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Drip fund


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Drip fund

  1. 1. DripFund   12/6/2012  
  2. 2. Our  Goal   •  Solve  Global  Water  Scarcity  &  Food  Security   – Validate  model  in  California,  Texas,  and  Kansas   – Re-­‐apply  model  globally  
  3. 3. Problem   Lake  Mead  (2010  Drought)  
  4. 4. Freshwater  use  in  California   Source:  California  Department  of  Water  Resources  California  Water  Plan.  hSp://www.californiawater.org/docs/CIT_AWU_Report_v2.pdf     33.2  Million  Acre  Feet   (10.8  Trillion  gallons)  
  5. 5. 3.1  Million  Acre  Feet   (1  Trillion  gallons)    
  6. 6. Imperial  Valley:  500,000  Irrigated  Acres  
  7. 7. Flood  Irriga[on   (6  AF/Acre)   Sub-­‐Surface  Drip  Irriga[on   (4  AF/Acre)   SDI  reduces  water  consump[on  by  30%  and  increases   yields  by  20-­‐25%  due  to  reduced  water  logging   Technology  Solu[on:  Convert  to  SDI  
  8. 8. Conver[ng  50%  of  Gravity  (flood)  irrigated  field   crop  acreage  to  drip  solves  CA  water  issues  
  9. 9. Problems  with  adop[on   •  Heavy  resistance  to  adopt  new  irriga[on  technology   – 17  years  to  adopt  center  pivot  in  Nebraska  (even   with  a  <  3  year  payback)   – Educa[on  problem:  Owners  with  5,000+  acre   farms  and  low  water  costs  don’t  know  that  drip’s   core  return  is  driven  by  increased  yields  and   product  quality   – Financing  problem:  Some  farmers  find  it  difficult   to  get  financing  on  drip  irriga[on  equipment    
  10. 10. DripFund  Solu[on   •  New  model  for  customer  acquisi[on   –  “Acquire”  the  customer  through  a  sales-­‐leaseback  model   •  Gives  farmer  liquidity  without  taking  away  their  job   –  Install  drip  irriga[on  system  and  educate  grower  how  to   properly  use  and  maintain  the  system   –  Re-­‐sell  property  at  higher  valua[on  in  2-­‐3  years  aler   higher  yield  has  been  established  for  the  farm  
  11. 11. Farmland  Values  Are  Driven  By  Cash  Rent  
  12. 12. Land  Rents  Are  Driven  By  Produc[on  Poten[al  
  13. 13. Increasing  Alfalfa  Yield  By  25%  Increases  Net  Income  by  90%  
  14. 14. Result   •  Flood  irrigated  land  in  Imperial  Valley  is   undervalued  by  $3,000-­‐  $5,000/acre   – 400,000  Acres  of  flood  Irrigated  field  crops  are   undervalued  by  $1.2-­‐$2B   •  Fund  can  sit  on  improved  land  at  a  7-­‐9%  cap   rate  for  2-­‐3  years  to  demonstrate  yield   increase