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Retail Mobility

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Our Retail Mobility solution can extend the reach, improve your supply chain, and there by enhanced customer services. Mobile can be used to take sales orders, process payments, and track the shipments.

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Retail Mobility

  1. 1. Business With Complete Freedom Enterprise Mobility Retail on Mobile -Omni Retailer (Mobile) Document Management Electronic Commerce TECHNOLABS
  2. 2. Dual u. mm »nu InIl$ man : Annan Manage your retail with more ease using Omni Retailer, a Point of Sale Application for your Smartphone. Reduce CAPEX on expensive handheld, instantly empower your sales team with anywhere and anytime retail. POS on Android & iPhone Omni Retailer is a mobile POS application when run on Android or Iphone, enables you scan barcodes, swipe credit/ debit cards, print receipts. Achieve sales and customer delivery with more freedom and flexibility. Your product segment can be anything like consumer products to industry equipment. Friendly Features Omni Retailer completes transact-ions from an iPhone or Android, including scanning, looking up Stock, billing, applying deals, adding customer information, accept-ing payment through cash, check, credit or debit card. You can also pull the old bills, modify them with new entries and achieve sales transaction. Still more friendly and intuitive is Omni Retailer, which allows you configure your Smartphone for email, SMS, Payment Gateway and Web server. You can message [SMS] the bills to customer's mobile, connect to network printer to print your bills. Friendly integration with remote servers Omni Retailer uses Web services to connect to your server infrastructure at a remote office location using Internet connectivity on your smartphone. Integration to your existing infrastructure delivers convenience at off-site sales such as external sales camps, tradeshows, and makeshift sales point during peak hours. Not just your employees you can empower your agents, associates, channel partners and any similar stakeholders with Omni Retialer and increase your business revenues. wwwjechnolubssoflworexom | USA | UK | lNDIA| UAE |
  3. 3. Features: Billing Create new bills, modify old ones with new details, scan bills, email or SMS chosen bills to your customer. Payment Receive payment through cash, cheque, credit or debit card through secure payment gateway. You can configure choice of payment gateways VISA or Mastercard using 'Configuration' option anytime. Deals Improve sales promptly applying deals. Dynamically configure your application for deals. Sales personnel or your customers would find instant reminders on available deals, You may also search for past deals based on SKU ID, date, price of product, and quantity. Stock: Look up for available stock. search for stock by product name, SKU ID, quantity or price of the product. The stock position enables you exhaust any pending goods through stock diversion or delivery against instant order by your retailers. Reports Lookup for sales and order reports at the end of the day or with any search criteria like bill date, bill number, bill amount, due amount, order date, order number or order amount, Orders Create new orders for instant delivery. Lookup for previous orders or search for completed or pending orders through varied search options. Configuration configure your iPhone or Android for email, SMS gateway, Payment gateway and webserver domain. lllllllll lll mm rr wm-un-wvmm' smal' m: ;grcnugâggg llll. l.llljli lll ll www lvclilioltll)»snllv/ oiii (om USA UK INDIA UAF
  4. 4. Coupons 11 Gm Vouchers ä» Loyalty Supports a barcode standards Loyalty Cards (mobile based) _ _ Billing Shop/ Store Owner needs Just a Mobile Cloud hosted inventory and store Regular Technology Upgrades Any time customer support cloud Service on subscription basis N ; n Enabled for mobile payment Send bills through SMS Apply offers, deals, and discourits No additional device required at hilling counter Verify stocks from any where Search Stock Value of any Product Get alerts on specific stocks 24W C10" d with very performance One solution for both retailer and customer "å" “- Available on Android and iPhone 5 U F? l Secure cloud bo host your business Download the Mobile application for shopping Get deals and offers through SMS _ Deals Use gift vouchers, coupons, and loyalty cards. | :|_| _|_| j| Web Application to manage your stores and Inventory EDI and XML Support Technologies _ Scan and order the goods Secure and encrypted data transfer B°°k orders fmm any where Greater Performance over 2G above Track Pendmg 073675 Multningüal support orders Search and Track order status Order processing at backend/ cloud Get evaluation copy to test and experience Integrate with BzB Available as cloud or individual implementation . . _ A Licensing saies Cloud recurnng service charges are extra -' Orders p Product and Store speciñc "i Reports Counter and User based ° Wastage and Expiry Manågüe Inventory Omni Retailer - Features at one glance wwwtecNHolubüoFMcre : om USA u›< wmA UAE
  5. 5. Images of Omni Retailer TechnoLabs Software Services Pvt Ltd WWHOWMÖMWJO_to 8-2-293/82/A-120, Road No.70, Iubilee Hills, Hyderabad, INDIA USA UK . Nam Contact : 040 23552769 business@technolabssoftware. com