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Teradata Active Data Warehouse Private Cloud

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Learn more about Teradata Active Data Warehouse Private Cloud at Teradata.com

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Teradata Active Data Warehouse Private Cloud

  2. 2. What is Cloud Computing?• Cloud computing offers provisioning flexibility to infrastructure purchases• Allows for easy access to hardware and software resources, quickly and without lengthy sales and procurement negotiations• Handles unexpected demand surges and responds to unplanned user needs• Cloud used as enabling function to help businesses respond and grow
  3. 3. Cloud Deployment Options• Challenges with Public Cloud Infrastructure > Security, Latency, Availability, Performance > Public Cloud not optimized for Analytics – No shared nothing environment – No high speed I/O subsystems – Analytic workloads compute intensive (e.g. product joins) and read intensive (e.g. scanning large volumes of data)
  4. 4. Teradata ADW Private Cloud Active Enterprise Data Warehouse• High Active Performance > Optimized for strategic and operational mixed workloads• Effortless Scalability > 4,096 nodes scalable to 92 petabytes• Operational Availability > System Availability with Automatic Node Failover and Recovery• Enterprise Concurrency > Thousands of users, applications, and events• Investment Protection > Industry leading multi-generation coexistence
  5. 5. Teradata Active Data Warehouse Private Cloud Resource Utilization Self Service • Consolidate analytic workloads • Self Service Business for full resource utilization Intelligence that puts users in • Eliminate redundant control infrastructure and extra copies • Integrated Corporate data + user of data to minimize CAPEX upload for any question, any • Less Systems Integration to time flexibility reduce OPEX • Know now performance
  6. 6. Teradata ADW Private Cloud• Resource Utilization and Self Service benefits enabled by several key characteristics of Teradata ADW Private Cloud: Cloud Attribute Solution Virtualized Resources Yes Business Analytics Yes Consistent Performance Yes Elasticity Yes Scalability Yes
  7. 7. Next Steps • Visit Teradata.com for more Information on ADW Private Cloud http Learn ://www.teradata.com/Teradata-ADW-Pri Discuss • View the press release here: http://www.teradata.com/News-Release • Talk to your Account Executive about Teradata ADW Private Cloud