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Welcome to Tanzania Classic Tours

  1. Welcome to Tanzania Classic Tours
  2. WHO ARE WE? Tanzania Classic Tours is a company dedicated to higher standards. We provide a unique dream travel experience in Tanzania. Magnificent images and most importantly, amazing nature and people. We stand for high quality at fair prices.
  3. We offer you safari tours to the most emblematic parks in Tanzania. Some of them are Lake Manyara National Park, Serengeti National Park, and the Ngorongoro Crater. The hiking trips include climbing Mount Meru and the great Kilimanjaro. We also have excursions to several local tribes: Hadzabe (Bushmen), Gidangodigi (Blacksmith), Datoga, Maasai, and Chaga.
  4. Kilimanjaro & Safari Guide Tanzania Classic Tours are well aware of the high expenditure and time incurred by holiday seekers to make there vacation manageable. Be well assured that Tanzania Classic Tours focuses on the importance of making your holiday dreams a reality and guarantees to maximize the joy of your African Safari. Tanzania Classic Tours have special safari designed 4 wheel drive, hatched and pop up roofed Land cruisers / Rovers and 4×4 minivans that will drive you anywhere around East Africa’s most rugged paths, safely and comfortable for photographic and wildlife viewing. Additional facilities including coolers for cold drinks, radio calls or satellite mobile phones are commonly used countrywide in any case. All our guides are bilingual and knowledgeable on wildlife and environmental and high altitude alleviation mat tars.
  5. OUR GUIDES Our guides are fluent in English and we give first priority to safety and environment in all our daily operations. We all work together in any circumstances to make your experience in Tanzania the most rewarding and unforgettable. We are incredibly proud of ourselves. Our skill, knowledge, and enthusiasm will be an unforgettable part of your adventure. We are naturalists, ecologists, archaeologists, art historians, and mountaineers. What we all share is a passion for guiding, thorough knowledge of our destination and real joy in introducing you to special places, people, and behind-the-scenes spots you never would have found on your own.
  6. GETTING TO TANZANIA Moshi is a town located near the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in the North of Tanzania the nearest town is Arusha, it’s also near the Kenya border. To get to Moshi/Kilimanjaro, the best option is flying to Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO). Several airlines such as KLM/Kenya airways, Ethiopian and Condor serve it. Our Airport transfers to Moshi are charged 60 US$ one way because it’s private. The tickets to Kilimanjaro airports may be a bit more expensive than flying to Nairobi or Dar es salaam, but you save time for bus travel, costs for domestic travel, costs for a Kenyan visa (if flying to Nairobi) and possibly 2 hotel nights in Nairobi or Dar es salaam. It is a good idea to arrive at least one day before your Kilimanjaro trek or safari departs.
  7. Contact Us: P.O. Box 3180, Arusha MOSHONO, Tanzania (23118) Phone: +255 0745101354 Email: