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Placement Consultants- How To Get The Best Out of Them

Placement Consultants are no alien words today. We all have heard about and possibly some way or the other got connected with them. We are looking for a job or we are searching for someone to hire, recruitment agency makes our work easier. This presentation is about what job consultants are and why they are important and how can we get the best out of them. T&A Solutions is one of the leading Job Consultancy in Mumbai, having offices in all major cities of India.

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Placement Consultants- How To Get The Best Out of Them

  1. 1. H O W T O G E T T H E B E S T O U T O F T H E M P L A C E M E N T C O N S U L T A N T S
  2. 2. Placement Consultants are people or an organization who work as a bridge between companies and candidates. Companies who are in urgent need for candidates to fill up their vacant positions seek assistance of placement consultants or recruitment agencies who in turn understands the job profile and the requirement of the companies and accordingly search for candidates with matching qualifications and skills.
  3. 3. Whether we are heading a company or seeking a job in any company, we all have at some point of our time have engaged with or at least have thought about placement consultants in the course of our career. Placement consultants are important in recruitment process today because many factors which we shall discuss in our next slide
  4. 4. 1.They save our time: Whether we want to hire or get hired, placement consultants save our time in searching for the right candidates or the matching job. 2.They save us toil: We need not go to companies searching for job or asking for vacancies. Nor do we need to go hunting for candidates 3.We get options to choose from: For companies, placement consultants provide them with a good number of resumes/cv to choose from. Likewise, for job seekers, they are provided with several offers to choose from. 4. Handy in distress: Be it losing a job, urgent job change or an unexpected resignation from an important employee, placement consultants are always handy .
  5. 5. 5. Keeps us updated: Placement consultants are expert in their work. They understand it better and are always updated with the latest job market trends and pass on the same to employers or candidates. 6. Save Money: Not all placement consultants charge their candidates. There are some placement consultants like T&A Solutions which only provides job to the candidates without charging a dime.
  6. 6. H O W T O DEAL WITH THEM? Placement Consultants are there to help in shaping career and business and a correct and measured step can help us get the best out of them. This is how: Speak out Clear: Understand the fact that it is important to share with your placement consultant crucial details about you. Hiding anything such as your experience, skills or qualification will only harden the process of recruitment for you. Maintain connection: If you are a candidate and a placement consultant have called you earlier for a job opening. He/She might and will call you again for scheduling your interview. Don't avoid their calls as they call on purpose. IT job consultants in Bangalore are one of the leading job consultants providing genuine service since years.
  7. 7. Know what to expect: Job Consultants can help a candidate in many ways. If you are a candidate know what to expect from the consultants. They know and understand a great deal of information about the companies they hire for. You can ask them to help you prepare for your interview, the kind of questions you need to prepare for. Recruitment Agencies in Mumbai are the ones which stand out in the crowd. Know your worth: No one knows you better than you do yourself. While discussing your salary expectations, don't fall flat for salary hikes altogether. You need to bargain in a decent yet sensible manner. Don't ask for unrealistic figures.
  8. 8. Follow Up: Recruitment Agencies follows their candidates once connected. But when once you talked to them about any job openings or when your interview have been scheduled, do keep in mind to follow the consultant in case you do not hear from them. Ask them your possibility nad status about the job interview or your possibility to earn the job. Beware: Most importantly, it's all about getting you a perfect job which is based on your qualification and skills. Don't pay for being haired. Beware of any fraudulent recruitment agencies and make sure the ones you deal with is registered and charge you no money. Recruitment Consultants in Mumbai are one of the most reputed and trusted job consultants and they do not charge their candidates.
  9. 9. Thank You! T&A Solutions Your recruitment specialist www.tasolutions.in/hr