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  1. 1. global marketing Raheel asghar Tayyab Ishaque M Tahir Khalil Ali sher
  2. 2. History  Is a French multinational vehicle manufacturer co.  Established in 1899  3rd biggest European automaker  9th biggest automaker in the world  Headquarter in Boulogne billancourt  Renault owns automobile Dacia and Renault Samsung motors  CARLOS GHOSN is the current chairman and CEO.
  3. 3. FOUNDERS OF RENAULT  Louis Renault  Marcel Renault  Fernand Renault
  4. 4. MISSION “To make and sustain Renault as the most profitable and competitive European volume car company”
  5. 5. VISION “In the UK, our vision is to further raise our brand image and to increase the desire for Renault ownership. Just as importantly, we aim to be the leaders in customer service and customer satisfaction”.
  6. 6. GLOBAL OPERATIONS  Renault-Nissan alliance  As a part of this alliance company is the fourth largest automotive group  Renault Nissan together are undertaking significant electric car development  Company’s core market is Europe  Served almost 118 countries worldwide
  7. 7. PRODUCT CATEGORIES  Automobile o Concept cars o Electric cars  Commercial vehicles o Renault master o Trafic o Kangoo express  Luxury cars o Renault duster
  8. 8. GROUP BRANDS OF RENAULT  Renault  Dacia  Renault Samsung motors  Major projects of development  Russia: a partnership signed with the AvtoVAZ automaker,  Morocco: work began on a new industrial complex in Tangiers.
  9. 9. FINANCIALS  Production output 2,637,528  Revenue € 41,270 billion  Profit € 1.735 billion  Employees 127,086
  10. 10. PRODUCTION FACILITIES  38 industrial sites in 17 countries  7 ILN (International Logistic Network) hubs in Argentina, Brazil, France, India, Romania, Spain and Turkey receive, store and dispatch parts to manufacturing sites,  4 Sofrastock International sites (Renault logistics subsidiary) manage and distribute small automotive parts and Non Production Materials (NPM).  International production capacities expanding rapidly
  11. 11. R@D  Renault Research and Development Expense (Quarterly): 1.284B  Research centers are in: o ROMANIA o TURKEY o INDIA o FRANCE  They are spending 3% of their sales on R@D annually .
  12. 12. STRATEGIES  ensure the Group’s growth,  generate free cash flow on a lasting basis, with the following aims for the 2011-2013 period: sales of over 3 million vehicles in 2013 and at least €2 billion in aggregate free cash flow  The Renault group works on seven key strategies to meet the objectives: o pursue the innovation policy, o strengthen the product offer, o reinforce the image of the Renault brand, o ensure the excellence of the distribution network in customer relations, o control investment and R&D expenditure, o reduce costs, o maintain positions in Europe and pursue growth internationally.
  13. 13. CSR  Renault, a responsible company for sustainable development  "Large corporations can no longer focus only on economic performance, without paying attention to what is happening around them. It is our responsibility, to become involved in the social and societal lives of the countries where we do business".
  14. 14. CSR PRACTICES OF RENAULT  Renault has long been aware of its own social responsibility to its employees, its customers and the planet, and has actively taken this responsibility for many years. Creation of the Corporate Social Responsibility Department (DRSE) in May 2009 represents the continuation of this policy.  The CSR is a vehicle of progress for society and of performance for the company. It is the driving force and the guarantor of Renault’s commitment to responsible mobility.  The four major avenues of progress are education, safety, sustainable mobility and diversity. The ultimate goal is to minimize the negative impacts of the Group’s activities and to strengthen its positive contributions to the world in which it lives.
  15. 15. CSR REGARDING EMPLOYEES  Its main mission consists in making sure that societal matters are taken into consideration in the actions taken throughout the company. Its strategy is based on five priorities:  to act in favor of equal opportunities and access to sustainable mobility for all,  to encourage the responsible and united involvement of employees,  to support long-term responsible development in the regions where the company is established,  to inform and share with stakeholders and raise their awareness,  to develop expertise in social responsibility.
  16. 16. SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY an imperative for the earth  While there are more and more cars in the world, access to mobility remains unequal. Renault is working for the development of sustainable mobility that can be accessed by the greatest number, with a limited environmental impact.
  17. 17. ROAD SAFETY ON A MAJOR SCALE  Renault is a responsible carmaker that is committed to making the road a safer place for everyone. The Group mobilizes its experts and its know-how to improve the safety of all its vehicles, with significant results.
  18. 18. DIVERSITY as a lever for performance  Renault makes diversity one of the cornerstones of its social responsibility policy. This positive initiative has resulted in increasing numbers of women, disabled people and youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds in the company.
  19. 19. EDUCATION FOR ALL  As a global player, Renault encourages equal opportunities by promoting the professional integration of young people from all backgrounds and countries.
  21. 21. STANDARDIZATION AND LOCALIZATION  STANDARDIZATION o Product range o Product design o Manufacturing process  LOCALIZATION o Price o Consultancy o Production o hiring
  22. 22. CONCLUSION  Renault aims to reach a production of more than 200,000 units of electric vehicles by 2015-2016.  Concept cars are also great achievement of Renault company but it only happens because of Renault-Nissan alliance