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Your company & the “social stuff”

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Presentation given in the context of : Développez votre PME grâce aux médias sociaux ! (module essentiel) @ Solvay Entrepreneurs

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Your company & the “social stuff”

  1. 1. Your company &the “social stuff” Entry level
  2. 2. agenda‣ intro‣ context‣ web 2.0 ‣ history & statistics‣ enterprise 2.0‣ you 2.0‣ small challenges
  3. 3. intro
  4. 4. me, myself & i @theafterhttp://davidhachez.com/
  5. 5. golden rule
  6. 6. platinum rule
  7. 7. context
  8. 8. evolution of mankind
  9. 9. evolution of societiessource: In Search of How Societies Work, David Ronfeldt, 2006
  10. 10. comparing modelssource: In Search of How Societies Work, David Ronfeldt, 2006
  11. 11. the shift
  12. 12. time & space
  13. 13. networksSingapore blogosphere 2008
  14. 14. encoding
  15. 15. search
  16. 16. contribute
  17. 17. from
  18. 18. to
  19. 19. media habits change
  20. 20. people + web 2.0 = social media
  21. 21. web 1.0
  22. 22. web 2.0
  23. 23. stats & insights www.facebook.com/insights/ trends.google.com/trends www.google.com/adplanner www.google.com/insights/search/cim.be/fr/internet/trafic/résultats/public
  24. 24. TNS digital life
  25. 25. theconversationprism.com
  26. 26. theconversationprism.com
  27. 27. enterprise 2.0
  28. 28. build a social websiteelliance.com
  29. 29. elliance.com
  30. 30. benefits?
  31. 31. McKinsey, 2009
  32. 32. McKinsey, 2009
  33. 33. McKinsey, 2009
  34. 34. McKinsey, 2009
  35. 35. McKinsey, 2009
  36. 36. you 2.0
  37. 37. about you‣ do you use the net? eMail, Surf?‣ do you (or your company) have a website / blog?‣ do you have a mobile phone?‣ can you name 5 Social Networks?‣ why do you want to use them?
  38. 38. http://jasonchenoweth1.blogspot.com
  39. 39. ‣ google.com‣ linkedin.com‣ facebook.com‣ twitter.com‣ delicious.com‣ netvibes.com‣ slideshare.net
  40. 40. conclusion
  41. 41. in the end ‣ nothing changes ‣ everything changeshttp://darmano.typepad.com/
  42. 42. ‣ you can‣ try, try, try‣ share : in + out‣ know why you do what you do‣ ask for more...
  43. 43. Innovation timeline 1900-2050 Hybrid car Wearable computers Virtual reality windows Sleep surrogates Self-cleaning windows Digital mirrors Artificial brain Space factories Virtual keyboard Soft baths Space mining Fuel cell bike Sensory Internet Synthetic bacteria Compulsory biometric ID Web 4.0 Mandroids Birth control patch Plastic bones Space ladder Single global currency Quiet paint Artificial liver GPS clothing Viagra Self-driving cars Video wallpaperWarp drive Robotic surgery Baby exchanges Nano drinks Robotic insects Web-TV Gene based diets Road reservation system VR enhancing drugs Global flat tax system Pentium processor Artificial eyes Silent villages World Wide Web Offshore prisons 3D fax Fuel cell phones Stress control clothing HTML Prison countries Virtual protest marches HD-TV Robotic soldiers Sleep hotels Hydrogen fuel stations Robocops DVD Reputation trading Global voting Kevlar Prozac Dream machines Just in time shopping 3D printers Test tube baby Self-cleaning houses Microprocessor Disposable contact lens Face recognition doorsNanobotic toothpaste IVF e-suit Memory enhancement in humans Human memory downloads DNA computer Man on Mars Cat scanner Laser printer 3-D gaming Individual pollution credits Rounjin Z-0001 card Global ID Space station E-newspapers (e-ink) Smart baths Space shuttle Disposable camera Virtual holidays Sleep surrogates Word processor 150GB memory stick Nano pills DNA Scrambler Pong Hepatitis B vaccine Intelligent cosmetics Reputation trading VCR Cellular phone Synthetic skin Accelerated schoolingHelio-Beryllium Brain switchers Heart transplant Space tugs The Pill Internet Magnetic resonance imaging MySpace Randominoes Disposable phones Skyshield Brain transplants Plate tectonics Artificial heart CD-ROM Skype Needlecasting Granton motor DNA VisiCalc Apple Macintosh Barcodes Youtube Invisibility cloak Aqualung Apple Lisa Replicators ATM Liposuction GPS Child-care robots Gravity tube Nylon Credit card Astroturf IBM PC Flickr Robotic pest control Electronic computer Acrylic paint Walkman Netscape Alien detectors Neuronic whip E=MC2 Liquid paper MS-DOS Homorium Cubism Video game console Goggle Disintegrator Joymakers Transatlantic flight Nuclear fission Tupperware Silicon chip Compact disc Jet Engine Email Sintered Armorgel Hydrofoil Photocopier Computer mouse Fast Company magazine Dustmotes Self-repairing roads Scramble suit Invisi-spray Quartz crystal clock Carbon dating Moon landing Wired magazine Traffic lights Post-It note ebay Napcaps Tabloid newspaper Assembly lines Chocolate chip biscuits Microwave oven Colour TV Camcorder Moon village Helio-Beryllium Cassette tapeTape recorder Helicopter Television Hearing aid Velcro Frisbee Dot matrix printer Truth sensors Short-wave scapelSmart bullet Aeroplane Polaroid camera Yahoo MindwipesSafety razor Lego Instant coffee Plastics Band-Aid Fluorescent lighting Atom bomb SuperglueSatellites Starbucks Amazon Spray on surgical gloves Automobile Sonar Nuclear power Artificial printer Parking meters Mr Potato head Laser Gore-tex Granton motor Labots Cornflakes Bra Spindryer Penicillin Ballpoint pen Floppy disc AOL Localizers Silly putty Hovercraft Home computing Oceanic thermal converter 1Vacuum cleaner Vegemite Cats eyes Jacuzzi Sliced bread Radar Jet airliner Radial tyres Barbie Pocket calculator Fax machine 1900 1950 2007 2050 www.nowandnext.com
  44. 44. thank you