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PayNet Mobile Banking Introduction 2017

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Overview of the mobile banking services provided by PayNet Systems Pvt Ltd www.paynet.pro. The presentation highlights our technology offerings and SAAS architecture that banks can use to create multiple services.

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PayNet Mobile Banking Introduction 2017

  1. 1. Introduction: Mobile Banking Services All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used in this document are for identification purposes only.
  2. 2. PayNet’s Advantages Service Uptime Guarantee • PayNet guarantees a 99.95% service availability. • Backed by commercial penalties. • Never face bandwidth or processing resource shortages. • All services hosted in a Tier-3 datacenter. • PayNet is PCI/DSS certified. • Audited quarterly to ensure compliance. • Ready to integrate with Visa/Master gateways. • Benchmarked by the industry’s most trusted QSA. 1 2 3 • Pay-As-You-Use model. • No hardware or AMC expenses. • Highly modular service bouquet. • Customers can integrate their own Apps, BI tools, and web UI.
  3. 3. PayNet Digital Banking Deliver a great Banking Experience to your Customers. “The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary.” - Sam Walton
  4. 4. Mobile Banking on PayNet Cost Reduction IT Security Revenue Enhancement Customer Experience Reduce Operational Overheads • Reduce branch office walk-ins. • Provide customer self-service tools. • Make information fast and easy to access. • Digitize and automate procedural tasks. • Reduce marketing costs with targeted ads over digital channels. Increase ARPU • Provide revenue generating services like top-up, bill pay, etc. • Earn commissions on retail payments via digital channels. • Create cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. • Push new services and products to customers. • Provide services at any location. Create Customer Delight • Enable anytime/anywhere banking. • Innovative and attractive apps make the banking experience relaxing and engaging. • Provide real-time updates on Customers money. • Provide customized notification and alert services. To Serve and Protect • Ensure compliance to latest banking security guidelines. • Provide multi-layered security to prevent and block malicious activities. • Perform regular 3rd party audits to maintain security levels.
  5. 5. Digital Banking Channels on PayNet User Management Services. How we help you focus on the Customer; increase engagement, and reduce churn. Conventional Banking Channels Branch Office Teller Net Banking ATM Cards Retail Mobile Banking Corporate Tablet Banking Affiliate/Agent Banking Mobile Money Wallets EMV POS Devices Closed Loop Cards PayNet Enabled Digital Channels Vouchers & Coupons Banking IT Infrastructure Core Banking System Card Management System ATM Switch Other Systems GhIPSS Services
  6. 6. Mobile App Features Fingerprint Log-In Fast, easy, and secure log-in. Geo-Location Services Locate ATM/Branch/Merchants/ Agents Pre-Login Services Skip the Log-in. Access balance check, top-up, bill pay like services without logging in. Meet Your Savings Goals Set-up targets, get reminders, and quick transfer money to your savings products. Track Your Spends Search and Filter Transaction records. Service Request Request services like check book, cards, card block on the App Customize Customize the app the way you want it, so your customers can bank with comfort and ease. PayNet Pro Services Tap-&-Pay, Scan-&-Pay, Companion Cards, OTP, etc. What you get with our Mobile Banking App
  7. 7. Mobile Banking Services User Management Services. How we help you focus on the Customer; increase engagement, and reduce churn. Banking Services • Balance and details of all products including savings, checking, credit cards, loans, deposits, etc. • Fund transfer services to accounts in same, and in other banks. • Scheduled payments for transfers, merchant payments, school fees, rents, etc. • Search and filter transactions based on types like Cheque, transfers, bills, deposits, etc. App Based Services • GPS based ATM, branch office, agent locator. • Alerts via SMS, e.Mail, and in-app notifications. • Fingerprint based authentication • Menu driven service requests for loans, cards, cheque books, and other bank services. • Favorites menu for quick access to frequently used transactions. User Management Services • eKYC and customer registration. • Targeted customer campaigns for loans, cards, and other special offers. • Create engaging loyalty programs and increase customer ARPU • Create user groups to provide varied quality of services.
  8. 8. PayNet Mobile Banking Apps • Go live in 45 days with our pre-built services. • Collaborate with our App design consultants, or design your own. • PayNet provides APIs for using advanced features like finger-print and face pattern scanning. • Intuitive and fresh App GUI’s provide the richest customer experience in the market. • Use phone camera and AI based OCR to capture card, ID, and other details. • PayNet Apps can be configured to work on data and SMS channels. All PayNet Apps comply with the latest PCI/DSS and EMV certification guidelines.
  9. 9. User Registration User Management Services. How we help you focus on the Customer; increase engagement, and reduce churn. Unlimited User Types • Create user groups based on customer profiles: Demographics, QoS, KYC, Organizational Role, Etc. • Offer Group-specific services: Discounts, promotions, loyalty programs, etc. • Focused BI & Reporting: Sharpen your analytics with highly focused data-sets and reports. Lifecycle Management • Workflow based user registration- activation-suspension management. • Rapid-onboarding using social log-in, biometrics, and ID. • BI tools to identify behavior patterns and initiate proactive measures. • Seamless group transitions and status management. API Based Services • Access global services via the PayNet API. • Keep your services relevant and up-to date. • Add new services with minimal go-to- market lags. • Create your own services for 3rd parties. Unlimited Products • PayNet provides one of the most customizable product creations suites in the world. • Wallets with interest functions like savings, deposits, loans, etc. • Multi-currency support for cross-border payments. • Rule based loyalty programs.
  10. 10. PayNet Cards Service Description The PayNet Cards module provides a complete suite of tools and services that make it possible for service providers to launch real and virtual card services. PayNet’s card module can be used along with our other services like wallets, mobile banking, and loyalty, or can be used as a stand-alone service with your existing platform via our APIs. Applications Business Benefits • Branding • Increased customer engagement • Access to additional services like POS, ATM, etc. • Explore new customer segments like campus cards for schools/colleges, corporate users. Types of Cards • NFC • Mag-stripe • Chip card • CVV1 & CVV2 Compliance • PCI/DSS • EMV • ISO/IEC 15693 NFC supported • 3DES Encryption on all cards Card Services • Stored value cards • Authentication cards • PIN and OTP cards • Pre-paid cards • Companion card for authenticating at Agent and Merchant POS. • Identification card (NFC/Chip) at school/college campuses. • Stored value card at food courts, school canteens, hospitals, and office complexes. • Virtual cards for eCommerce. • Visa/Master cards for access to larger digital networks. • Self branded closed loop cards • Visa/Master issue and acquire • Virtual cards • Co-branded cards
  11. 11. PayNet Loyalty Programs Loyalty Features On PayNet 🔅 Unlimited Points Types Create multiple point types with different labels and rules. 🔅 Points for Sign-up Welcome your customers with points creating a in-house motivator to sign-up and register. 🔅 Points For Usage Define formula based points awards for various usage activities. 🔅 Points For Loyalty Create rules for awarding points for factors like age-on-network. 🔅 Points For Occasions Use events like birthdays, festivals to trigger point awards for customers. 🔅 Control Point Expiry All points on the PayNet platform have a pre-set expiry date, and sweeping functions. 🔅 Co-Branded Points PayNet allows you to create special programs for merchant partners. 🔅 Point transfer and Conversion PayNet allows for transfer of points between customers, and conversion to money or other point schemes. 🔅 Multiple Redemption Options On PayNet the loyalty points can be redeemed in multiple ways like pay with points, purchase coupons, etc. 🔅 CRM Integration PayNet provides seamless integration with your CRM systems to integrate the customer experience and provide better information.
  12. 12. PayNet Scan-&-Pay Fast Secure Convenient PayNet’s QR code based scan and pay service feature enables banks to provide their customers with a easy way to make cashless payments at merchant locations. The solution can be deployed solely on smartphones eliminating the need for expensive POS devices. How does it work? Step 1: The merchant informs the customer of the amount to be paid. Step 2: The customer uses their PayNet app to scan the QR code displayed by the merchant. The QR can be displayed on digital screens or printed on large format paper for easy access. Step 3: The PayNet app scans and decodes the image auto-filling all required information like Merchant ID, account details, etc. Step 4: The Customer uses their mPIN/biometric to authorize the transaction. Step 5: PayNet completes the transaction performing all validations, and applying rules if any on the particular transaction. Step 6: The Customer and the Merchant are notified of the successful transaction.
  13. 13. PayNet Service Enhancements NFC Cards & Tags PayNet provides native support for NFC tokenization and authentication. PayNet is interoperable with all hardware NFC that follow the ISO protocols. QR Code Scan & Pay The PayNet platform provides support for dynamically generated QR codes ensuring security with a wide range of merchant applications. Financial Product Modelling The PayNet platform comes built with advanced financial product modelling tools like interest bearing accounts, loans and mortgages, overdrafts, group loans, and many more. EFT POS Support he platform comes with a wide array of features and functions to manage service peripheral devices like POS, mobile phones, tablets, etc. The platform provides entire inventory management for all business devices.
  14. 14. Digital Payment Ecosystem PayNet provides a full-feature platform for managing 100% payment applications for Branchless banking and Financial Inclusion organizations. Banking Services Admin Console Web Savings Accounts Loan Accounts Deposit Accounts Regulatory Compliance Reporting User Management Integration Management PayNet Services • Registration: KYC • Agent/Customer/merchant Groups • Roles & Permissions • Lifecycle Management • Document Management • Channel Access • Secure integrations • IP white-listing • Service access • Authentication rules • AML/CFT rules • API Management • NFC Cards • Chip Cards • Geo-location • Multi-currency • Payment vouchers • Social media integrations Access Services Mobile Apps External Services Service Enhancements Web ATM/ Kiosk Agents eCommerce Remittance Payment Gateways Cards ForEx Geo- Location
  15. 15. PayNet Security & Compliance “If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, you will be hacked. What's more, you deserve to be hacked” - Richard Clarke
  16. 16. PayNet Security Overview 1. Access Control Roles & Permissions • Role based platform access. • Combination of identifiers: User-name, email, mobile, PIN, tokens, etc. • Channel specific identifiers and passwords • Policy based password, and PIN management. Session Management 2. Data Handling • IP whitelisting for integrations, and admin log-ins. • No cookies for Session ID, platform uses local storage. • Configurable session time-out • Channel specific session authentication policy. • Traffic throttling and queuing for each channel. • Permission based access to stored data. • All data is stored in AES 128- bit and 256-bit key length • Access Clients with 64-bit key length • Bcrypt ‘salted’ SHA2 hash to store PINs and passwords. Request Handling • All requests are over SSL/TSL • Virtual keyboard with 128-bit encryption. • Logging of all request and activity. • OTP and transaction password policy. • 64-bit User ID hash Data Storage 3. Malicious Activity • Automated memory allocation to prevent buffer over-flow • JPA (via Eclipse-link) binds all queries to eliminate any SQL injection attack. • Input validation does not allow Canonicalization. • Server-side sanitization prevents XSS (persist) threats. • Log-in attempt limits reduce effectiveness of brute-force attacks. • Granular permission controls create big hurdles for Elevation of Privilege. • SSL/TSL and local session ID storage prevent man-in- middle, hijacking, and replay attacks. • Detailed time-stamp logging for all system logins. • Logging of all system changes with User-ID and time • Secure log-storage • Auto archival of legacy logs • Session logs maintain IP address, credentials Data StorageData Storage 4. Logging & Alerts Alerts • Configurable alerts for more than 50 event types. • Alerts over SMS and email. • Alerts can be sent to multiple addresses. • Alerts can be configured to initiate automated damage mitigation policies. Unlike legacy platforms PayNet does not store user credentials, card information, and usage data on mobile phones or mag-cards. All data is secured in SOC 3 certified data-centers. Presented below is an overview of the security features built into the PayNet SaaS Platform.
  17. 17. Security & Compliances PayNet Provides You On Of the Most Secure Service Delivery Ecosystems at a fraction of the cost.
  18. 18. Thank You!You can find us at www.paynet.pro “The value of an idea lies in the using of it.” - Thomas Edison