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Southeast Asia's Top 75 FinTech Startups Report

FinTech sector has globally seen substantial growth over recent years. What's about the FinTechs in Southeast Asia? Who are they? and how are they doing?

Our research shows an engrossing extension of fintech startups which are a combination of technology and financial services resulting in the rise of a disruption taking place in the services industry.

The companies mentioned in the report are just one dimension of the changes in technology and financial services, where creativity is the key to build traction, to attract capital gain and to put consumer demands as the center of business.

The 75 Fintech Startups are entrepreneurial ventures which are typically newly emerged, fast-growing businesses, aiming to meet a marketplace need by developing or offering innovative products, processes or services. These companies are typically involved in the design and implementation of the innovative processes of development, validation and research for target markets.

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Southeast Asia's Top 75 FinTech Startups Report

  2. 2. WELCOME TO SEA’s FINTECHS REPORT You are reading the annual ‘Southeast Asia’s Fintech Startups’ report which provides the rising startups from 7 countries in Southeast Asia; Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Southeast Asia is an emerging market of tech startups, specially fintechs. Due to this growing fintech scenario in the region, we decided to introduce you with this report which gives you a chance to know about the region's top players. In this report you will find out about the key fintech trends of the region, active VCs, top fintech categories, country wise fintech activities and lastly about the Top 75 fintechs in the region showing great impact in their countries and beyond border. 2
  3. 3. WHO ARE WE? 3 About Techsauce About RUAMKID Techsauce is the leading source of all tech and business news in Thailand and Southeast Asia. The company has a mission to drive startup ecosystem of the region through its expertise in media as well as events and community called Techsauce Global Summit. RUAMKID is the specialist marketing research consulting, which comprises of profession researchers, marketers and brand communication planners who possess over 10 years of experiences toward more than 100 brands in total for both global and local clients.
  4. 4. TABLE OF CONTENTS Fintech Trends in Southeast Asia Our Selection Criteria Fintech Density by Country Fintech Density by Category Countrywise Category Matrix of Companies Executive Summary List of Top 75 Fintechs Glossary 4 PageTopic 5 6 7 8 9 10 11-86 87-90
  5. 5. FINTECH TRENDS IN SOUTHEAST ASIA 1. While core technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Biometric are being watched by business sectors, the number of startups that can focus working on this kind of core techs is still limited. This fact makes those startups more attractive to investors. 2. Each country has been starting to launch its national regulatory sandbox as one of the tools to help its regulator monitors the movement of these new use cases. 3. Many of the fintechs have mandates to work with regulators or banks, so scaling and expanding outside their home countries may not be so fast for these fintechs as startups in other industries. 4. The entry of Ant Financial into Southeast Asia requires the fintech startups that provide overlapped services to adapt themselves quickly. Its investment in Ascend Money of CP group shows an example of unfair advantage from giants. 5
  6. 6. The Top 75 Fintech Startups have been selected based on three factors. The report mentioned both established companies which address three factors mentioned below as well as rising stars which focus more on the mentioned X-factors. 6 Total capital raised Business expansion to other countries X-factor: Socially Proven such as partnership with big enterprises ex. Financial Institute, Telco etc. Market leader Business model innovation Traction OUR SELECTION CRITERIA
  7. 7. The report shows the rise of appealing fintech startup players in these countries in Southeast Asia. The emergence of fintech startups in many countries in Southeast Asia continued these couple years, with Singapore- based startup companies taking the highlight in the existing list. 3 14 4 31 8 6 9 7 DENSITY BY COUNTRY
  9. 9. COUNTRYWISE CATEGORY MATRIX 9 Indonesia Malaysia Myanmar Philippines Singapore Thailand Vietnam Total Accounting Software 1 1 1 3 Bitcoin/Blockchain 1 5 6 Financial Comparison 2 2 2 2 2 1 11 Financial Lending 2 3 1 6 Financial/Business Tool 4 4 Insurance 1 1 Investment Research 1 1 Payment/Mobile Wallet 3 2 3 3 12 5 4 32 Personal Finance 1 2 3 Retail investment 1 4 3 8 Total 9 4 3 6 32 14 7 75
  10. 10. REPORT’s EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1. The key fintech category still remains Payment/Mobile wallet. Financial comparison services and retail investment are another popular categories. 2. Fintech is still a comparatively new economy in Southeast Asia. There are many fintech categories that not yet appear in some countries e.g. Myanmar is still limited to the mobile wallet only. 3. Singapore has the most vareity of fintech startups and still rules on the Blockchain/Bitcoin category so far. 4. About 11% of companies in the report have secured more than $20M funding each, And more than 20% of the companies have secured funding in between $3M-$18M. 5. Golden Gate Ventures, 500 startups and East Ventures have been very active investors in the Southeast Asian Fintech scene. Recently Alibaba’s financial subsidiary Ant financial has also invested substantially in Ascend Money (Thailand). 6. More than 50% of these companies have gone beyond border and almost 30% of them have operations beyond Southeast Asia. 10
  11. 11. About The List • The companies in this report are presented in alphabetical order. This does not depict any sort of ranking. • The data comes from both primary and secondary sources. • We have mentioned descriptions about every company briefly on what they are doing, what problem they are solving by doing it. • We have also tried to give emphasis on the country expansions of the businesses and some companies have done exceedingly well in crossing the boarders. • Finally we have mentioned these company’s investment round and Series by Size. 11
  12. 12. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description 1Pay is a mobile payment platform that enables consumers and vendors to manage all their payment needs from one platform. Merchants go to the 1Pay website , create an account, and get access to the API key and SDK to integrate payment via mobile for their games, content, or mobile apps. People buy things from their mobile phones with 1Pay, and then merchants check and collect all their sales in a dashboard provided by 1Pay. Year founded 2013 Operating countries Website https://1pay.vn/ Headquarters location Hanoi, Vietnam Vietnam,Indonesia Key people Co-Founder Nguyễn Minh Quang Category Payment/Mobile wallets Undisclosed #1 12
  13. 13. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description 2C2P enables payment acceptance through credit and debit cards, as well as through bank channels such as ATMs, internet banking and mobile banking. It also facilitates cash acceptance via payment counters, an important feature in SEA, a region characterized by low card penetration. With 2C2P’s payment services, retailers and merchants worldwide can now transact with both banked and unbanked customers in Southeast Asia. Year founded 2003 Operating countries Website www.2c2p.com Headquarters location Singapore Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Hong Kong, the Netherlands Category Payment/Mobile Wallets $18 millions, Series C #2 Aung Kyaw Moe Founder & Group CEO Piyachart Ratanaprasartporn CEO, 2C2P Thailand Key people Investors GMO Venture, DMP, Amun Capital 13
  14. 14. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description aBorrow.com is an online comparable loan platform which helps online users find the most suitable loan from many different financial institutions and save them from all loan finding hassles from online to brick and mortar. In Thailand, there are up to 83 financial institutions offering loans with interest rate ranging from 6-36%. aBorrow.com offers an online platform to users who want to find the perfect loan deal for them. aBorrow.com is now partnering with up to 10 financial institutions. And believes that personal loans are very interesting in the financial environment with a market value of 320 billion baht. And in the next phases, they will be offering mortgage loans representing a market value of 3,300, car loans representing a market value of 4,500, and SME loans representing a market value of 880 billion baht respectively. Year founded 2016 Bangkok, Thailand Category Financial Comparison Undisclosed 14 Woraphop Viriyaroj CEO and Co-founder Cholathit Khueankaew CTO and Co-founder
  15. 15. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Active.ai, uses artificial intelligence to automate customer interactions for financial services. Year founded 2016 Operating countries Website http://active.ai/ Headquarters location Singapore Singapore Key people Founders Ravi Shankar Shankar Narayanan Parikshit Paspulati Category Financial/Business Tool Investors IDG Ventures and Kalaari Capitals $3M, Series A 15
  16. 16. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Ascend Money is a newly established business unit of Ascend Group, which was established in early 2015 as a spin-off from True Corporation, one of Thailand's top three telecommunications operators. Ascend Money provides financial solution for both banked and unbanked. It has built a regional network of agents providing cash-in and cash-out services, especially valuable for unbanked populations. It has proper e-money licenses to operate financial services in all of Southeast Asia’s key markets. This year Ascend Money has reached to over 20 million digital financial service users. Of the total, 4 million are to be e-wallet users. The company expects its e-wallet users to reach 7 million in 2017. Ascend Money is aiming to acquire 100 million customers by 2020 and to establish itself as the largest financial services provider in Southeast Asia. Year founded 2015 Operating countries Website www.ascendcorp.com/money/ Headquarters location Bangkok, Thailand Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar. Key people Category Payment/Mobile Wallets Investors True corporation, Ant financial 5 CEO Pannamas Vichitkulwonasa Undisclosed 16
  17. 17. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Ayannah is a leading provider of digital financial services to the world's emerging middle class, most of whom are migrants or unbanked coming from the base of the pyramid. For unbanked residents in emerging markets, they provide affordable and accessible digital commerce and payment services to spur financial inclusion and literacy, and give access to products and services that improve quality of life. For unbanked migrants, Ayannah provides greater control over their hard-earned remittances by helping them find better ways to support their beneficiaries in their home countries Year founded 2008 Operating countries Website www.ayannah.com Headquarters location Philippines Philippines, China, japan. Key people Category Payment/Mobile Wallets. Investors 500 Startups, BEENEXT, Beenos Partners, Golden Gate Ventures, GREE Ventures,IMJ Investment Partners Pte. Ltd, Life.SREDA, Wavemaker Partners $7.5M, Series B 6 Mikko Perez CEO Dicky Alikpala Head of Business Development JP Alcala Head of Engineering 17
  18. 18. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description The largest financial comparison platform in Vietnam for housing and car loans. Bank Go helps borrowers to search, compare and connect to banks. Year founded 2016 Operating countries Website http://bankgo.com Headquarters location Hanoi, Vietnam Vietnam Key people Hung Vu - CEO Hai Nguyen - CPO Kien Ha - CTO Cong Tran - Vice Chairman Category Financial Comparison Undisclosed, seed 7 18
  19. 19. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Established 07/2010 and is built in the model of payment system Paypal. Bao Kim E-Commerce JSC provides online payment services. Bao Kim E-Commerce JSC is a subsidiary of Vatgia.com. Year founded 2010 Operating countries Website http://www.baokim.vn Headquarters location Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Vietnam Key people CEO Nguyễn Trung Đức Category Payment/Mobile wallets Investors Cyber Agent Ventures 8 Undisclosed 19
  20. 20. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Since their founding in early 2013, the BitX vision has been very clear: to make money frictionless and universally accessible. BitX is a cryptocurrency platform that offers bitcoin products and services to consumers, businesses, and developers. BitX is doing this by building an intelligent and open global financial platform, leveraging the most optimal technologies available, including the blockchain. Year founded 2013 Operating countries Website https://bitx.co Headquarters location Singapore Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, South Africa Key people Category Bitcoin/Blockchain Investors Carol Realini, Digital Currency Group, Barry Silbert, PayU, Venturra Capital 9 Marcus Swanepoel, CEO Timothy Stranex, CTO Pieter Heyns, Co-founder Carel van Wyk, Co-founder Vijay Ayyar, Head of Business Development Werner van Rooyen, Business Development & Growth $8.8M, Series A 20
  21. 21. Description Bluzelle provides blockchain powered applications for banks and insurance companies to improve their business operations. Their platform has real-time payments, smart contracts, and records management built in. They tap into all Blockchain protocols (i.e. Ethereum, Ripple) and integrate the most relevant parts for our solution. This gives the financial institution the best type of product without having to deal with the plumbing behind it. They build fast, agile and adaptive blockchain solutions for the finance industry. Giving finance-related firms products to leverage this break- through technology. This reduces their costs, time and mitigates risk. Category Bitcoin/Blockchain Undisclosed HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Year founded 2014 Website Headquarters location Singapore Singapore Key people Pavel Bains, CEO Neeraj Murarka, CTO 10 http://bluzelle.com/ Operating countries 21
  22. 22. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Call Levels is a FinTech company that provides financial markets price monitoring & alerts for over 10,000 assets, including Stocks, Forex, Commodities, Futures & Bitcoin. Over 200,000 users globally use Call Levels to track the financial markets with real time alerts sent directly to their mobile phone & inbox. Year founded 2014 Operating countries Website www.call-levels.com Headquarters location Singapore Singapore, Hong Kong Key people Category Retail Investment Investors Koh Boon Hwee, Timothy Teo, 500 Startups, Prizm Group, Lippo Group and other various angel investors who were ex-finance professionals from Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, GIC and DBS. 11 Daniel Chia, Co-founder Cynthia Siantar, Co-founder $1.3M, Series Undisclosed 22
  23. 23. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Capital Match is a leading marketplace lending and invoice financing platform in Singapore with more than S$25m of facilities processed in the last 2 years. Year founded 2014 Operating countries Website www.capital-match.com Headquarters location Singapore Singapore Key people Founder and CEO Pawel Kuznicki Category Financial Lending S$1.7m, Series Undisclosed 12 Investors Crystal Horse Investments, Innosight, Dymon Asia Capital 23
  24. 24. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description CekAja.com is information and comparison portal services are neutral and trustworthy to help the people of Indonesia to make smart financial decisions. CekAja.com provides online portal that offers information services enabling individuals to make smart financial decisions. Year founded 2013 Operating countries Website https://www.cekaja.com/ Headquarters location Indonesia Indonesia, Philippines Key people CEO and Co-Founder John Patrick Ellis Category Financial Comparsison Investors Telstra Ventures, Monk’s Hill Ventures, Kejora Ventures, Captii Ventures, Altitude Partners, Jasrag Investments, and several individual investors. Undisclosed, Series B 24
  25. 25. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Cermati is a technology startup that engages in the Indonesian financial technology area. The initial aim of Cermati is to use technology to make financial information more available and more useful to everyone and to enable people to take control of their financial situation and save a lot of money by doing so Year founded 2015 Operating countries Website www.cermati.com Headquarters location Jakarta, Indonesia Indonesia Key people Co Founders Andhy Koesnandar Oby Sumampouw Category Financial comparison $1.9M, Series A Investors Beenos Partners, East Venture. 25
  26. 26. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Claim Di is a mobile application for facilitating communication and claims between drivers and their insurance companies. Year founded 2000 Operating countries Website www.claimdi.com Headquarters location Bangkok, Thailand Indonesia, Thailand Key people Founder Kittinan Anuphan Category Insurance Investors Cyber Agent Ventures, DTAC, 500 Startup, Golden Gate ventures $2.4M, Series A 26
  27. 27. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Coda payments accept payments from cardless customers across Southeast Asia with just one connection. CopaPay provides an alternative payment gateway serving Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, and Taiwan. Year founded 2011 Operating countries Website www.codapay.com Headquarters location Singapore Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia Key people Category Payment/Mobile Wallets Investors Accion Venture Lab, Cyber Agent Ventures, DMP VC, GMO Venture Partners, Golden Gate Ventures, IMJ Investment Partners Pte. Ltd., Rakuten, Toivo Annus Bobby Choi, Co-founder & CTO Neil Davidsob, Co-founder & CEO Paul Leishmen, Co-founder & President $5.2 M, Series A 27
  28. 28. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Helping SMEs and high-growth startups make payouts and payrolls. CoinPip offers a great solution to the high volume of expensive and unpredictable small payments to vendors and partners in ASEAN. CoinPip solves the hassle and costs international transfers by helping companies make mass payments and payouts for 2% or less transaction fee and sends in less than two business days; no FX and minimum charges. Year founded 2014 Operating countries Website www.coinpip.com Headquarters location Singapore Over 40 countries across EU and SEA Key people Category Payment/Mobile Wallets Investors 500 Startups, and BasicVC from China Over 600K, Series Undisclosed Alexander Angerer Co-founder, Chief Hustler Anson Zeall , Co-founder/CEO 28
  29. 29. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Founded in June of 2014, Coins makes money transfer frictionless and accessible to everyone through the use of mobile devices and Blockchain technology. Because in Southeast Asia, only 40% of the 600+ million people living here have bank accounts, and less than 5% have credit cards, even banked customers have access to very limited services compared to developed markets, Coins provides the easiest way to pay and get paid for everyone. Year founded 2014 Operating countries Website www.coins.co.th www.coins.ph Headquarters location Pasig City, Philippines Thailand and Philippines. Key people Ron Hose Co-founder and CEO - PH Runar Petursson Co-founder and CTO - PH Jirayut Srupsrisopa Co-founder and CEO - TH Category Bitcoin/Blockchain Undisclosed 29
  30. 30. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Crowdo is a regional fintech startup offering a full portfolio of peer to business lending and equity crowdfunding solutions with operations in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. Crowdo is creating an online financing platform to connect Southeast Asia Country businesses, which face difficulties in fundraising, with global investor communities. Year founded 2012 Operating countries Website https://www.crowdo.com/ Headquarters location Singapore Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia Key people Category Financial Lending Investors High Networth Individuals and Professional Investors Leo Shimada, Co-founder & CEO Nicola Castelnuovo, Co-founder & CCO Pre-Series A 30
  31. 31. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description World’s first social e-wallet that you can make a payment anytime and anywhere even when you don’t have your money in the wallet. Thailand’s largest issuer of white-label wallets to leading corporations. Year founded 2012 Operating countries Website www.atdeeppocket.com/en Headquarters location Bangkok, Thailand Thailand Key people Category Payment/Mobile Wallets. Pre Series A 20 Taweechai Pureetip Natwut Amornvivat Charatpong Chotigavanich 31
  32. 32. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Digio is a Unified Payment Technology Provider for financial institutes. The platform comprise of the acceptance for all kind of international, local card schemes, and e-wallets and also make it be available across all channels both offline and online payment Year founded 2012 Operating countries Website www.digio.co.th Headquarters location Bangkok Thailand Thailand, Myanmar Key people Nopphorn Danchainam, Managing Director Huy Ngo, Founder & CEO Category Payment/Mobile wallets Investors Hung Dinh, Founder of JoomlArt & DesignBold Undisclosed, Seeds 21 32
  33. 33. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description DOKU is Indonesia’s pioneer e-payment platform. Mainly business is Internet Payment Gateway, providing online internet payment solution to e-commerce, b2c, and retailing and even to b2b business concepts. Doku is the first electronic payment and Risk Company in Indonesia Year founded 2007 Operating countries Website http://doku.com/id Headquarters location JAKARTA, Indonesia Indonesia. Category Payment/Mobile Wallets Undisclosed Key people Founder and COO Nabilah Alsagoff 33
  34. 34. Description Dragon Wealth offers the world’s first marketing in a box’ designed specifically for financial advisors to connect more easily and more often to new and current investors. Dragon Wealth provides social wealth management advice, advice that matters, cloud computing, big data and client analytics, digital wealth management etc. Year founded 2013 Operating countries Website www.dragonwealth.net Headquarters location Singapore Singapore Key people Category Retail Investment Investor Startup bootcamp Singapore $15.93k, Seeds Bert-Jan van Essen, Founder,CEO Vihang Patel, CTO 34
  35. 35. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description EasyPay was founded in 2012 with an ambition to provide payment solutions for the local needs. EasyPay operates mobile money payment. It enables merchants to authorize, settle and manage Direct Debit Bank Account and electronic transaction via websites through secure channels. Year founded 2012 Operating countries Website http://www.easypay.com.mm Headquarters location Yangoon, Myanmar Myanmar Key people CEO Soe Ko Ko Category Payment/Mobile Wallets 3 million USD initial funding to start the company , Series Undisclosed Investors Myanmar Mobile Money, Innwa Bank 35
  36. 36. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description eCompareMo.com is the country’s leading financial comparison website for people who are looking for a quick, secure, and complete information about the leading financial products in the market. eCompareMo.com provides online portal that offers information services enabling individuals to make smart financial decisions. Customers are provided with detailed specifications regarding credit card, banking, insurance, and broadband products available in the Philippines Year founded 2013 Operating countries Website https://www.ecomparemo.com Headquarters location Philippines Philippines, Indonesia Key people Category Financial Comparison Investors Telstra Ventures, Monk’s Hill Ventures, Kejora Ventures, Captii Ventures, Altitude Partners, Jasrag Investments, and several individual investors Undisclosed, Series B CEO and Co-founder John Patrick Ellis 36
  37. 37. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Fastacash™ provides a global social payments platform which allows users to transfer value (money, airtime, other tokens of value, etc.) along with digital content (photos, videos, audio, messages, etc.) through social networks and messaging platforms. The company has developed a patent pending link generation technology that enables the value transfer with a secure link. Year founded 2012 Operating countries Website www.fastacash.com Headquarters location Singapore Southeast Asia, India, South Africa, Singapore Key people Category Payment/Mobile Wallets Investors Jagdish Chanrai Venture, Jungle Ventures, Amit Anand, Life.SREDA, Rising Dragon Singapore Pte Ltd, Spring SEEDS Capital, Spring Singapore, UVM 2 Venture Investments Vince Tallent, Chairman & CEO Shankar Narayanan, Co-Founder & CIO Michael Wee, Co-Founder, CCO Radhika Angara, CMO Peter Harkin, CFO Mark Carter, CCO $23.5 M, Series B 37
  38. 38. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description FinAccel is a financial technology company creating disruptive and meaningful products in retail credit for Southeast Asia, the 7th largest economy in the world and home to nearly 10% of the world's population. With an allstar team of investors, founders and employees, FinAccel is currently focused on disruption in the unsecured lending space. Year founded 2015 Operating countries Website http://www.finaccel.co/ Headquarters location Jakarta, Indonesia Indonesia, Singapore Key people Category Financial Lending Investors 500 Startups, Alpha JWC Ventures, Amar Goel, Jerry Yeu, Jungle Ventures, Amit Anand, Mathieu Harding, Prashant Kirtane Akshay Garg, Co-Founder and CEO, Umang Rustagi, Co-founder and COO $1.1 M, Seed 38
  39. 39. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description FINNOMENA’s goal is to unlock the investment potential in majority of Thai people who have little time or investment-know-how to grow wealth. FINNOMENA provides extraordinary tools and unbiased knowledge and advisory needed in investing and personal financial planning. Year founded 2015 Operating countries Website http://finnomena.com Headquarters location Bangkok, Thailand Thailand Key people Category Retail Investments Investors 500 Startups, dtac Accelerate Undisclosed, Seeds Jessada Sookdhis, Co-founder Chayanon Rakkanjanan, Co-founder Phongthorn Thavontanakul, CEO Ohm Attaphong Rattanaveerachanon, CTO Gab Noppawat Muktabhant, Chief UX Designer 39
  40. 40. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Flow Account offers an easy cloud-based accounting system that is tailored for small businesses in Thailand. Flow Account gives the simple tools to help organize basic invoicing and accounting needs such as creating a quotation, billing note, invoice, and receipt. Other services include financial reports and summaries, transaction tracking, and products list management. Year founded 2015 Operating countries Website https://flowaccount.com/en Headquarters location Bangkok, Thailand Thailand Key people Category Accounting Software Norwich Sri Guru. Founding partner Kridsada Chutinaton, Co-founder Undisclosed 40
  41. 41. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Funding Societies is a friendly online peer-to-peer lending marketplace for SMEs to acquire loans and fuel their growth through investor funding. Funding Societies operates online marketplace platform that matches SME borrowers to retail & institutional investors invest into business loans. Year founded 2015 Operating countries Website www.fundingsocieties.com Headquarters location Singapore Indonesia, Singapore Key people Kelvin Teo, Co-Founder & CEO Reynold Wijaya , Co-Founder Vikas Jain, Marketing Director Category Financial Lending S$10M Series A, Sequoia Capital 30 Investors Retail investors & local SMEs 41
  42. 42. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description GoBear is a free, unbiased, mobile-friendly and easy-to- use financial metasearch site for consumers to compare insurance, credit cards, loans and other financial products. GoBear aims to help collect as well as simplify information and make comparisons easier and more transparent. From its establishment in 2014, the company has been trusted by more than 6 million users across Southeast Asia and will continue to put its heart and soul into improving its products so that it will be the number one financial metasearch in Asia. Year founded 2014 Operating countries Website www.gobear.com Headquarters location Singapore Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Phillipines, Vietnam Key people Category Financial Comparison (Financial Metasearch) 31 Andre Hesselink, CEO of GoBear Singapore (Headquarters) Synn Navamananda, Country Director of GoBear Thailand Undisclosed 42
  43. 43. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description iMoney.my offers financial services and referral business. iMoney.my operates its business to compare credit cards, loans, broadband and insurance by providing consumers with the convenience of online comparison and the benefit of telephone-based advice. iMoney uses technology to offer consumers a free analysis of their product needs followed by a comprehensive review of products from its product provider panel. Year founded 2012 Operating countries Website https://www.imoney.my/ Headquarters location Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Malaysia,Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Thailand Key people Edmund Kwok, Co-founder, Group CTO Ching Wei Lee, Co-founder and CEO Bruno Araujo, CRO Category Financial Comparison Investors 500 Startups, Asia Venture Group, ECONA AG, Fenox Venture Capital, Jungle Ventures, Amit Anand, Rebright Partners, Vogel Ventures $6.5M, Series B 43
  44. 44. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description iTAX is the leading personal income tax solutions in Thailand. Its mission is to help people get their taxes done right, with the BIGGEST refund. Users can rest assured that the constantly changing tax laws and regulations will be taken care of. iTAX helps users to save time on preparing tax documents, optimizes all conditions to get the maximum tax refund, and provides the best advice on tax-saving products. iTAX provides both individual and corporate solutions for payroll, payroll tax, and employees' benefits. Year founded 2012 Operating countries Website https://www.itax.in.th/ Headquarters location Bangkok, Thailand Thailand Key people Dr.Thuntee Sukchotrat , CEO Dr.Yutthana Srisavat (General Counsel) Torsak Chaiwattanaphong, CTO Chanyanont Loha-unchit , CDO Dr.Warong Sukchotrat, Head of Economics Department Category Personal Finance Management Undisclosed, Pre-Series A 44
  45. 45. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Jirnexu provides technology solutions and services to banks and insurance companies to enable them to acquire customers anytime, anywhere and on any device. Because banks and insurance companies in emerging markets still rely on traditional sales channels and practices and when these institutions have tried to distribute their products on digital channels, they generally try to apply processes from traditional channels resulting in terrible customer experience and poor ROI on digital investments. Jirnexu’s Xpress Apply solution is a proven out-of-the-box platform that enables banks and insurance companies to distribute products and acquire customers digitally. Year founded 2012 Operating countries Website https://jirnexu.com/ Headquarters location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Malaysia ,Indonesia Key people Category Financial Comparison Investors DMP, Celebes Group, NTT Docomo Ventures, Nullabor, Tuas Capital Partners Siew Yuen Tuck, CEO Hann Liew, CFO James Barnes, COO Cedric Vivier, CTO Lucas Ooi , CCO James Wong Chief Business Development Officer USD3m Series A 45
  46. 46. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Jitta is an intelligent investing solution that simplifies fundamental stock analysis and speeds up value-stock discovery around the globe. Jitta Ranking, our algorithm that ranks stocks based on investment potential, has been outperforming S&P 500 and Dow Jones by 400% (since 2009). The aim of Jitta is to help investors who lack knowledge and time to evaluate thousands of financial statements and to keep it up to date every quarter. Besides, Jitta provides platform which analyst result from both quantitative and qualitative factors to make DECISION and ACTION without bias and market emotion Year founded 2013 Operating countries Website jitta.com Headquarters location Bangkok Thailand Thailand Key people Category Retail Investments Investors Mary Buffett, best selling investment books, Suvabha Charoenying, Ex-MD Thanachart Securities Public Company. $3M, Seeds Mr. Trawut Luangsomboon CEO & Co-founder Ms. Pornthip Kongchun COO & Co-Founder Mr. Sira Sujjinanont CTO & Co-Founder 46
  47. 47. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Jojonomic is a paperless expense reimbursement solution that eliminates the need to keep and recap paper receipts manually. Jojonomics eliminates manual reimbursement process that is still being used by 90% of companies in the region. The application simplifies bookkeeping by letting employees digitally track expenses and be reimbursed in a timely, efficient manner. It also allows administrators/ hr/ finance / business owners to have better cost control, reduce frauds and improve productivity. Year founded 2015 Operating countries Website www.jojonomic.com Headquarters location Singapore Singapore, Indonesia Key people Indrasto Budisantoso , CEO Samiaji Adisasmito, COO Timothy Francis, CGO Yogi Marsal and Aly Sangadji ,coCTO Category Accounting Software 7 digits USD, Series Undisclosed Investors Maloekoe, Golden Gate, East Ventures, Fenox 47
  48. 48. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Jurnal is a tech company delivering web-based accounting solutions for small to medium businesses. It simplify administrative processes to only the essentials; Simple Online Accounting Software, Online Accounting, Online Tax, Online Bookkeeping. Jurnal gives users the convenience of operating their business at any place and time, on any device. Businesses running Jurnal are equipped with the right tools to be a professional business. Year founded 2015 Operating countries Website https://www.jurnal.id Headquarters location West Jakarta, Indonesia Indonesia Key people Co-Founders & CEO Daniel Witono Category Accounting Software Investors East Venture, Tech in Asia Undisclosed, series A 48
  49. 49. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Concept of Kashmi is Peer 2 Peer Payments. It is a social, mobile, neo-banking product designed to fit seamlessly into the lifestyle of South-East Asia's banked and unbanked millennials, with features that enable on-the-go spending, saving, lending, investing and budgeting. Year founded 2014 Operating countries Website http://www.kashmi.com Headquarters location Singapore Singapore Key people Category Payment/Mobile Wallet Founders Rakhil Fernando Mufa Lukmanjee Rajinda Jayasinghe $555.87k, Seed 49
  50. 50. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description The Singaporean-based Service-as-a-Software company has developed its patented technology based on 4 years of actual online lending experience and helps financial service providers extend credit to consumers and SMEs in emerging markets by analyzing digital footprints to verify identities and assess risk. Lenddo is helping leading financial institutions globally make more accurate and quicker decisions across the customer lifecycle and drive higher levels of growth and profitability Year founded 2011 Operating countries Website www.lenddo.com Headquarters location Singapore in About 20 countries: India, Indonesia, Philippines, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Nigeria, South Korea, etc Key people Richard Eldridge, CEO and co founder Jeff Stewart, Chairman and co founder Naveen Agnihotri, CTO Mark Mackenzie, Managing director Asia pacific Oscar Torres, Managing director Latin America Abhinav Haldia, Country Director India Category Financial/Business Tool Investors AT Capital, Blumberg Capital, Life.Sreda, Omidyar Network $23M, Series B 50
  51. 51. Description Loansolutions is an online platform, which matches borrowers with financial institutions. Unlike traditional loan comparison portals, Loansolutions helps to put the borrower first. Through its algorithms and hands on concierge services Loansolutions ensures that borrowers can make the best possible chance to secure a competitive loan. Year founded 2014 Operating countries Website Headquarters location Philippines Philippines http://www.loansolutions.ph/ Category Financial Comparison Undisclosed, seed 40 JP BISSON, Co-Founder And CEO KASH AVENA, CMO MARICOR BUNAL, COO Key people 51
  52. 52. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description MatchMove Pay is a financial technology company that provides innovative, end-to-end enterprise payment solutions to help startups and large enterprises increase revenue and boost user engagement through its patented technologies. Our proprietary cloud-based MatchMove Wallet OS™ enables any company to easily offer their customers a fully branded, secure mobile wallet solution that includes P2P transfer, Remittance, Top Up channels, Virtual Payment Cards, Loyalty Points & Rewards, Promotions & Offers amongst many other features. Year founded 2014 Operating countries Website http://matchmovepay.com/ Headquarters location Singapore Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, India, The Philippines Key people Category Payment/Mobile Wallets Investors Vickers Venture and Credit Saison 41 Shailesh Naik, CEO Hsueh Huah Leow , COO Undisclosed, venture 52
  53. 53. Description Founded in Singapore in 2005, MC Payment is both a payment technology and merchant service company that supports the end-to-end value-chain of commerce transactions, ranging from suppliers and merchants to consumer payments. As a pioneer Omni-channel payment provider in Southeast Asia and Oceania, MC Payment has led the way in the mobile and digital payments space while continuing its support to merchants with traditional online and in-person payments. MC Payment is also proud to be the first MasterCard certified gateway in Asia for Level 3 enhanced data processing. Category Payment/Mobile wallets. Investors 2W Group, Aura Funds Management, DZW Capital, ESW Manage, Golden Equator Capital, Perle Ventures, tryb Capital $8.01 M, Undisclosed HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Year founded 2005 Operating countries Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Australia and Thailand Website http://mcpayment.com/ Headquarters location Singapore Key people Anthony Koh, founder and CEO Moon Soo Kim, co founder and director 53
  54. 54. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Founded by a group of veterans from the FX and Securities Industries with experience averaging 15 years amongst the key members, M-DAQ is a game-changing platform that prices and trades exchange-traded products in a multitude of choice currencies by blending ‘executable’ FX rates into equities and futures products. M-DAQ enables Securities Exchanges to go multi- currency without significant changes to systems and back-end processes, with low start-up and running costs. Year founded 2010 Operating countries Website http://www.m-daq.com Headquarters location Singapore Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Taiwan, India, China, Philippines, Korea, USA. Key people Category Retail Investment Investors Undisclosed $Undisclosed, Series C Richard Koh, CEO Wong Joo Seng, Co-founder and Chairman 54
  55. 55. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Mesitis empowers high net worth individuals and wealth managers with account aggregation and visualization across asset classes and banks. It has developed Canopy, a software which accepts bank statements in any electronic format and generates consolidated, relevant analysis that helps investors make sense of and act on their investment portfolios. Mesitis has also launched Bento, a bionic advisor which provides custom-built, intelligent investment portfolios at a fraction of the cost. Year founded 2013 Operating countries Website www.mesitis.com Headquarters location Singapore Singapore Key people Tanmai Sharma Founder Category Financial/Business Tool $5.3 million, Series Undisclosed Investors Private Investors 55
  56. 56. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Midtrans was established in 2012 under name Veritrans. We are committed to providing a safe, reliable, and fraud-free payment infrastructure and chat commerce to support online businesses and facilitate online transactions. Working with reputable banking institutions and payment channels in Indonesia, our clients include Matahari Mall, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Cottonink, Bro.do, Garuda Indonesia, Pegipegi, JD.id, and many others. To learn more about us, visit www.midtrans.com.. Year founded 2012 Operating countries Website https://midtrans.com/ Headquarters location Jakarta, Indonesia Indonesia Category Payment/Mobile Wallets Undisclosed Key people Ryu Kawano Suliawan CEO and Co-Founder 56
  57. 57. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Concept of Mobikon is Customer Engagement and Marketing platform for Restaurants. Mobikon helps restaurants to increase sales and customer interactions via intelligent marketing, real time analytics and retargeting tools. Turn customer feedback into revenues and customers as promoters. Year founded 2009 Operating countries Website http://www.mobikontech.com Headquarters location Singapore Singapore, Manila, Malaysia, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Dubai Category Payment/Mobile Wallets. $4M, Venture Key people Samir Khadepaun, CEO & Founder Anuj Jain, CMO Investors Jungle Ventures, Lionrock Capital, Spring Singapore 57
  58. 58. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description MobiVi is a financial services company, providing transaction solutions to banks, individual users and corporate clients. The aim of MobiVi is to provide a path for people that have no credit to purchase goods and services directly from a bank account to a product supplier. The company books a monthly revenue of $10M and provide core to core connection with over five biggest banks in Vietnam. Year founded 2007 Operating countries Website https://www.mobivi.vn/ Headquarters location Ho chi minh, Vietnam Vietnam Key people Category Personal Finance Management Investors Experian, Kusto Tiger Fund Private, and Unitus Impact. Founder & CEO Dung Tan Trung $20M, Series C, 58
  59. 59. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Moka is a Jakarta-based startup that focusses on building mobile point-of-sale (POS) technology for restaurants and retail. Backed by East Ventures and Wavemaker, Moka provides an end-to-end POS and payment solution that empowers small and medium businesses in Indonesia. Year founded 2014 Operating countries Website http://www.mokapos.com Headquarters location Indonesia Indonesia Key people Category Payment/Mobile Wallets Investors Convergence Ventures, East Ventures, Northstar Group, Wavemaker Partners $1.9M,Series A Co-founder & CTO Grady Laksmono 59
  60. 60. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Momo is a FinTech startup that offers a mobile, electronic wallet and payment application for iOS and Android devices. Its products help customers in Vietnam make nationwide cash transfers, pay more than 100 types of bills, recharge mobile phone accounts, settle personal loans, and purchase services such as software license and online game cards, airline and movie tickets, etc. Year founded 2014 Operating countries Website https://momo.vn Headquarters location Ho chi minh, Vietnam Vietnam Key people CEO Phan Thanh Duc Category Payment/Mobile Wallets $33.75M, Series B Investors 60
  61. 61. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Money Lover is a cross-platform solution which helps people better manage personal finances and provides personalized financial advice. Alongside manual input, Money Lover aggregates data from multiple bank accounts to deliver an accurate overview of consumer financial situations. Year founded 2012 Operating countries Website https://moneylover.me Headquarters location Hanoi, Vietnam Planed to expand to Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia Key people Founder & CEO Huy Ngo Category Personal Finance Management Investors Hung Dinh, Angel Investor Undisclosed, Seed 50 61
  62. 62. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Money Smart helps maximize money by empowering to make smarter financial decisions through Money Smart’s suite of useful tools and awesome content. By aggregating and consolidating product information to a single platform for comparison that's personalized to customers’ unique consumer profile, Money Smart have put the power back into customers’ hands. Whether it's a loan, insurance or credit card, Money Smart makes information easy to understand and products easy to apply for - all in one place. Year founded 2015 Operating countries Website moneysmart.sg Headquarters location Singapore Singapore, Indonesia Key people Category Financial Comparison Investors Singapore Press Holdings Media Fund, Golden Gate Ventures 51 Vinod Nair, CEO Nicholas Ramsay, COO Adrian Yuen, CCO S$2.8 million, Undisclosed 62
  63. 63. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Moneythor is a fintech software company providing banks with a modern toolkit to enhance their digital banking services, by helping them generate data-driven personalized and contextual recommendations for their customers. The backup reasons of the company are from 2 points. The first one is consumers often receive little assistance from their banks in their daily financial life despite ever increasing digital expectations. And the second one is banks struggle to increase customer loyalty and stay relevant, while maintaining a healthy level of digital engagement & conversion. Year founded 2013 Operating countries Website www.moneythor.com Headquarters location Singapore head-office in Singapore focuses on its customers in the APAC region. Also has offices in Europe (London & Paris). Key people Category Financial/Banking Tool Investors Co-founders and management team #52 Olivier Berthier, CEO Thibault Weintraub, CTO Undisclosed 63
  64. 64. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Myanmar Mobile Money (MMM) has been a source of innovative solutions for mobile and financial service provider for Republic of Union of Myanmar. MMM invests heavily in Mobile Money product development, using carrier-grade, next-generation technology and aligning with the requirements of financial services for rural and urban areas. Year founded 2013 Operating countries Website www.myanmarmobilemoney.com Headquarters location Yangon, Myanmar Myanmar Category Payment/Mobile Wallets #53 Undisclosed Key people Kyaw Htoo Linn, CEO 64
  65. 65. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description NUMONI develops self-service vending machines, which would allow people outside the traditional banking system to carry out transactions such as buying prepaid mobile phone airtime, paying off monthly loans and bills, and contributing to savings. NUMONI brings cash-into-account and provide payment services for the underbanked. The company committed to serve people from all walks to make lifestyle transactions convenient and affordable by changing the way prepaid products including prepaid airtime. Year founded 2012 Operating countries Website www.numoni.com Headquarters location Singapore Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines Key people Ms Norma Sit Founder & CEO Category Payment/Mobile Wallets $4.76 M, Series B #54 65
  66. 66. Description At Omise, it is believed that online payment is a necessity to develop a successful business on the internet. Omise provides their users with the necessary tools to run an online business, accept payments and connect them with millions of potential customers. Their payment solution is simple to setup and works seamlessly across multiple devices. They take care of connecting and maintaining relationships with processors and acquirers which let our users focus on building great products. Omise has recived PCI DSS 3.2 compliance, Thailand Startup of the year- Rice bowl startups award. Investors 500 Startups, Ascend Capital, Ascend Venture Group, East Ventures, Golden Gate Ventures, SBI Asset Management, Sinar Mas Indonesia, SMDV, True Incube Category Payment/Mobile Wallets $20.4 M, Series B HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Year founded 2013 Operating countries Website https://www.omise.co Headquarters location Bangkok, Thailand Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia Key people Jun Hasegawa, Founder and CEO Ezra Don Harinsut, Co-Founder and COO #55 66
  67. 67. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Topping up a prepaid mobile card is a mundane experience. It’s unnecessarily long too: doing it at a store takes minutes. But Vietnamese startup OnOnPay has a plan to streamline the drudgery and even make it fun. OnOnPay provides payment gateway which helps customers recharge their phones fast, convenient, with many attractive offers which customers should not miss. Year founded 2015 Operating countries Website http://ononpay.com/ Headquarters location Hanoi, Vietnam Vietnam Key people Category Payment/Mobile Wallet Undisclosed six digit ,Seed #56 Founder Bùi Sỹ Phong 67
  68. 68. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description OTDocs technology provides a gentle transition from paper to digital documents to international trade and supply chain. While businesses have embraced digital documents, the supply chain and trade finance industry remains reliant on paper, exposed to fraud, errors, and slow processes. Using blockchain, OTDocs offers better risk mitigation, compliance, and versatility. Year founded 2015 Operating countries Website http://otdocs.com Headquarters location Singapore Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore Key people CEO Roberto Capodieci Category Bitcoin/Blockchain cash flow positive, Pre-seed #57 Investors Trade Finance and Supply Chain businesses 68
  69. 69. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Otonomos is engineering the world's first blockchain -chartered company, in which customers hold their shares in the same way as owning bitcoins in a digital wallet. Otonomos offers Company formation, Investor relations, Captable management, Smart contracts, Programmable shares, Peer-to-peer funding, Corporate Governance, Corporate secretarial services, Blockchain technology, FinTech. Year founded 2015 Operating countries Website https://www.otonomos.com/ Headquarters location Singapore Singapore Hong Kong, UK Key people Founders Han Verstraete Category Bitcoin/Blockchain Investors Fenbushi Capital, Dymon Asia Ventures, Startup bootcamp $165.93K. Seed #58 69
  70. 70. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Piggipo is an application for managing Credit card in THAILAND.You can see the total cost of the credit cards all within the first page of apps. The total cost will be split according to the bill of each card really. This lets you know the status of the payment through credit cards in real time, that now it is available or how to use it. A virtual personal secretary to help you manage your financial management. Year founded 2013 Operating countries Website http://www.piggipo.com Headquarters location Bangkok, Thailand Thailand Key people Founders: Sirathorn Thamprateep Pongchai Tangbowonweerakun Supichaya Gak Surapunthu Category Payment/ Mobile wallets $70K,Seed #59 Investors dtac, Ookbee, 500 TukTuks, Golden Gate Ventures 70
  71. 71. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description QUOINE is a leading Blockchain Company, and one of the largest Bitcoin Exchanges in the world. QUOINE offers powerful charting toolsnand trading options on its feature rich interface to allow customers to benefit from both a rising and a falling market across several currency pairs Year founded 2014 Operating countries Website http://quoine.com Headquarters location Singapore Japan, Singapore Key people Mike Kayamori Co-Founder & CEO Mario Gomez Lozada Co-Founder, CTO and President of Product Category Blockchain >20M USD, Series Undisclosed #60 Investors JAFCO 71
  72. 72. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Rabbit finance is the trading mark under Rabbit Internet, an affiliate the BTS Group who is the leading provider of passenger services in Thailand and is listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand with the market capitalization ranked amongst the top 50 largest company in the kingdom of Thailand. Over 4 million Rabbit Card users benefit from their services every day. Rabbit finance was formerly known as “Ask Hanuman” before it was bought over by Rabbit internet. Year founded 2013 Operating countries Website https://finance.rabbit.co.th/en Headquarters location Bangkok Thailand Thailand Key people Johannes von Rohr, CEO Category Financial Comparison #61 Undisclosed 72
  73. 73. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Red dot is the leading Electronic Mobile Top-Up service in Myanmar, also providing bill payment, customer loyalty and customer management services, which have been specifically tailored to the local market. Since launch the Myanmar based company has grown at an extraordinary rate to a network of more than 13,000 retailers, adding bill payment, e-commerce and world first innovative solutions. Red dot has a unique mix of executive experience, technical know how and more than 300 strong team of talented employees to deliver a world leading system tailored to the unique requirements of Myanmar. Year founded 2014 Operating countries Website www.reddotnetwork.com Headquarters location Yangon, Myanmar Myanmar Key people Category Payment/Mobile Wallets #62 Andy Whelan, CMO $20M, Undisclosed 73
  74. 74. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Year founded 2015 Operating countries Website https://www.refinn.com/ Headquarters location Bangkok Thailand Thailand Key people Pongsatorn Dhanabordeephat, COO Category Financial Lending #63 Undisclosed 74 Refinn was created to help homeowners lower their debt by refinancing their houses. The platform - www.Refinn.Com - has aggregated more than 80 promotional schemes, for refinancing packages from 15 banks and will choose the best refinancing package for each consumer. Refinn helps mortgage lenders significantly cut interest costs and shorten loan repayment periods. Refinn generates its revenues from document processing fees and advertising. The security used at refinn is on par with that of top international banks. To date, the value of mortgage debt that consumers have submitted to refinn is more than 3.5 billion baht
  75. 75. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Smartkarma Brings Pricing Transparency, Economies of Scale and Efficiency, Collaboration, Discussion & Information Sharing, Discovery, Compliance & Regulation and insight discovery in a compliant manner to the investment research market. Year founded 2014 Operating countries Website www.smartkarma.com Headquarters location Singapore Hong Kong, Singapore Key people Category Investment Research Investors Wavemaker, Jungle, Spring Singapore, Mr. Koh Boon Hwee, Mr. Tan Chin Hwee #64 Raghav Kapoor, Co-Founder & CEO Jon Foster, Co-Founder & Chairman Lee Mitchell, Co- Founder Sonia Palmieri, Head of Business Development $7.5M, Series Undisclosed 75
  76. 76. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description The Soft Space centralised Mobile Point-of-Sales payment platform aims to revolutionise the payment industry by enabling anyone to accept card based payments. Core products of Soft Space are mobile payment, innovative payment technology and digital payments. Soft Space is certified EMV Level 2, the first in Asia to achieve this, and is also certified by MasterCard and Visa; a testament to its security, credibility and is recognised globally. Year founded 2012 Operating countries Website www.softspace.com.my Headquarters location Malaysia Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand Key people Category Payment/Mobile Wallet Undisclosed #65 Chang Chew Soon Founder 76
  77. 77. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description SoftPay Mobile International is a leading Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) solution and Payment Facilitator company in Southeast Asia. The aim of SoftPay is to provide a path for people that have no credit to purchase goods and services directly from a bank account to a product supplier. SoftPay’s mPOS solution is highly secure and has achieved numerous certifications to give merchants and customers peace of mind when processing payments. Year founded 2014 Operating countries Website http://www.softpay.mobi/ Headquarters location Singapore Vietnam, Singapore Category Payment/Mobile Wallet Undisclosed, Series A #66 Key people Christopher Low, CEO and Co-founder 77
  78. 78. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Stockbit is the leading social platform that redesigned information sharing for stock investors and traders in Indonesia. Engineered and designed by traders for traders. Stockbit provides Financial Social Network, Investor Research Tools, Real-Time Cloud Charting. Year founded 2012 Operating countries Website www.stockbit.com Headquarters location Jakarta Indonesia Indonesia Key people Founders Wellson Lo, Johny Susanto Category Retail Investment Undisclosed, Seed #67 78
  79. 79. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description StockRadars, a Thailand-based service providing mobile- based analytics and insight for trading enabled real-time stock trading inside its app for the first time. That live- trading feature is limited to Thailand for now, but the company has expanded its analytics service to eight new countries — China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand, India and Singapore — with a view to rolling real-time trading out in these places, too. Year founded 2010 Operating countries Website http://www.stockradars.net/ Headquarters location Bangkok, Thailand live-trading feature is limited to Thailand for now, but the company has expanded its analytics service to eight new countries — China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand, India and Singapore Category Retail Investments #68 $1.5M, Seed Key people Founder Teerachart Kortrakul 79
  80. 80. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description StoreHub is a cloud-based iPad POS with Inventory Management and Reporting accessed via a mobile responsive backend. We gave it a beautifully clean UI, the best enterprise features and kept it at a low cost. Year founded 2013 Operating countries Website Headquarters location Selangor, Malaysia Malaysia, Potentially Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia Key people Category Payment/Mobile Wallet. Investors 500 Startups $850K, Seed #69 Founders Cong Yu Li, Wai Hong Fong https://www.storehub.com 80
  81. 81. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Tag Cash is a digital wallet featuring online, offline and SMS payments. Tag Cash aims to make or take payments online easy and convenient. Year founded 2014 Operating countries Website https://tagcash.com/ Headquarters location Makati City, Philippines Philippines Key people Founder Mark Vernon Category Payment/Mobile Wallets $3M, Angel #70 81
  82. 82. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Toast is a Peer 2 Peer money transfer application that allows Filipinos in Hong Kong to remit money back home directly from a smartphone without the need to utilise existing banking infrastructure or queue up at a Money Transfer Shop on your day off. Toast is the first iteration of what we believe will be a new way of sending money from one country to another. Year founded 2015 Operating countries Website www.toastme.com Headquarters location Singapore Philippines, Hong Kong, SIngapore Key people Category Payment/Mobile Wallet #71 Founder & CEO Aarong Siwoku $865.93k, Seed 82
  83. 83. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description TradeHero is a mobile stock market simulation app that lets customers become a trading Hero, gain followers and earn subscription fees, by ranking the performance of their virtual stock portfolio against other TradeHero users. Customers can also find and follow the expert trade feeds of trading Heroes as guidelines to make their own real-life trades. TradeHero offers Mobile Application, Virtual Stock Market Simulation, Social Network. Year founded 2011 Operating countries Website http://en.tradehero.mobi Headquarters location Singapore Singapore, China Key people Category Retail Investment Investors IPV Capital, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, TNF Ventures $10.46M,Series A #72 Dinesh Bhatia, CEO and Co-Founder Alvin Foo, CMO Dominic Morris, CTO and Co-Founder David Qi, VP Engineering Jeff Tang, SVP and President China Constant Tong, VP Products 83
  84. 84. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description UangTeman is part of Digital Alpha Group Pte Ltd - one of the digital enterprise finance in Southeast Asia that provides the first online direct lending platform in Indonesia. Current available product is Payday Loans - a product that helps employed working individuals and entrepreneurs in a financial emergency situations to borrow small ticket loans that can be repaid on their next paycheck. Core business of UangTeman are microlending, payday lending, big data and financial services. Year founded 2015 Operating countries Website https://uangteman.com Headquarters location Jakarta Indonesia Indonesia Key people CEO & Co-Founder Aidil Zulkifli Category Financial Lending $3M of total equity and debt financing, Series Undisclosed #73 84
  85. 85. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description Xfers is a Singaporean-based payment processing gateway offering credit card processing and Internet banking transfers. As a graduate of Y Combinator’s Summer 2015 Class, Xfers aims to unify banking networks across Southeast Asia. Featured on Techcrunch and coined as the Paypal of Southeast Asia by Channel News Asia, we simplify and redefine the process of collecting and receiving payments in Southeast Asia. Year founded 2014 Operating countries Website www.xfers.com Headquarters location Singapore Singapore and Indonesia Key people Category Payment/Mobile Wallets #74 Founders Victor Liew Jia Hao Wenbin Tay Tianwei Liu $2.5M, Seed 85
  86. 86. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO Description ZAP gives customers 5% to 20% Cash Back every time they spend in any partner merchant. The ZAPtag is a smart sticker that lets users earn instant rewards such as cash back points, coupons and jackpots with just a tap. Customers can then use the Cash Back to pay for their purchases in these same establishments. Year founded 2014 Operating countries Website https://www.zap.com.ph Headquarters location Philippines Philippines Key people Category Payment/Mobile Wallets. Investors Kickstart Ventures, Wavemaker Partners $850k, Undisclosed #75 Justin Lim, Founder Terence Lok, Founder Angelique Uy, Founder Dustin Cheng, CEO & Co-founder 86
  87. 87. GLOSSARY 87 Company Category Country Page No. 1pay Payment/Mobile Wallet Vietnam 12 2C2P Payment/Mobile Wallet Singapore 13 Aborrow Financial Comparison Thailand 14 Active.ai Financial/Business Tool Singapore 15 Ascend Money Payment/Mobile Wallet Thailand 16 Ayannah Payment/Mobile Wallet Philippines 17 BankGo Financial Comparison Vietnam 18 Bao Kim Payment/Mobile Wallet Vietnam 19 Bitx Bitcoin/Blockchain Singapore 20 Bluezelle Bitcoin/Blockchain Singapore 21 Call Levels Retail Investment Singapore 22 Capital Match Financial Lending Singapore 23 CekAja Financial Comparison Indonesia 24 Cermati Financial Comparison Indonesia 25 Claim Di Insurance Thailand 26
  88. 88. GLOSSARY 88 Company Category Country Page No. Codapay Payment/Mobile Wallet Singapore 27 CoinPip Payment/Mobile Wallet Singapore 28 Coins.ph Bitcoin/Blockchain Philippines 29 Crowdo Financial Lending Singapore 30 Deep Pocket Payment/Mobile Wallet Thailand 31 digio Payment/Mobile Wallet Thailand 32 Doku Payment/Mobile Wallet Indonesia 33 Dragon Wealth Retail Investment Singapore 34 EasyPay Payment/Mobile Wallet Myanmar 35 EcompareMO Financial Comparison Philippines 36 FastaCash Payment/Mobile Wallet Singapore 37 Finaccel Financial Lending Indonesia 38 Finnomena Retail Investment Thailand 39 Flowaccount Accounting Software Thailand 40 Funding Societies Financial Lending Singapore 41
  89. 89. GLOSSARY 89 Company Category Country Page No. Go Bear Financial Comparison Singapore 42 imoney Financial Comparison Malaysia 43 iTAX Personal Finance Thailand 44 Jinrexu Financial Comparison Malaysia 45 Jitta Retail Investment Thailand 46 Jojonomic Accounting Software Singapore 47 Jurnal Accounting Software Indonesia 48 Kashmi Payment/Mobile Wallet Singapore 49 Lenddo Financial/Business Tool Singapore 50 loansolutions Financial Comparison Philippines 51 Matchmove pay Payment/Mobile Wallet Singapore 52 MC payment Payment/Mobile Wallet Singapore 53 M-Daq Retail Investment Singapore 54 Mesitis Financial/Business Tool Singapore 55 Midtrans Payment/Mobile Wallet Indonesia 56
  90. 90. GLOSSARY 90 Company Category Country Page No. Mobikon Payment/Mobile Wallet Singapore 57 Mobivi Personal Finance Vietnam 58 Moka Payment/Mobile Wallet Indonesia 59 Momo.vn Payment/Mobile Wallet Vietnam 60 Money Lover Personal Finance Vietnam 61 Money Smart Financial Comparison Singapore 62 MoneyThor Financial/Business Tool Singapore 63 Myanmar Mobile Money Payment/Mobile Wallet Myanmar 64 Numoni Payment/Mobile Wallet Singapore 65 Omise Payment/Mobile Wallet Thailand 66 Ononpay Payment/Mobile Wallet Vietnam 67 Opentradedocs Bitcoin/Blockchain Singapore 68 Otonomos Bitcoin/Blockchain Singapore 69 Piggipo Payment/Mobile Wallet Thailand 70 Quoine Bitcoin/Blockchain Singapore 71
  91. 91. GLOSSARY 91 Company Category Country Page No. Rabbit finance Financial Comparison Thailand 72 Reddot Network Myanmar Payment/Mobile Wallet Myanmar 73 Refinn Financial Lending Thailand 74 SmartKarma Investment Research Singapore 75 Soft Space Payment/Mobile Wallet Malaysia 76 Softpay Mobile Payment/Mobile Wallet Vietnam 77 StockBit Retail Investment Thailand 78 StockRadars Retail Investment Thailand 79 StoreHub Payment/Mobile Wallet Malaysia 80 TagCash Payment/Mobile Wallet Philippines 81 Toast Payment/Mobile Wallet Singapore 82 TradeHero Retail Investment Singapore 83 Uangteman Financial Lending Indonesia 84 Xfers Payment/Mobile Wallet Singapore 85 ZAP Payment/Mobile Wallet Philippines 86
  92. 92. http://techsauce.co www.slideshare.net/techsauce Read more reports about the ecosystem in Thailand and Southeast Asia: Join Southeast Asia’s Global Summit: http://summit.techsauce.co