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Vehicle Tracking Solution

  1. Trip2Safety Vehicle Tracking System
  2. Introduction Trip2Safety Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) is a web based solution which allows the corporate/Fleet owners/individuals to track, trace and monitor their vehicles in real time using GSM/GPRS technology.
  3. How It works GSM tower Control Station GPS Satellite's Location/ speed/ time data is sent over GSM network Vehicle tracking Unit installed in vehicle
  4. Why do you need it? Ask yourself following questions: • How can you be sure your vehicles are being productive, and secure where they are each and every moment? • Are your managers sure drivers are taking the most efficient routes to their jobs? How long does it take for them to locate a particular vehicle?
  5. • How do you currently ensure the optimum vehicle utilization? Are your managers sure they are using the closest vehicle for goods procurement? • How deeply are high fuel bills cutting into your bottom line each year? • How deeply are insurance risks and costs cutting into your bottom line each year? Why do you need it?
  6. Sectors  Logistics, Cargo, Distribution, Transportation Fleet management  Public Service VTS avoids misusage  Railroads VTS can monitor the wagons online  Private Yatches and Fishing Boats VTS locates the vehicle in case of emergency School and Employment VTS can alert when vehicle is approaching  Working Vehicle Monitoring vehicle which project they are working  Police Communication with other vehicles  Rent a Car Firms Monitor the vehicle in agreement terms
  7. Benefits • Fuel and Power Saving • Effective Fleet Control • Instantaneous Fuel Level Monitoring • Decreasing the Accident Risk • Driver and Load Security • Evaluation of Drivers Performance • Monitoring the Delivery Time • Safer Vehicle Renting
  8. Product Features • Real time monitoring across the globe • Access through Internet and SMS simultaneously • Ability to cut fuel supply remotely • Geo Fence – Alert if the vehicle moves out of designated boundary • Over Speed alarm • Movement alert • History record playback
  9. Requirements Vehicle KIT Laptop/ PC GSM SIM Card OnLine Software
  10. Software There would be two profiles available: 1) User Profile 2) Ad i istrator’s Profile User can view the vehicle movement in their portfolio, Generate required reports. Administrator can add/delete vehicle information, add another administrator/ user, modify users portfolio.
  11. Login Screen
  12. Administrator Screen
  13. User Screen
  14. User Experience 1
  15. User Experience 2
  16. User Reports • Vehicle Detail • Group Detail • Group Summary • Performance All reports can be seen on screen or downloaded as XML, CSV file
  17. Vehicle Detail
  18. Group Detail
  19. Group Summary Last Known Vehicle Location
  20. Performance
  21. Support • 24 * 7 Support • 12 months replacement guarantee • Installation
  22. Questions
  23. Contact Us +91-9887777227 Shekhawati Enclave , Lajpat Marg C-Scheme , Jaipur.