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Deaf present

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Deaf present

  1. 1. "As long as we have deaf people on earth we willGEORGE WILLIAM have signs, and as long as VEDITZ we have our films we can preserve our beautiful sign language in its original purity." -- Veditz (1913)
  2. 2. CHILDHOOD Born in 1861 to German Immigrants, had normal hearing as a child and became fluent in both German and English. Completely lost his hearing at age 8 from scarlet fever. Continued studies with a private tutor until he entered the Maryland school of the deaf at age 14. Being so advanced in his studies, he was given a job as secretary for the principle of the school
  3. 3. COLLEGE YEARS Entered Gallaudete College in 1880, the same year the National Association of the Deaf was formed. Graduated 4 years later as class validictorian with an average of 98.8. Began teaching at the Maryland school for the deaf in Frederick. Then transferred to the Colorado school for the deaf where he and his wife both taught.
  4. 4. GEORGEVEDITZ1 8 61 - 1 9 37
  5. 5. ACHIEVEMENTS Active is both state and national affairs. Chairman of the annual alumni reunion at the Maryland school for 15 years Provided the leadership that helped to establish the Maryland school of the Deaf. Elected chairman of the National Association of the Deaf in 1904 and re-elected the year after. Served on the World Congress of the Deaf Met with the President of the United States to discuss job discrimination against deaf people in Civil Service Commission. Credited with establishing the Colorado Association of the Deaf as well as Gallaudet College Alumni Association. Foreign Editor for the National Exponent published out of Chicago.
  6. 6. EVERYDAY LIFE George Veditz enjoyed writing scholarly articles, created poetry, as well as doing translations. Well recognized authority in floriculture in Colorado. Only deaf person to hold a sequence of of fices in local, state and national organizations interested in flower growing. Continued to support the right for the deaf person to have their own mode of communication, which he felt was the language of signs. Died a martyr of sign language which was heavily under attack in the 1930’s.