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Social networking infographic

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The social networking landscape is changing and brands are under much pressure to fully grasp the landscape. Technavio shares what businesses can look forward to leveraging and avoiding in social networkin in the years ahead.

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Social networking infographic

  1. 1. In recent times, popular social networking websites have had a problem with how they collect, analyze, store and propagate the users’ personal data. But, the social media market continue to grow. Studies estimate that in 2019, there will be 2.77 billion social media users, up from the 2.46 billion confirmed users in 2017. Social networks are now used for small scale business and blog promotion, health and family communities and conversations. Has your brand adjusted? If your brand is comfortable with sharing financial information, especially that of customers, on social media, you need a major rethink! Also, the social networks may be better able to profile your customers than your own brand. Recent data breaches have become a major concern. INTEGRATION INTO THE MODERN LIFESTYLE PRIVACY CONCERNS SOCIAL MEDIA HAS EVOLVED Mediums that focus on local content hold an edge over an inclusive approach to news presentation. Smartphones aid the disbursion of localized content, and this is seen especially useful in case of large or small scale emergencies. In 2018, is it conceivably possible to build a full-fledged, organically popular and profitable social media platform, or is it imperative to leverage the big five? VIEW FULL BLOG: https://www.technavio.com/blog/social-networking- landscape-realignment GO LOCAL WHAT CAN YOUR BRAND LOOK FORWARD TO?