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  1. BAZE UNIVERSITY ABUJA Post Graduate School IRD 715 23A - POLITICS OF FRANCOPHONE AFRICA Department of International Relations and Diplomacy Lecturer: Dr. Tanko Mahmood Ahmed, fwc Week 2: Mon 23 Jan 2023 HISTORICAL BACKGROUND TO THE POLITICS OF FRANCOPHONE AFRICA
  2. Background •Modern African political structures and processes were greatly influenced by the continent’s colonial past. •The two major colonial powers in Africa were Britain and France. •The French are known for striengent policies of controlling their colonies and subjects.
  3. PARTITION OF AFRICA BY EUROPEAN POWERS • France was a major player at the 1885 Berlin Coference where the African continent was partitioned and divided among the European Powers. • This marked the advent of modern nation- states in Africa, the way we know them today.
  4. AFRICA OF THE PAST •Before then, the African continent was graced by empires, kingdoms, and small entities. •These geo-political entities were subdued by Europen colonists and subjected to social, economic and political changes.
  5. Degree of Influence • The key to understanding the historical background to the ‘Politics of Francophone Africa’ is through the great influence exerted by France on its former colonies. • Government, politics, business, media, education, culture, official language, foreign policies and national planning were greatly influenced from the center in France. • However, some remarkable changes begin to appear within the rapidly changing global environment.
  6. FRANCOPHONE AFRICAN COUNTRIES *Algeria *Benin *Burkina Faso *Burundi *Cameroon *Central African Republic *Chad *Comoros *Congo DR *Congo *Djibouti *Equatorial Guinea *Morocco *Réunion and Mayotte *Gabon *Guinea *Ivory Coast *Madagascar *Mali *Niger *Rwanda *Senegal *Seychelles *Togo *Tunisia
  8. FRENCH COLONIAL POLICIES IN AFRICA • Assimilation: Absorbs colonial subjects into the French Society • Association: Cooperation between the Ruler and the Ruled • Development: Colonies as Estates and Enterprises • Labour and Taxation: Adaptation of traditional Slavery and Subservient
  9. French Assimilationist Colonial Policy • The unique feature of french colonialism in Africa was the policy of assimulation • Designed to assimilate and transform all Africans in “French” colonies into black French men and women. • African traditional cultures, economies, and politics had to be eliminated in order to accomplish the goal assimilating all Africans into French domain. • This process was therefore implemented by harsh brutal means against resistance.
  10. Politics of Francophone Africa as product of French Colonial Policies • Discuss the impact of the French Colonial policies of Assimilation and Association on the Politics of Francophone Africa. • As you review the attached article on ‘French Colonial Policies’ in 300-500 words • Assignment due by Friday 27 January 2023.