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March 29th, 2013                                                                                       Published by: thedr...
March 29th, 2013                                                  Published by: thedreamachieverIf you would like to get m...
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How telling stories from the stage saves live part 2 tap into your audience

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Alright Speakers, here is Part 2 of how telling stories from the stage changes lives.

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How telling stories from the stage saves live part 2 tap into your audience

  1. 1. March 29th, 2013 Published by: thedreamachieverFrom The Desk of Award WinningSpeaker - Aric "The DreamAchiever" Jackson yourself from the audience, they can easily go down the roadHow Telling Stories From The of “oh that’s him that’s not me.” However, when you comeStage Saves Live – Part 2 Tap off the stage and get into the audience physiologically, you bring yourself to their level. When you do that along with theInto Your Audience combination of your authentic story, this is a way to Tap Into Your Audience. Reason #2 – When you are off the stage NO ONE GETS TO HIDE FROM YOU! Really, those people who are sitting in the back, they feel that they have escaped your wrath of speaking. Well, I say take it to them and let them know “you can run but you can’t hide from me.” This is another way to tap intoWhat’s up fellow speakers are you your entire audience.ready to Tap Into Your Audience? #2  Speak Into the Heart of Your AudienceThis is Part 2 of a 3 part series of How Telling Stories from the So initially, I was going to give the general tip “give eyeStage Saves Lives. If you missed the previous entry, no prob, contact.” Eye contact is great, however, if you are doing eyeI got you covered right here. contact just to be doing eye contact, you are missing out on a golden gem here. When you are telling your story and youSo we began yesterday talking about telling authentic stories are looking into someone’s eyes, with the intention that theyand telling them in a way that would ultimately impact your “feel where you are coming from” you are in the position to tapaudience. So today, we are going to discuss how to take that into your audience. Long gone are the days where you are justto the next level. looking in the direction of the person making them think youYou can have the most amazing, gut wrenching, heart pulling are looking at them. Especially if you really want to tap intoauthentic story that you tell from the stage. However, if you them.do not know how to do what I call “Tap Into Your Audience”your story will fall on deaf ears. #3 Always Be ListeningThere are 3 Ways that you can Tap Into If you ever want to know what type of audience you have, they will tell you. All you have to do is listen. That’s all. Yes youYour Audience are talking the whole time and they are only responding to you,#1  Get off the stage! however, if you are open and listening to your audience while you are speaking, they will let you know what they like, whatOne of the mistakes that I have seen Speakers do often is they they don’t like, what touches them and what moves them.stay on the stage. It is one thing to work your audience whileon you are on the stage and it is another thing to work your Listen to the silent messages. Example, if you are telling aaudience while you are in the audience. story about an event in your life and you take a pause and you can hear a pin drop in the room, this moment of listening isIf you ever see me speaking at an event, you will see that I letting you know that your audience responds well to thoseprobably do a total of 5 minutes on the stage. The rest of the types of stories. If for some reason you are telling a somewhattime, I am in the audience walking up and down the aisles. sad story and you notice that when you take that pause youWhy? Two reasons. hear people talking or whispering, these types of stories might not be their thing. However if you are telling a funny story and they are on the edge of their seat AHA! Take the listening clue and know that your audience is more into funny stories The point is if you want to tap into your audience, listen for what’s being said, the quiet moments and also their body language. If you listen enough while speaking, your audienceReason #1 – When you are speaking on a stage or from the will give you permission for them to be putty in your hands.front of the room, you physiologically separate yourself fromthe audience and if the stage is raised made to be “above So that is Component #2 of How Telling Stories from the Stagethem. You don’t’ want to overlook this. When you separate Saves Lives. 1
  2. 2. March 29th, 2013 Published by: thedreamachieverIf you would like to get more tips like this in your emaileveryday, Click Here.Alright I will see you tomorrow for the last component of HowTelling Stories from the Stage Changes Lives.Keep Speaking Life!A’ric JacksonThe Dream AchieverP.S. If you would like access to a Viral Blogging System (likethis one for How To Tap Into Your Audience) that will takeyour content and product to the next level, Click Here or WatchThe Video Below. 2