad Type #3: FB Likes / Twitter Followers•  If  you  use  SNS  for  your  business,  this  method  provides  the  easiest  and  fastest  way  to  recruit  your  fans.  •  Facebook  marke)ng  is  very  important  in  SEA  market  and  sta)s)cs  around  the  internet  has  shown   tremendous  growth.   1. Logon to Platform 2. Select Game 3. Expose Ads.Icon Click on the In-Game “Touch” icon 6. Rewards 5. Participation 4. Expose Event Details Login to FB / Twitter and Show Ad details proceed to Like / Follow
  17. 17. Ad Type #4 : SNS Posting •  Watch Video Ad + SNS posting •  Supports various SNS (Facebook, Twitter) •  Supports multiple devices (PC / Smartphone / Tablet PC) 1)Users post messages at the SNS makes powerful social effect at the very short period. Case study: -  the movie “Wandueki “: 10,000 posting in just 2 weeks! -  ADs. Page UV : 150,236 person -  Preview trailer UV : 34,581 person -  The social effect influx by SNS : 55,396 person 2) Through the SNS Posting, viral influx(for natural) occurs by average 400% -> Social Effects. 3) As for the new service launch, this is the good way to generate the Social Effects in the short time and massively. exposure to the participant social network in the 23% of UV that is facebook and it Ads. Page viewer 39.7% out of 23% participated causes 400% including other in posting at SNS (AD Cost additional influx by the Media, influx by us. generated at this point.) social effect.
  18. 18. Ad Type #4 : SNS Posting •  Watch Video Ad + SNS posting •  Supports various SNS (Facebook, Twitter) •  Supports multiple devices (PC / Smartphone / Tablet PC) 2. Expose 1. Expose Ads.Icon 3. SNS Posting 4. Mission Complete Event Details Click on “Touch” icon Play video and asks user to give Successful comments will create Mission Complete & Reward comment viral effect to friends
  19. 19. Easy Media Registration•  Simple sign-up at www.adbooster.asia•  Watch demo images and tutorials for each OS and platform before start integration•  Pre-set codes are provided to save Developer s time for setting up the Callback Server.•  (Php, Java, Node, Python, C# etc.)
  20. 20. Control Rewards for Games (Randomized) •  Publisher / Developer decides what to give users •  Example: Special Pets, Daggers, Scrolls, Virtual Game CoinsUSD 0.50 worth of itemsCase Study:Publisher is paid USD 0.50 per completion of one Ad “Touch” encourages Gamification andBase on publisher’s internal pricing, publisher can maximizes user experience for players.decide to randomly give out expensive items as long it Hence, publisher rewards to users is notstays within the average. fixed Game Coin ratios.
  21. 21. Revenue Analytics - Reporting Support For  both  Developers  and  Adver)sers   Track  and  Manage  your  Ads   Metrics     •  View  the  status  of  your  ads   •  User  friendly  charts  and  visuals   provided  and  they  are  easy  to   understand   •  Filter  data  by  age,  gender,  date,   )me  and  various  date   •  Monitor  ad  performance   (depending  on  your  adver)sing   methods)  
  22. 22. Revenue Analytics - Reporting Support For  both  Developers  and  Adver)sers   Track  and  Manage  your  Ads   Metrics     •  View  the  status  of  your  ads   •  User  friendly  charts  and  visuals   provided  and  they  are  easy  to   understand   •  Filter  data  by  age,  gender,  date,   )me  and  various  date   •  Monitor  ad  performance   (depending  on  your  adver)sing   methods)  
  23. 23. MarketplaceDigital Content Aggregation ServiceTouch promotes “Point system” a virtual currency in the media Game   publishers  can   par)cipate  here  
  24. 24. For  live  demo,  please  visit      www.adpopcorn.com/m/product/eng/index.html     best  viewed  on  mobile  
  25. 25. THANK  YOU  For  more  informa)on  on  how  to  Brand  your  product,  Mone)ze  your   games,  or  Reward  your  users,  contact  me!   Colin  Tan  |  colin@adbooster.asia  |  T:  +   (1021956-­‐P)  2B-­‐8-­‐1,  Plaza  Sentral,  Jalan  Stesen  Sentral  5,  50470  Kuala  Lumpur,  MALAYSIA.