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Vehicle to Grid Powers the EV Revolution

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Download free report sample: https://www.technavio.com/report/global-vehicle-to-grid-market-analysis-share-2018
The vehicle to grid market has evolved to become a feasible investment for technology and clean energy investors. Backed by tech giants and researchers, the market is set to grow rapidly in the next few years.

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Vehicle to Grid Powers the EV Revolution

  1. 1. VEHICLE TO GRID TECH POWERS THE EV REVOLUTION Electric Vehicles Symbiotic with the V2G System M A Y E N E R G Y E D I T I O N THE POWER OF ELECTRIC Hybrid vehicles and completely electric vehicles are the perfect investment for the environmentally conscious consumer today. Moreover, however, electric vehicles are the missing piece of the almost utopian vehicle to grid puzzle. A vehicle generates several kilowatts of power which is wasted under usual comditions, but which can be harnessed by Vehicle to Grid technology to power homes or other machinery. THE HOW In theory, electric cars can create a two-way power supply system when connected to the grid to charge. However, it has not been easy or quick to design a holistic vehicle to grid system compatible with all electric vehicles and their docking and charging mechanisms. The dream to seamlessly produce enough energy to power parts of a smart city while driving eco-friendly electric or at least hybrid vehicles is not as far-fetched anymore.
  2. 2. REALLY SMART, OR TOO FANTASTIC? The concept of vehicle to grid power has been under testing by world-class universities inn collaboration with automotive giants to verify the feasibility of the power source. Of course it seems too good to be true, but it may soon move into the realm of reality. With electric vehicles finding such passionate followership and the entrance of tech giants into the picture, the� vehicle to grid system looks like a viable approach. With several companies taking commitment to environmental concerns seriously, the market has received highly increased investments. Vehicle to grid technology depends on the power generated by vehicles being recycled to power the rest of the system and with the commercial development of electric vehicles and the associated charging stations, the commerce of the situation seems likely to look up. This almost too easy, but still fantastical project is now being seen as less of a potential disruptor and more of an engineering necessity. Most smart cities especially in BRICS nations remain a pipe dream, but once the technology integrates into real life, it is likely that regulations follow suit, across the world. G E T V 2 G R E P O R T S A M P L E F R E E L I N K I N D E S C R I P T I O N Below: A representation of how the vehicle to grid technology would work