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5 Ways You Can Use CourierPostOnline.com

A presentation about 5 different ways people in the community can use CourierPostOnline.com, given to the Rotary of Camden in mid-January

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5 Ways You Can Use CourierPostOnline.com

  1. 1. Click to Your Community Your Online Destination for Reaching South Jersey
  2. 2. CourierPostOnline is where local residents go to find South Jersey news and information In 2009, CourierPostOnline.com website had more than 6 million unique visitors and 74 million page views
  3. 3. 5 Ways You Can Use on CourierPostOnline.com 1. Mine our “DataUniverse” 2. Join a forum or comment on a story 3. Get Published! 4. Post an interactive flyer 5. Report a pothole
  4. 4. Mine DataUniverse Our robust databases have detailed, searchable information on a variety of different topics: ✓ Property Sales ✓ Government Employee Salaries ✓ Crime Reports and Sex Offenders ✓ School Report Cards & Teacher Reviews ✓ And Much More!
  5. 5. Comment Registering with CourierPostOnline.com gives you the ability to comment on articles, and join the community forums
  6. 6. Get Published! • Registering with CourierPostOnline gives you the power to publish directly to our site! • Share your stories • Add an event • Post your photos
  7. 7. Join the InJersey Community Blogs • New community blogs in Cherry Hill and Collingswood, with many more set to launch in 2010 • Our fastest growing online community, with 800 new contributors in 6 months! • Write blog posts, add photos, friend other users, create community groups • Go to http://injersey.com to join
  8. 8. FlyerBoard • An exciting new take on an old technology — community bulletin boards • Use FlyerBoard to create interactive flyers on the web in minutes • Users can share flyers to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Blogs, and e-mail • Flyers can feature maps with directions, events that you can add to Outlook or iCal, coupons to print out, and more • The cheapest, easiest way to promote an event or business to thousands of viewers
  9. 9. Report a Pothole (or other road issue) • Simply click on our interactive map to instantly report any type of road issue — potholes, traffic lights, curb, graffiti • Local officials and other concerned residents will be automatically notified • Local authorities can (and do) close issue tickets once they’ve been resolved • Our partner in this service, SeeClickFix, even has an iPhone app you can use to report issues from your cell