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Infographic: CIO's role in digital transformation project

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CIOs role is constantly changing and with digital transformation on CEOs, CMOs, CDOs, VP Sales and just about everyone's agenda, it is only getting tougher for CIOs play the role of a fire-fighter and innovator at the same time.

Large digital transformation programs (€50M - €200M) are underway within large and mid-size organisations. Effective use of the right digital mix with cloud, data & analytics, social and mobility makes it very complex for CxOs to steer the programs successfully. Reputation is at stake and CIOs are under tremendous pressure to help their organisations succeed.

This simple step infographic takes the CIO on a journey of large scale digital transformation project starting from:
1) Understanding what the CEOs and CFOs are expecting of him/her.
2) Finding a common ground with the emerging CxOs who are taking active ownership of their individual and sometime also within IT domains.
3) Helping the emerging CxOs see value of cutting edge IT with the clever use of Cloud, Data, Social and Mobile devices
4) Tie individual programs/capability maps of the CxOs/SVPs to the digital transformation blueprint.
5) Help define the implementation plan and roadmap for a successful digital transformation program
6) Create a practical and hands-on governance structure on strategic, tactical and operational level to report on the continuous success of the digital transformation program
and finally
7) Succeed in creating and managing a extremely competitive, fully networked organisation

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