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Teradata Overview

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Learn more how Teradata can help your business. Visit Teradata.com

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  • http://www.dbmanagement.info/Tutorials/TeraData.htm
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Teradata Overview

  2. 2. RELENTLESS How Agile are You? Business now demands organizations have the ability to maneuver across rapidly changing terrains, to anticipate and act with speed, to have the agility to adapt and move with confidence. Opportunities for growth and for building an advantage are emerging. To get the most out of these moments, you need the persistent and unsurpassed ingenuity of Teradata Corporation — a world-leading innovator and the largest company solely focused on raising intelligence and achieving enterprise agility through its database software, enterprise data warehousing, data warehouse appliances, consulting, 100% and enterprise analytics. of the Top Global Telecom Businesses Rely on Teradata.
  3. 3. FOCUSEDWHO WE AREThe Undisputed Leaderin Bringing Agility toYour Enterprise. “ oucan’trunyourbusinessonwhathappened Y lastmonth.YouneedasystemthatcanextendNo matter the size of your organization, we’ll We’ve proven our status as innovators businessintelligencebeyondsimplereporting,help you anticipate volatility…understand your and pioneers, fostering critical success atthespeedofyourbusiness.Teradataiscustomers…know your competitors…so your for the world’s top brands in the following enablingcompaniestotakebusinessintelligence tothenextlevel.”organization can steadily outperform, grow, key industries: — hawnRogers,SeniorVPandCofounder Sand profit. Communications BusinessIntelligenceNetworkTo gain transparency for the most Financial Servicescomprehensive view of your business, you Governmentneed the power of Teradata, the undisputed ® Health Care and Life Scienceschampion of delivering your 360-degree Hospitality and Gamingview of an integrated enterprise. Insurance ManufacturingPlus, Teradata offers the industry’s most Media and Entertainmentpowerful platforms and experienced Retailconsultants, providing integrated analytic Transportation Distributionsolutions that allow you to act — and react and Logistics— quickly and easily. Teradata’s ability to cut Travelthrough the complexities of business can help Utilitiesyour organization execute strategies and driveresults at any scale.Fierce Conditions and Competition Demanda Proven, Operational Advantage.Our award-winning solutions portfolio — andour deep-rooted partnerships — highlight ourleadership position in business intelligence.
  4. 4. VISIONARYW H AT W E D O 100% of the Top Global Airlines Collaboration is a Key Factor in Successful Data Warehousing. Teradata works with leading industry Choose Teradata. innovators and elite global service providers to generate the cutting-edge technologies you find in our world-class, end-to-end analytic solutions. These partnerships Support Services produce robust offerings that can help yourToday’s Challenges and Stay at the Forefront of Your organization create sustainable competitiveTomorrow’s Opportunities. We offer the most knowledgeable and Industry with Our Unrivaled Services. advantages, grow revenue streams, or flexible resources available — and adapt toWith more than 6,500 employees and a your specific needs — using only proven improve customer relationships. As with Teradata offers a unique range of servicespresence in over 60 countries, only Teradata and proactive tools and processes. Oracle, SAP,® and SAS, Teradata partners ® ® from the most highly skilled team of businessoffers enterprises the analytical insights with hundreds of market leaders offering intelligence professionals. Their experiencenecessary to make the most agile decisions. Customer Education and Certification expertise in areas such as: and talents make them experts in theirTeradata uniquely helps you conquer Certified instructors present flexible training industry and, therefore, they can offer tailored Systems and Application Managementdata complexities, transforming disparate options that develop skills to help maximize solutions to your business: Data Acquisition and Integration Servicesinformation into intelligence across the the value of your Teradata investment. Professional Consulting Services Application Integration Servicesorganization. Our focused solutions have Availability Management Services Analytic and Decision Making Servicesbeen instrumental in shortening close cycles, Using our in-depth industry expertise Our customer-centric approach to system Horizontal Analytic Applicationsimproving forecasting, and even reducing risk and knowledge of the BI and analyticsand fraud exposure. That’s why the world’s data warehousing environment, we deliver productivity manages the environment, Industry Analytic Applicationssmartest, most successful companies choose sustainable, scalable, and highly infrastructure, and technology to ensure Interaction and Process ServicesTeradata to develop their intelligence. productive solutions. maximized system availability. Consultants and Integrators
  5. 5. SMARTER. FASTER.OUR PRODUCTSMORE FLEXIBLE.State-of-the-Art Products Meet the Teradata Purpose-Built Platform Family. or complexity, analysis requirements, or are pre-configured, so you get a TeradataDelivering Unmatched Agility. number of concurrent queries, there’s a solution faster, and easier, than ever before. choice perfectly suited to your business. Or, for even faster access, Teradata offers a Teradata Database, with its 100% parallelImagine the powerful advantage your full range of cloud computing options like design, gives you unmatched performance, Our enterprise-class platform isorganization would possess if it could move the Teradata Enterprise Analytics Cloud. scalability, and manageability. It’s simply the the industry’s finest foundation forwith increased speed and a newly attained best database for analytics — anywhere. Active Enterprise Intelligence. ™level of enterprise agility. “ eradata’splatformfamilygivescustomersthe T Built on the industry’s most robust, high- abilitytomoveseamlesslyfromasmalldecisionOur comprehensive solutions combine a Empower your front line with the tools to performing database for analytics, the supportsystemtoafull-blownenterprisedatacompletely parallel database technology, execute the kind of breakthrough strategies warehouse.Whethertheneedisdepartmental, Teradata Purpose-Built Platform Family that can unseat the competition. By showingsuperior analytical processes, and the most divisional,orenterprise,Teradatahasasolution.” satisfies any architectural requirements. you new and better ways to convertexperienced consultants in the field — — laudiaImhoff,President C The suite offers solutions from data marts to information into intelligence, and intelligenceto deliver to you an unsurpassed level IntelligentSolutions enterprise data warehouses — at virtually into action, we can help you create andof business agility. any price point. Regardless of data volume deploy consistent business intelligence (BI) anywhere in your organization. The entire family runs on Intel® Xeon® processors and is powered by the award-winning Teradata Database, featuring the only fully integrated Geospatial solution. All Teradata warehouses 83% of the Top Global Transportation and Logistics Companies Turn to Teradata.
  6. 6. PROVENOUR CUSTOMERSCorporations across every major industry have made Teradatatheir choice for data warehousing and enterprise analytics.Ace Hardware Corporation | Air Canada | Air France | Amazon | Anschutz EntertainmentGroup (AEG) | Aomori Bank | Apple | Argencard S.A. | Arrow Electronics | ATA Airlines |Australian Customs Service | Aviva | Barclays Bank PLC | Bed Bath Beyond Inc. | Belgacom |Big Lots | BKK Insurance Companies | British Airways | Burlington Northern Santa FeRailway Company | Caisse d’Epargne Banking Group | Caixa Galicia | Canal+Group |CAPMAS | Chi Mei Optoelectronics | China Min Sheng Bank | China Mobile | China Post |China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation | Continental Airlines |CoronaDirect N.V. | Czech Post | Delta Air Lines, Inc. | DHL Dixons Stores Group | DnBNOR | DSW – Brand Technology Services | eBay, Inc. | EchoStar Corporation | Eircom |Entel Chile S.A. | Ford Motor Company | Fujifilm Corporation | Gap, Inc. | GE CapitalServices | GE Rail Services | Groupe Casino | Haggen, Inc. | Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc. |Hallmark Cards, Inc. | Harvard Pilgrim Health Care | Highmark, Inc. | Hudson’s BayCompany | Hyatt Hotels | ICICI Bank | Juroku Bank | Kaiser Permanente | LAN AirlinesS.A. | La Quinta Inns, Inc. | LexisNexis | Libertad S.A. | London Stock Exchange |Lund Food Holdings | Matsuya Medco Health Solutions, Inc. | Meredith Corporation |METRO Group | Migros Türk T.A.S. | Mobilink | Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority |Move, Inc. | Movistar | NADRA Nationwide Naval Air Systems Command | Navy FederalCredit Union | NCR Corporation | Overstock.com | Paramount Pictures | PayPal | Ping |Polkomtel S.A. | Poste Italiane | RealNetworks, Inc. | Regions Financial Corporation |Reuters Ltd. | Riaz Bottlers | Royal Bank Financial Group | Russian Standard Bank |Sabre Holdings, Inc. | Sabesp | Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. | Sears Holdings Corporation |Shanghai Stock Exchange | Silverton Casino | SNS Bank Nederland N.V. | State ofMissouri | State of Texas | SUNDAY Communications Limited | SUPERVALU | TaishoPharmaceutical | Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd. | Telecom Egypt |Telstra Corporation Limited | Tesco Stores Ltd. | The Goodyear Tire Rubber Company |The Standard Register Co. | The Warehouse Limited | Toshiba Logistics Corp. |TOTO Ltd. | Travelocity | Trump Entertainment | Ukrop’s Super Markets, Inc. | UnionPacific Railroad | Unum Group | Verizon Communications | Vodafone | Wataniya Telecom |WESCO International, Inc. | Westpac Banking Corporation Westpac | St. George Bank |Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA
  7. 7. Teradata and the Teradata logo are trademarks orregistered trademarks of Teradata Corporation and/or its affiliates in the U.S. or worldwide.Teradata continually improves products as new technologiesand components become available. Teradata, therefore,reserves the right to change specifications without priornotice. All features, functions, and operations describedherein may not be marketed in all parts of the world.Consult your Teradata representative or Teradata.comfor more information.Copyright © 2010 by Teradata Corporation. All rightsreserved. Produced in U.S.A. SP-3068 0910