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Reimagining the Contact Center with Digital Technologies

Modernized centers can also be catalysts for improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. A phased approach to modernization that allows for automation, customer engagement, and transformation, works best.

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Reimagining the Contact Center with Digital Technologies

  1. 1. Aug 2017 Reimagining the Contact Center with Digital Technologies Natarajan Baskaran Global Practice Leader CX, Digital Interactive Rohit Kale Global Head, Microsoft Dynamics Practice
  2. 2. Keeping Up With Customers Modern contact centers are busy units supporting billions of customers These centers are vital touch-points for organizations Technological advancements can help improve services and reduce costs
  3. 3. Upgrade your contact center if: Customer service is critical to your company’s success in the market Who Should Focus on Upgrading? Product offering is complex and demands high-touch hand-holding Customers depend on the continuous operation of products and services
  4. 4. Three stages of contact center modernization: Upgrading the Contact Center Stage I: Automation to improve service and cost efficiency Stage II: Optimization to increase customer engagement Stage III: Transformation to refine the customer experience
  5. 5. Stage I: Automation Basic automation reduces reliance on high-cost engagement channels Use automations to streamline workflows and improve agent productivity Consolidate your contact centers to unleash further cost savings
  6. 6. Stage II: Customer Engagement Ensure your agents are satisfied so they can provide better service Train your agents to engage with customers across channels Track relevant metrics to measure agent and customer satisfaction
  7. 7. Stage III: Transformation Aim to make your customers’ operations more efficient Find ways to anticipate customer problems instead of responding to them Cultivate a passion for solving problems to transform your contact center
  8. 8. Build A Better Contact Center Enhance your contact center’s capabilities to bring in new revenues Use technology to reduce costs while increasing customer satisfaction Train your agents to be more proactive and better support your customers
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