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A Drivers Saga – Mastering Windows Deployment

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A Drivers Saga – Mastering Windows Deployment

  1. 1. A Drivers Saga: The Control FreakMeets the Dynamic DeveloperJohan ArwidmarkChief Technical Architect, Knowledge Factory
  2. 2. NOW! Q&A The Tools Driver Babble
  3. 3. General Driver Challenges• Challenges – Multiple packaging methods – Driver Applications – New versions may drop support for old devices – Badly-formed drivers (INFs) – Two-tier drivers (bus drivers)• There is hope – OEMs starting to pick up…
  4. 4. demoFinding drivers
  5. 5. General Driver Challenges• Challenges: – A constantly changing list of “supported” hardware – Rapidly-changing PC hardware – “Configuration of the day” vendors – Chipsets – Intel vs. AMD• Infrastructure Optimization, standardization – Maybe even less frequent purchases
  6. 6. General Driver SolutionsWhat approach to take • “Chaos” • “Control freak” – Throw them all in, let the system – Explicitly configure what drivers and/or Windows figure it out should be used for each model – Simplifies administration, repository – Addresses supportability concerns, management compatibility issues
  7. 7. Windows Drivers• Boot Image Drivers – Primarily Nic & Storage – Windows PE 4.0 uses Windows 8 drivers• Operating System Drivers – All drivers
  8. 8. Drivers in MDT 2012 (LiteTouch)• Deployment Share holds driver repository – Import – Folders – Selection profiles – Inject Drivers• Designed to be dynamic – Rules-based process to help filter
  9. 9. demoMDT 2012 Lite TouchDriver Management
  10. 10. ConfigMgr 2012 Drivers• Driver catalog• Auto apply drivers – Drivers are matched by PnP ID• Apply driver package – Only the specified package is used – Only choice for XP/2003 mass storage drivers
  11. 11. demoConfigMgr 2012 SP1drivers
  12. 12. Drivers Tips & Tricks• Unsigned versus signed drivers• Understanding driver ranking• Troubleshooting Driver Infs• Scratchspace• Drivers as Applications – BlueTooth, QLB, Mobile Broadband, Biometric• Hybrid Scenarios
  13. 13. demoDrivers tips and tricks
  14. 14. Resources –Trainings, Videos, booksdeploymentartist.com