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The Four Fountains Spa

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A brief introduction to The Four Fountains Spa - India's first chain of 'surprisingly affordable' spas - set up by 3 management graduates from IIM Ahmedabad and SP Jain Institute of Management & Research.

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The Four Fountains Spa

  1. 1. Finally, a surprisingly affordable spa Reliance Technology Ventures
  2. 2. The Four Fountains Spa (TFFS) is revolutionising the spa industry India’s first chain of surprisingly affordable health spas Vision: To enable everyone to get more out of life Mission: To bring vitality to everyone’s life through wellness services that are easily accessible Target: To set up a chain of 300 affordable day spas across top 50 cities of India by 2014 confidential
  3. 3. By bringing spa therapies within the reach of upper-middle class Indians TFFS’s prices are less than 50% of prices charged by other comparable spas including Affordability 5-star spas. Availability TFFS plans to set up 300 spas across the top 50 cities of India Accessibility TFFS will be conveniently located in prime residential neighbourhoods in each city Awareness TFFS’s marketing campaigns educate consumers about the health benefits of spas TFFS delivers a professional and hygienic spa experience through a team of well- Experience trained and audited therapists who offer only same-gender therapies and use disposable underclothes confidential
  4. 4. Profile of Promoters Anurag Kedia Chemical Engineer from IIT Bombay PGDM from IIM Ahmedabad Worked with TAS, KPMG Consulting – 3 years – including assignments with Club Mahindra Saurabh Garg Chemical Engineer from IIT Bombay PGDM from IIM Ahmedabad Worked with HUL – 3 years - including assignments with Lux & Domex brands Sunil Rao Commerce Graduate from Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics PGDBM from SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai Worked with HUL – 3 years – including assignments with Sunsilk & Surf Excel brands confidential
  5. 5. TFFS offers a first-of-its-kind benefit-based menu of spa therapies Step 1 Select Purpose of Visit Relaxation General Well-Being Beauty Relax Your Body Boost Immunity Reverse Signs of Ageing Swedish Massage Abhyangam Massage Indian Spice Body Polish Back Massage Herbal Body Wrap Age Defying Facial Step 2 Recharge Your Mind Detoxify Your Body Make Your Skin Glow Aromatherapy Massage (Balancing) Abhyangam Massage Aromatherapy Massage (Relaxing) Choose Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage Swedish Massage Jasmine Body Polish Benefit Shirodhara Spirulina Body Polish Bastar Mitti Wrap Desired Natural Protein Body Wrap Lightening Facial Boost Energy & Healing Facial Aromatherapy Massage (Energising) Hydrating Facial Therapy Thai Massage Rejuvenating Facial Foot Reflexology Calm Your Restless Mind Aromatherapy Massage (Relaxing) Shirodhara confidential
  6. 6. At Surprisingly Affordable Prices Massage Therapies At Rs. 699/- Reception confidential
  7. 7. Therapy Room confidential
  8. 8. 12 Spa Interiors confidential
  9. 9. Thai Massage confidential
  10. 10. Shirodhara confidential
  11. 11. Services Offered at The Four Fountains Spa Spa Therapies Spa therapies for relaxation, general well-being and beauty Includes massages, body polishes, body wraps and facials For men and women (same-gender therapies) above 16 years of age Spa Workshops - Spa therapies are taught for a fee to individuals and couples who wish to learn them as hobbies Spa Parties - Short, dry spa therapies are provided at parties, conferences, events etc. by providing therapists on a per day charge basis Spa Branding - Brands interested in communicating to our guests are provided advertising space within the spa for a fee. confidential
  12. 12. The Four Fountains Spa is expanding within and beyond Pune Current Locations Upcoming Locations 1. Day spa at Aundh, Pune 1. Hotel Spa at VITS, Aurangabad 2. Day Spa at Bhandarkar Road, Pune 2. Hotel Spa at Lagoona Resort, Lonavla 3. Day spa at Koregaon Park, Pune 3. Resort Spa at Best Western Peace Valley, Goa 4. Day spa at Magarpatta City, Pune 4. Resort Spa at Quality Inn, Manali 5. Day Spas in Mumbai (7 locations) confidential
  13. 13. Contact Details To schedule an appointment at our spa call Aundh 64002222 & 64019659 Bhandarkar Road 64001100 & 64000168 Koregaon Park 64013333 & 64013482 Magarpatta City 65004444 For investment opportunities and business partnerships call Saurabh Vohara | Business Partnership Manager | E-mail: saurabh.vohara@thefourfountains.in | Mobile: 9371102918 For corporate tie-ups, promotions and media enquiries contact Sunil Rao | Director – Marketing | E-mail: sunil.rao@cmykhealth.com | Mobile: 9867007046 confidential