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Eurocall 2014 Growing like Topsy.

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Presentation on #clavier network for #eurocall14

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Eurocall 2014 Growing like Topsy.

  1. 1. Growing like Topsy. Describing grass roots growth. Teresa MacKinnon Principal Teaching Fellow, University of Warwick.
  2. 2. "Tell me where were you born, and who your father and mother were." "Never was born," re-iterated the creature more empahatically. "Never had no father, nor mother nor nothin'" "...Have you ever heard anything about God, Topsy?" The child looked bewildered, but grinned as usual. "Do you know who made you?" "Nobody, as I knows on," said the child, with a short laugh. The idea appeared to amuse her considerably; for her eyes twinkled, and she added, "I spect I grow'd. Don't think nobody never made me."
  3. 3. Described as a case study in Intent report #clavier
  4. 4. The interviewees: Simon Ensor @sensor63 Clermont Ferrand, France Marcin Kleban @makle1 Krakow, Poland Chris Allen Linnaeus, Sweden.
  5. 5. #clavier awareness personal connection, achieved through physical or virtual meeting. Simon informal/social media – unexpected outcomes nature of informal/social media –pace, taking on a life of its own virtual becoming real. Marcin. negatives/positives resounding +ve, stimulating experience but awareness of the disruption. Relative advantage. Marcin. contribution to teacher development recognition of existing context, reward for engagement in useful activity such as reflection on intercultural collaboration. Simon. threats, opportunities, risks in own context needs support and valorisation through assessment processes and time allocation, career recognition. Chris. Themes:
  6. 6. taxedo reveals how #oie supports useful CPD.
  7. 7. Connect and collaborate. @warwicklanguage on twitter WarwickLanguage on youtube http://about.me/teresamackinnon Thank you for listening.