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Powerco Intranet

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Presentation about Powerco Intranet given at Intranets2013 conference on 16 May 2013

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Powerco Intranet

  1. 1. Out of the box:Re-designing a SharePoint IntranetIngeborg Hawighorst16 May 2013
  2. 2. • Service area of over39,000 square kms• 30,000 km of lines andpipes• Over 300 staff pluscontractors New PlymouthTaurangaPalmerston NorthWellingtonElectricity Gas bothPowerco’s Footprint
  3. 3. How I got to be here …• Worked in IT since ’80s• Moved to NZ in 2001• End user advocate• SharePoint Power User• Excel MVP 2012, 2013• @IngeborgNZ• www.teylyn.com
  4. 4. • Too much clutter• Hard to find what I need• Looks pot ugly• Too much static content,• Hard to update• No archive
  5. 5. The journeyPlan – Information ArchitectureBuild – Upskill, learn, exploreDeliver – Guide, show, enjoy
  6. 6. The journey starts …Plan – Information ArchitectureBuild – Upskill, learn, exploreDeliver – Guide, show, enjoy
  7. 7. Plan - Information architecture• Involve users early- What do you expect to see- Where do you expect to see it?
  8. 8. Plan - Information architecture• Involve users early- What do you expect to see- Where do youexpect to see it?
  9. 9. Information architecture
  10. 10. Plan - Information architecture• Structured by how we work, not where• Static content in categories- About us- Our Priorities- Our Teams- Our Workplace- Our Systems- Web links- What’s up• Dynamic content- News- Updates- InteractiveMain navigation – Mega Menu
  11. 11. User interface re-design• Interactive mockups (Visio)
  12. 12. User interface re-design• Interactive mockups (Visio)
  13. 13. The journey continues …Plan – Information ArchitectureBuild – Upskill, learn, exploreDeliver – Guide, show, enjoy
  14. 14. Build – Upskill, learn, explore• Learning curves- Administrators / server engineers- Site builders / power users- End users
  15. 15. Build – Upskill, learn, explore• Self-imposed challenge- No custom code, just GUI and SharePoint Designer- Keep knowledge in-house- Build capabilities
  16. 16. Build - Home page elements• Mega Menu- DVWP with custom XSLT- List driven- Hover effects with jQuery- Sprites
  17. 17. Build - Home page elements• Featured news slider- AnythingSlider – jQuery, driven from a CQWP- Audience targeting
  18. 18. Build - Home page elements• Tabs for news and announcements- User-drivencontent- Audiencetargeting- CQWP withcustom XSLT- Presentationwith jQuery UI
  19. 19. Build – other cool features• News archive- DVWP with current articles on top- Query parameters to narrow scope- Archive in collapsible DVWP• Dynamic Seating Plans- Visio drawings linked to SharePoint list data- Connect to internal phone book
  20. 20. Demos
  21. 21. Exploring the home page- Mega Menu- News Slider- Tabs- Favourite linksNews pages- related news and newsarchive- Page layoutsSeating PlansA selection of a few, short videos
  22. 22. The journey never ends …Plan – Information ArchitectureBuild – Upskill, learn, exploreDeliver – Guide, show, enjoy
  23. 23. Deliver – Guide, show, enjoy
  24. 24. Deliver – Guide, show, enjoy• Governance and buy-in- Ownership and maintenance- Information pull- Guidelines for communicating effectively
  25. 25. Deliver – Guide, show, enjoy
  26. 26. Useful resources• Megamenu- DVWP and list structure on www.teylyn.com- jQuery Hover Intent on http://cherne.net/brian/resources/jquery.hoverIntent.html• Tabs- jQuery UI on http://jqueryui.com/home• Collapsible News Archive- http://chrisstahl.wordpress.com/2011/09/18/how-to-customize-a-grouped-view-in-the-data-view-web-part/• News Slider- http://css-tricks.com/anythingslider-jquery-plugin/• Learn XSL basics- Marc D Anderson’s blog, “Unlocking the Mysteries of Data View Web Part XSL Tag” series onwww.sympmarc.com• Learn SharePoint Designer- Book: Kathy Hughes, SharePoint Designer 2010 UnleashedContact: Ingeborg Hawighorst, Microsoft MVPe: ingeborg.hawighorst@powerco.co.nz t: @ingeborgNZ w: www.teylyn.com