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I2tree - Smart Active Info Network

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I2tree - Smart Active Info Network

  1. 1. i2tree - Smart Active Info Networkthink different about the way we do distributing micro-work to our local community Idea and implemented by: Nguyễn Tấn Triều http://nguyentantrieu.info
  2. 2. Knowledge Economy => Knowledge Worker => The Internet make the economy create lots of information very fast, and we get the "Information overload“ problems everyday.
  3. 3. Outsourcing your problems to micro-workers ?
  4. 4. How we solve suitable problems andearn money actively ?There some information (the answer for problem’s publisher) but they don’t know, they have to browse or search through the list to find someone, who’s suitable for their need. Captured from http://www.jobsfor10.com/page/2
  5. 5. Your answer or problem will be recommendedbased on your profile (mining the Facebook data ?)
  6. 6. Benefits Near real-time problem-solutions matching could be done. The micro-workers will see it immediately when the system push the matched tasks to them The publisher will get response faster, because the tasks will be assigned to right people at right place.
  7. 7. Core business model for users Earn-as-you-impact your-friends (social media) – social viral marketing Earn-as-you-share (broadcast the message to your community) – social viral marketing Earn-as-you-solve localized-problems (someone in your living area can not do a tasks alone, they need your help) – do collaboration to solve problems. Earn-as-you-tell your experience about service or product (a company need do market research at your region, and you can help)
  8. 8. Core business model on i2tree platform  Display text or banner ads based on the content of a question and geo-location  Use referrals links to e-commerce mobile virtual store for products mentioned on the questions  Offers an i2tree Credits system, ranking the best trusted users can solve problems on a specific category
  9. 9. Logic flow – how i2tree really work
  10. 10. Final thoughts and roadmap Build a effective way to monetize from finished answer to publisher (localized way) Mobile-accessible for everyone Open API for third-parties Organize the data at the backend (currently is mySQL) using Graph Database => Knowledge Graph Your feedback here … Thank you for your attention!