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A Gray Overview

  2. INFINITY - Unconventional Education Genetic mutation in ordinary consulting firms. New track in organizational development and managerial education. Strong identity around guiding principles. Excellence in organizational know-how and creativity. Infinity is about dispatching the right people to deliver worldwide learning solutions with long-term sustainability.
  3. Purpose Our Vision is to affirm our brand as the lovemark of radical instructional design in business management, facilitating individual and organizational self-actualization. Our raison d’etre is to unleash creativity and overwrite people’s memory by providing enlightening learning solutions Ethics Infinity takes very seriously its business ethics, transparency of operations and customer satisfaction. We endorse the highest ethical independent evangelical standards in all our activities. We are effective in preventing, detecting and appropriately addressing any allegation of misconduct by Infinity personnel. Infinity stands firmly behind its products and services and fully relies on customer satisfaction. We will not do business unless we are convinced that there is a viable application; and we pledge our commitment to assess whether or not an organisation has obtained the maximum benefit from the services it acquires within the resources available to it.  We keep our commitments and expect our customers and suppliers to do as such. Values Loyalty Belonging. Holding true to people. Truth Being authentic. Encourage realness. Ownership Standing. 24/7. Hip Cooler than cool. Beyond all trends and conventional coolness. Contemporary. Relevant. Awesome. No Fat Essential. Swift.
  4. PRODUCTS Fostering Human Capital Retention Assessment Centre - Conventional and Unconventional Talent Development Custom-made Programs Career and Learning Development fast tracks Mentoring Talent Management Tools and frameworks to maximize individual performance Performance Planning and Review Individual Development Plans Business Dashboards Handling Dysfunctional Teams Performance Management Strengthen emotional bond to the Organization Value Network Analysis and Broadcasting Value, Job and Skill Gaps Trust revitalization process Discretionary effort inducement Engagement All-encompassing strategies enabling Organizations to achieve success Strategic Planning Brand Identity Vision, Mission &Goals Deployment Competence mapping Sizing and Population Workplace Spirituality and Wellness Alignment
  5. Learning Development Idea Generation and Concept development. Exclusive Labs to practice everyday and exceptional creativity in innovation, design, restiling and problem solving contexts. Creativity Increasing yield minimizing conflict. Cooperative vs competitive skills, Confrontation skills, Listening skills, Influence, Conflict resolution, Feedback, Coaching, Mentoring and Counselling skills. Interpersonal skills The art of inspiring and guiding. Blended learning solutions to develop personal attributes, desired ways of behaving, ways of thinking or feeling. Programs for mastering social influence process, team dynamics at dyad level, driving contextual factors surrounding the team such as the perception of the organizational climate and the social network linkages between the team and other groups in the organization. Leadership Enabling groups to work together Highly interactive workshops. Construction, aggregation and validation for teams. Elimination of dysfunctional roles and relations. Total feedback. Teamwork Learn to carry out results with minimum outlay of time and energy Problem solving, Decision Making, Project Management Writing, Interviewing, Meeting, Selling skills Presentation, Facilitation, Negotiation skills. Skill building
  6. Learning Development We provide training in best practice organizations on cultural awareness, sensitivity, fairness, integrity and inclusion. Our Cross-cultural and generation gap programs improve overall climate and engenders flexibie mindsets in fitting into different identity groups. Diversity Programs to affect sets of circumstances and professional constraints through reshaping set of attitudes and habits. Our value clarification programs and self image enhancers are the utmost expression of Infinity’s culture and proficiency. We warrant the bridging of any gap between company and individual values. Self Growth Convention planning and coordination from concept development to all operational and logistical activities necessary for the production of meetings and events. Custom tailor interventions genially interlaced with company’s contributions and specific needs. Keynotes, creative workshops and coaching sessions to empower and motivate workforce, audience, groups. Events Managerial Fitness Program. One-on–one work with your top talent to develop leadership potential or skill-specific proficiency. Individual coaching It’s about creating the future. We provide expertise in preparing companies to succeed tomorrow and the days beyond. Our business futurists and change management speakers provide practical guidance for how to turn a rapidly changing business environment into a competitive advantage. Change
  7. Learning Development Trademarks Future Planning A structured experience which generates self-awareness and clarifies own identity. Gateway Multiple Intelligence Using and stretching social, cognitive and emotional intelligence. Mindframe Power to do things. A behavioral model to tap on energy sources. Sha-zam! Leadership Re-learning leadership behaviors through an attitude change program. Imperium Exploiting maximum potential. A unique experience to learn how to make the difference in the organization. Encanto Innovation Dealing creatively with business complexity and ideation process. Glamour Conflict Resolution Emotional intelligence and Crisis Management. Prevail Self-Change Achieving higher productivity through self-actualization. Actualizer Team Identity Exclusive set of first-rate activities aiming to individual and team distinctiveness. Thunderstorm
  8. Unconventional Organization TRADERS Traders are network architects. They build and maintain state of the art relations with Infinity’s clients and prospects in order to offer vigilant customer care. They consult with the organization, carry out accurate needs analysis and activate proper channels to offer awesome cost effective, fit for purpose, timely solutions and services FACILITATORS Infinity’s facilitators are proficient business speakers, passionate maieutic trainers, spirited anchormen, learning catalysts, individual and team coaches . They transform any final Infinity learning product in a unique behavioral change experience, creating strong interaction among participants, excitement and full motivational support SHIN-BET  שנ Shin-Bet is a top-notch concept development team with a dual purpose: providing intelligence on instructional design, projects and programs, venturing in original instruments creation through significant R&D activity. Home protection: defence of Infinity eminent standards from any kind of compromising exogenous or endogenous force SWAT Special Weapons And Tactics. is an elite unit which is trained to perform high-risk operations that fall outside of ordinary trading. These include performing rescue and preventing interventions and engaging clients with clear-cut influencing tools. SWAT team is equipped with specialized psycho-creative gears to conceive breakthrough ideas to expand Infinity brand. BAUHAUS Bauhaus is Infinity’s futuristic lab, They apply avant-garde forward thinking skills to design cross-company features for upcoming tangible and intangible fruition. Bauhaus guidelines hinge on simplification and skeletonization of anything that can be decoded from current market trends and exploited by designers, traders, facilitators GOVERNANCE A set of inter-related positions exercising power that assures a worthwhile pattern of good results while avoiding an undesirable pattern of bad circumstances, by making decisions that define expectations, grant power, and verify performance. It’s the connective tissue of Infinity dealing with i nternal affairs They provide administrative, financial, legal, hr, information technology, procurement, logistics and security services, ensuring the highest operative standard and unyielding value bond. TRAVEL The Xcape Team responds to external and internal clients’ travel needs and preferences. It’s in charge of organizing first-rate events and conventions. Mastering venue scouting, accommodation arrangements, trip-planning, transfers, negotiation, catering and audiovisual features. It secures maximum impact, perfecting every logistic detail on any meeting or business retreat.
  9. INFINITY GROUP Infinity Entertainment Communications Company specializing in advertising, public relations, sales promotion and brand identity consulting. An ensemble of international designers, web specialists, video editors, 3D animators, illustrators, photographers, language sociologists, hi-tech programmers fusing client’s identity in synthetic signs. Forward-thinking artists conceive solutions to outdistance client’s Brand Image from ‘otherbrands’. Xcape Xcape features logistics and transports in the Business arena. Secures maximum impact on meetings, retreats and conventions. Reverses poor management of events planning and organization which results in low ROI and lower delegates satisfaction. Fosters value for money mind-set. Sets best practices and first-rate (crack) travel experiences. Masters any logistical, technical, environmental detail. Tailors contents and activities in scenographic contexts. Xcape drives innovations and enables companies to partake in global growth without abandoning value added activities engaging every passenger, manager, delegate from wellness to adventure from data to entertainment, from sodium-free to set-free, from A to Z. Zubenelgenubi Error-free uncompromising Service Company offering specialist support in Finance. Litigation. Procurement. IT. HR. Trust and competency catalyze strategic solutions symbiotically interpreting client-organization’s needs. All functions are aligned according to operating standards of excellence, warranting maximum protection to serviced Companies.