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The road to the MOS Certification (2013 and 2016). A real-Life Odyssey

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The character of the following story is fictional, but is inspired on feedback from TEST4U customers

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The road to the MOS Certification (2013 and 2016). A real-Life Odyssey

  1. 1. HUNTING FOR THE MOS CERTIFICATION First Attempt MOS certification in Excel 2013
  2. 2. Time to spend some money Google is my friend “Practice Tests for MOS exam” “Questions for the MOS exam” GMETRIX is my ammunition
  3. 3. FAILED
  4. 4. Second Attempt MOS certification in Excel 2016 Back to Google • “Failed on the MOS exam. What now?” • “Examples of the MOS Exam 2016”, • “Actual MOS 2016 exam questions” Back to GMETRIX
  5. 5. Failed… AGAIN!!!
  6. 6. Third Attempt Googling again • “Alternative to Gmetrix” TEST4U
  7. 7. Surprise!!! • Initial assessment test (benchmark test) • Subscription based on time usage instead of repetitions of test • Questions divided in skill categories as in the official MOS syllabus • Focus on the categories or questions you want
  8. 8. Even more Surprises!!! Video Solutions for EVERY question Graphs for my progress per category and in total Two final assessment tests with different questions
  9. 9. Success thank you TEST4U MOS certification
  10. 10. Why TEST4U? It is a software dedicated to help you acquire the necessary skills. Success in the exams comes as a collateral … benefit.