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Teradata ADW Private Cloud

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With the
Teradata ADW Private Cloud, organizations can be certain that data
warehouse resources are fully utilized and producing ROI on a 7X24 basis.

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Teradata ADW Private Cloud

  1. 1. Key IT Benefits - Why You Need The - Key Business Benefits IIII IIIII IIIII I TERADATA ACTIVE II I FASTER III III I II II III III IIIII IIIII IIIII IIII DATA WAREHOUSEConsolidate onto a Teradata ADW Private Cloud for full resource utilization Gain efficiencies and reduce costs with higher server utilization on a private cloud Pay for what you need when you need it PRIVATE CLOUD Deliver self-service analytics to business users in less than five minutes Respond to unplanned market demands with elastic performance Integrated data offers a 360° view of your business Top CIO Pain Points 25% 60% 95% 2012 Public vs. Private PUBLIC PRIVATE • Under-utilized server resources 2011 $15.9 - Not optimized for data warehousing - Optimized for data warehousing • Wasted IT dollars billion - Not ideal for analytic workloads - Ideal for analytic workloads • No self-service analytic capabilities Teradata $7.8 - Usually multi-tenant - Dedicated environmentPAIN POINTS • Rigid cost structures Typical Virtualized ADW Private billion - Less IT control - More IT control • No business value from integrated data Server Server Cloud Server Utilization Comparison Private Cloud Market Growth Case Studies Key Teradata ADW Cloud Characteristics Know now with the Active Data Warehouse Private Cloud, only from Teradata. 20 Because the best decisions can’t wait. Ability to act with confidence. Control to see and know everything. On-demand business intelligence to make the best HOURS decision possible — right now. It’s the best of what we know, delivered to you exactly Virtualize all processing Scale resources as your Meet unplanned demand Industry leading Business Intelligence when you need it. It’s the Active Data and storage resources business grows with elastic resources workload management that you control Warehouse Private Cloud from Teradata. across multiple dimensions 10X 98% Know More MINUTES Analysts report that data management platform resources are often under- utilized, an economic negative and a major pain point with CIOs. With the Teradata ADW Private Cloud, organizations can be certain that data With Teradata ADW Private Cloud, A leading healthcare company A mobile provider provisions analytic a government agency now runs consolidated multiple under-utilized data workspaces in less than five minutes on warehouse resources are fully utilized and producing ROI on a 7X24 basis. business data queries that marts onto a Teradata ADW Private Teradata ADW Private Cloud previously took 20 hours Cloud, saving $4.3m while delivering helping reduce churn modeling in only 15 minutes. 250,000 self-service reports improving development time by 98%. To learn more visit their performance by 10x. Teradata.com/Teradata-ADW-Private-Cloud TM